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Kingfishers (Y1)

19/11/18 - Welcome to Traditional Tale Work

Over the next 3 weeks in English, we will be learning about traditional tales. Today, the Kingfishers were asked to name as many traditional tales as they could. Some children found this quite tricky and would benefit from listening to these types of stories at home as well as in school. We discussed the similarities between each tale e.g. they all have a goody and a baddy, the number three is quite repetitive (3 little pigs, 3 billy goats, Jack took 3 different objects from the giant). We then discussed the terminology character, setting and plot and spoke about this. Our book for this week is Little Red Riding Hood. If you would like to test your child's knowledge on this book you can ask the following questions:


Can you name the different characters?

What were the rules of the woods?

Why did the wolf know where Little Red Riding Hood was going?

Where was the story set?

What does plot mean?

19/11/18 - Odd and Even

Today we revised our odd and even numbers. The children put the numbers into the correct column and they were then given a challenge to sort given cards into two piles. This required knowledge of odd and even numbers as well as team work! They did a great job!

16/11/18 - Toy Sale

The Kingfishers had a great time at the Toy Sale today! They chose lots of lovely toys and were so excited to play with them. Thank you to everyone who sent money in for Children in Need, we are very grateful!

16/11/18 - Interviewing the Local Community

This week we have been revising question words and how to form a question. We also spoke about question marks and the importance of them at the end. This week we thought about our local community and people around the area who help us. We decided to focus on the Lollipop man Paul and wrote some questions to ask him. He very kindly came into school today to tell us all about his role and the reasons he chose to do this job. We then asked our questions and to end he taught us a song. The children had great fun and remembered so many facts for when they got back to the classroom! We are very grateful to Paul for giving up his time. As part of our English lesson we used our notes made to write all about the role of a lollipop man!

15/11/18 - Anti Bullying Week

This week is Anti bullying Week, luckily enough, in the Kingfishers we are all kind friends. Today we thought about the saying 'sticks and stones may break our bones but words can never hurt us'. We then discussed what this meant and decided we didn't think this was true. Just because words don't leave bruises or bumps, it does not mean we are not hurt. The children then went away, wrote their name on a heart and cut it out, when they returned to the carpet they thought about a time when someone had said something unkind and made them feel sad, whilst thinking about this they screwed their heart up. After this, they thought about a time someone had been kind to them and made them feel happy, this time they unscrewed their heart. As a class, we discussed why the heart looked different now and realised there were 'wrinkles' on the heart and no matter what we did, they would not disappear. This is what words can do to our hearts! We now have a new saying in the Kingfishers 'sticks and stones may break our bones but words can hurt our hearts'. Finally, we decided to show everyone how friendly we are by taking some group photos!

15/11/18 - Designers

Today, as part of our topic we decided to become designers. We love our school so much but we also think we could make it even better if we tried. We thought about our favourite place, the playground, and how we could make it better. We made lists of things we would like to see in our 'ideal playground' and then drew our own playgrounds. We hope you enjoy looking at our ideas.

15/11/18 - Repeated Patterns

Today in Maths the Kingfishers have been learning about repeated patterns. We used different resources to make these patterns and the children were asked to make colour patterns, size patterns and shape patterns!

15/11/18 - Phonics Meeting

Thank you to the 19/30 parents who attended one of our three Phonics meetings yesterday. This was an informal meeting to demonstrate to you the way we teach your child Phonics with some resources to help you support at home. As promised, we have attached the PowerPoint so you are able to remind yourself of the terminology etc.


Any parents that were unable to attend are welcome to the resources, if you ask a member of Y1 on the door, we will ensure the pack goes into your child's book bag.


Thank you again for your continued support, it is so important to your child's education


Y1 Staff

13/11/18 - Phonics Meeting for Parents

Please do not forget to attend our Phonics meetings tomorrow. We have offered 3 different sessions, 9.15am, 2.30pm and 6.30pm. Unfortunately, as this will be held in a classroom and we will be limited on space we are unable to allow toddlers and younger children to attend. This meeting is to give you an overview and insight into how we teach your child Phonics in school and the government expectations for the end of Y1 to help you support at home.


We strongly recommend you attend this meeting if you are able to and thank you once again for your continued support


Y1 Staff

13/11/18 - Maths

This week in Maths we are learning about ordinal numbers. The children see and hear about ordinal numbers in many different situations e.g. the date on the board, when they run a race etc. We started off by looking at the difference between 'normal' numbers and ordinal numbers and noticed ordinal numbers had letters attached to them. We then followed instructions to choose which colour cars were in which position before swapping it round and asking the children to write the position when given the colour of a car. Today, we moved on to looking at matching the ordinal number with the words - this was testing the children's reading ability which again emphasises how important reading is in all subjects and not just English. We will continue learning about these for the rest of the week!

09/11/18 - Interview Time!

This week in English we have been writing lists of people who help us in school. We discovered that everyone in school helps us but in different ways. Yesterday, the children worked in groups of 6 to write interview questions for different staff members to find out their roles and responsibilities. The children were reminded to use the 5 question words (what, when, why, who, where) to start their questions. Today, they were able to interview the staff members to find out the answers to some of their questions. We interviewed Mrs Morris as Head Teacher, Mrs Millar in the office, Mrs Matthews as a Midday Assistant, Mr Prause as Site Manager and Mrs Golden as a Teaching Assistant. The children found out lots of useful information about each person's jobs. Next week we will be thinking about the wider community and people who help us outside of school!

08/11/18 - Money!

Continuing with money this week, the Kingfishers revised how to add amounts of coins together and then moved on to making amounts using coins that exist. The biggest problem with money is making children realise that certain coins do not exist and therefore cannot be used. They know that 8 is a 4 and a 4 but when it becomes 8p, a 4p does not exist and they have to think of different ways. They worked practically with the coins and shop keeper cards with a partner paying for the items they had chosen.


We used two websites in class today to help the children. Please feel free to use these at home too: - adding amounts of coins together - using coins to pay for items

07/11/18 - Diwali!

Today is Diwali and to honour this celebration we were lucky enough to have 'Dancing Darren' in to remind us all about the reason for celebrating Diwali and also to teach us a very special dance! I was very impressed with the Kingfishers' Bollywood moves and they had the best afternoon!

07/11/18 - Money!

This week in Maths Y1 have been learning about money. We started the week by looking at the coins and their values. We then discussed the difference in size, shape and colour between each coin. We briefly discussed notes (the amount of children who knew about a £50 note, we must have some rich children in this class!) We then began by adding the value of coins together to find the amount of an item. The children used their 100 squares for this and started with the biggest value coin, ensuring they crossed the coins out as they used them. Money is a very hard concept for children to grasp so the more practise they have at home the better. This week the homework will be based around money and there is an interactive 100 square called Splat Square the children love using to help with addition.

05/11/18 - Class Assembly

Thank you to all the parents who came to see our class assembly today! The Kingfishers worked really hard to learn their lines, the poem and the words to the songs! I was very proud of them! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

05/11/18 - Remember, Remember the 5th November

To celebrate firework night, our Art and Computing this week was to create our own firework pictures. Prior to the lesson the children were asked to think of adjectives that would describe fireworks when they are in the sky. I was very impressed with their ideas of 'colourful', 'loud', 'beautiful', 'pretty' etc. The children then went away and created their own with paint and glitter or using our computer program!

02/11/18 - The Only Way is Hornchurch

This half term our new topic will be 'The Only Way is Hornchurch'. This will be all about our school and the local area. We will be looking at the different people to help us around school and if something happened to us outside of school e.g. police. We will also be looking at the buildings around the local area. Today, I asked children to think about all the things they see on their walk/drive to school. In talk partners they discussed the buildings they see as we established they all come different ways and see different things. I then drew some of the places I see on my way to work and sent the children off to draw their route to school. As you walk home or go shopping over the next few weeks, please feel free to point out the different buildings around the area and places the children walk past.

31/10/18 - Class Assembly

On Monday, some of the children will have come home with lines to read in preparation for our class assembly. Our first run through will be tomorrow so if your child has lines please try and practise as much as possible so they are confident tomorrow. Not all children will have received these, they were given the choice to speak or not and some decided they would rather not. This can be a daunting experience for the children and as this is our first assembly I have not pushed children to speak. Our class assembly is next Monday (5th November) so please come along and hear all the fun things we have done in the first half term. The children do not need to memorise their lines and we have copies in school for them to read from on the day so please do not panic!


We look forward to welcoming you all and watching the children complete their first ever class assembly.


Miss Wiley and Mrs Long

30/10/18 - Autumn Walk

As part of our continuous Seasonal Changes topic, the children will take part in seasonal walks throughout the year. Today, we spoke about the different seasons and which months fit with each season. Then I asked the children things they would expect to see on their walk to confirm it was actually Autumn out there! I was very impressed with their ideas and knowledge. They then worked in their groups to take pictures of different things that reminded them of Autumn on the Ipads. Some chose to take pictures of the leaves, bare trees, others took pictures of their friends wrapped up in hats and scarves because it was so cold. Finally, the children were allowed to have a little play in the leaves as they had worked so hard! When we came back in, we spoke about some adjectives they could think of to describe the field outside linking to Autumn. Tomorrow, the children will be drawing their own Autumn trees so we can change our Seasonal Change display from Summer to Autumn!

30/10/18 - Odd and Even

Welcome back everyone! The Kingfishers have settled in well to their first two days. In Maths this week we have introduced the children to odd and even numbers. On Friday, the children will come home with a song to learn about Bodd and Steven, our odd and even classroom aliens. They will be practising the song throughout the week whilst completing their work. We also looked at really long numbers today and the children realised they had to look at the final digit, compare this to the colours on their hundred square and then they were able to determine if it was odd or even! Finally, before completing the activity, the children were given some cards and asked to put them in the correct colour hoop. They had a great time!

18/10/18 - Sentence Writing

Today, the Kingfishers were asked to write simple sentences on their whiteboards. I read the sentences out 2-3 words at a time and asked the children to write them down. This enables them to practise spelling, phonics, capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and handwriting. They are also becoming aware of how many words are needed to create a sentence. Over the half term, if you are writing with your child please remember to draw their attention to handwriting errors or spelling errors. You have all received a word list today, these are the Common Exception Words for Y1 - please let your child use this when writing to check their own spellings.


You also have a number bond to 10 piece of maths homework. The children have been learning about this all week. Thank you for everyone who attended our parents meetings this week. The Kingfishers have had a fantastic first half term and I hope you all have a restful week ready for the Christmas madness during the next half term.


See you on 29th October

Miss Wiley and Mrs Long

15/10/18 - Captions, Verbs and Adjectives

Last week, the Kingfishers were introduced to the term 'Captions' and were told these are often seen in non fiction texts to describe what is happening in a photograph. Usually, these are fairly short sentences. Last week, the Kingfishers practised writing their own captions for some of our harvest pictures. This week, the children have been introduced to the term 'verb' and have been asked to try and include both a verb and an adjective into their caption. A verb is an action word and we have been focussing on words ending in -ing e.g. jumping, walking. An adjective is a describing word. The children were first asked to write some verbs down relating to a picture and then asked to write their own captions. These were all completed on a whiteboard so children were able to rub out any mistakes before we work in our English books for the rest of the week. They tried really hard to think of adjectives and verbs!

15/10/18 - Number Bonds

This week in Maths the Kingfishers are learning their number bonds to 10. A number bond to 10 is described as 2 numbers adding together to equal 10 e.g. 5 + 5 = 10, 8 + 2 = 10 etc. The children will receive their first piece of Maths homework this Friday and it will be based around these number bonds. Please feel free to practise with your children throughout the week in preparation for the homework. Today, we worked practically with multilink cubes. The children started with 10 cubes and moved one across each time to record the number sentence. Some children were very speedy with number bonds to 10 and were set a challenge of recording their number bonds to 20!

12/10/18 - Family Trees

Continuing with our topic 'Its All About Me' we have been thinking about our lives and how we change. Today we thought about where we come from and who we belong to. We discussed the purpose of a family tree and how all homes are different and have different people in them but that is what makes us all special in our own ways. We thought about how our Mums and Dads have their own Mums and Dads and they have their own Mums and Dads and this goes on for a long time. We all have family we may never have met because they were alive such a long time ago! I then created my own family tree and sent the children off to create theirs. I was so impressed with their lovely pictures and enjoyed listening to the different names they called their nans and granddads!

11/10/18 - Place Value

In Maths this week, we have been revising numbers to 100. The children have been recognising, writing and ordering given numbers. We have found that many children, at this stage, do not realise that 2 digit numbers are not just the numbers visible to them. Today, we learned all about place value and the fact numbers like 11 are not just a 1 and a 1, it is really 10+1 but the 0 is hiding! I was very impressed with how quickly the children realised how to split 2 digit numbers into tens and ones! I showed them the dienes sticks under the visualiser and asked them to write the 2 digit number on the board. We also used the arrow cards to show how 2 digit numbers really looked. Finally, we played a place value game on the computer. If you would like to play this game at home please feel free to use the following link.



09/10/18 - Bread Making

As the children have been collecting for Harvest recently, in R.E. the children were able to make their own bread and share it round the class, just like we share our food at Harvest. The bread was made with water, oil and flour and Mrs Blunt put this into the bread maker. Mrs Orr and Mrs Martin then cut the bread and shared in between the Y1 classes. As we have been learning about adjectives in English, the children were first asked to smell the bread and think of some adjectives and then taste it and think of some more. I was more concerned about some of their senses with the words I was getting out of them, but they tried really hard nonetheless and 90% of the children enjoyed their bread. Mrs Long and I certainly did!

08/10/18 - National Poetry Day

Some of you may be aware that Thursday 4th October was National Poetry Day. In Y1 we looked at poetry all week to celebrate this and ended the week writing our own acrostic poems. This year the topic was 'change' so we spoke about the different changes you can experience in the world. We had many different ideas but decided to focus on Seasonal Change for our poem, as we cover this area during Science throughout the year, so the children had some good ideas. Today, we copied our poems up and Mrs Long is going to put them on display in the corridor. Here are some of our poems, keep your eyes peeled during the parent interviews next week as these will be on the wall for you to read!

08/10/18 - Fruit Salad

As part of our topic we have been looking at how to keep our bodies healthy. Last week, the children were shown a variety of fruit of all different colours and textures and asked to choose 3-4 they would like to use to make a colourful fruit salad. Today, the children used their plans to make their own fruit salad and were given the option to taste it. Most children loved it but some were a little unsure and decided to throw it in the bin instead. They all had great fun learning how to chop and slice though. The rest of the children were completing other activities including sorting fruit and veg on the computers which soon became a very popular option!

08/10/18 - History Detectives

The Kingfishers have been thinking about what the word 'History' means today and trying to name some Historical events. We spoke about things that happened in the past but also reiterated that this does not have to be thousands of years ago. The children were introduced to a timeline and we spoke about the timeline of a person's life from a new born baby to an old aged pensioner. We then thought about how we are all different and what may have changed since we were babies i.e. hair colour, size etc. The children then became history detectives and had to try and guess who the person was in each baby picture. They had so much fun and by the end of it had realised they needed to look at gender, skin colour etc to help them. We had some very cute photos so thought we would share some with you. Thank you to all the parents who provided us with a baby photo of their child, we had a great Monday afternoon!

05/10/18 - Mathletics and Reading Eggs Meeting

Thank you to those of you who attended the refresher meetings.  If you were unable to attend and would like a copy of the information sheets, please put a note in your child's yellow diary. 

Just a reminder, on our school website under Parents Information, Useful Information, there is our school Calculation Policy.  Please refer to this when supporting your child at home.

Thank you for your continued support

Y1 staff

05/10/18 - Healthy Eating

Yesterday, in Science, the Kingfishers continued learning about their bodies. Following the parts of the body, the bones and the senses, we looked at how to keep our bodies healthy. The children all knew that important factors were eating fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly. We discussed how the heart needed to be kept active so to begin with we felt out heartbeats after we had been sitting down for 15 minutes, the children then got up and jogged on the spot for 30 seconds so they were able to feel the difference. The children were very excited when they realised how fast it was now going! We then discussed the difference between healthy and unhealthy food and how we were still allowed to eat unhealthy food as long as it was in moderation. To show their understanding, the children then made their own dinner plate with healthy and unhealthy food of their choice! I was even more impressed when I put the extra pictures in the Decision Time box and saw the children doing the same thing this morning! They obviously enjoyed this activity lots!

01/10/18 - Rhyming Words

In order to celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday, the Kingfishers are focussing on different aspects of poetry all week. Today we began by discussing facts we already knew about poetry and reciting some of our favourite nursery rhymes. The children all thought poems had to rhyme and were very surprised when they realised that some do not. However, we focussed on rhyme today and the children were able to choose the rhyming words from the nursery rhymes and then create their own rhyming words from a base word. We discussed how many rhyming words end with the same letters or phonemes that make the same sounds. The children then went to their tables and completed a variety of activities, some were making sentences with cut up words, writing them in their books and underlining the rhyming words whilst others made their own lists of rhyming words. Tomorrow, the children will swap and they will complete the other activity. Please feel free to discuss words that rhyme at home and read any poetry over the next week to help us celebrate!

01/10/18 - Subtraction

Today in Maths, the Kingfishers were learning about subtraction. As this was the first time we have covered this in Y1, the children worked practically and on whiteboards so they were able to rub out any mistakes. We spoke about how subtraction is the opposite to addition and therefore the biggest number ALWAYS has to be at the beginning and you have to count backwards on the hundred square rather than forwards. The children then went back to their table and used different equipment to help write their subtraction number sentences including dice, multilink and dominoes. I was very impressed with how well they did this and am looking forward to seeing their recorded work in their books tomorrow!

01/10/18 - Reading at Home

Last week, only 20 children in the Kingfishers read every night. We frequently have children saying they read the previous night but parents have forgotten to sign it. If you could please remember to sign your child's book every night (if they have read) as we do check the reading records every morning and do monitor who reads each night. As mentioned in the 'Meet the Teacher' meeting, rewards are given weekly and termly for children who have read every day. Each Friday, Y1 and Y2 children are given 10 minutes extra play if they have read every day and children receive certificates at the end of each term. We obviously understand that sometimes life does get in the way and children are unable to read due to different circumstances and we take this into consideration especially with regards to rewards so please let an adult know if you were unable to read with your child on the odd occasion.


Thank you

Miss Wiley and Mrs Long

28/09/18 - Science

As we are learning all about ourselves this half term, we revised the 5 senses we have and what might happen if we lose one of these. The Kingfishers had the opportunity to take part in a carousel using all 5 of their senses today. We had a tasting table where the children had to guess which flavour crisps they were tasting, a smell table with lots of strange smells hidden in cups for the children to guess, the sight table contained different worksheets and books to look at, along with some braille books so the children were able to experience what it would be like to read if they were blind. The last two tables consisted of different instruments the children could use to test their hearing (that was lots of fun for Mrs Long and I to listen to for almost an hour) and finally there was a table filled with different materials the children were able to touch and use their knowledge of adjectives to describe how each one felt. I was very impressed with the children's knowledge of their senses by the end of the lesson and we continued to mention them throughout the day when we completed different activities.

27/09/18 - Adjectives

This week the Kingfishers were introduced to the term 'adjective'. An adjective is a describing word and this is what we will be working on over the next few weeks. To begin with, the children were shown a power point with some examples of how adjectives can make sentences more interesting and then given the opportunity to add their own adjectives to these sentences. Following on from this, children were asked to list adjectives describing the puppies in this week's story. They came up with some super ideas and then we share wrote some sentences including adjectives and conjunctions.

21/09/18 -  Computer Faces

After completing self portraits in Art last week, the Kingfishers showed off their computer skills by creating their own face using our 'My World' programs. It is amazing how many children try and swipe the screen rather than use the mouse. It gave Mrs Long and I hours of laughs!

20/09/19 - Measuring

Today the Kingfishers learned all about measuring in non standard ways. We discussed the different objects we could use for measuring and why this way is not always the most accurate (the children were able to tell me that using my hands to measure a box and then their hands would give different answers due to the different hand sizes). The children then used multilink to measure the length of worms and the objects on their table. Tomorrow, we will be learning about standard ways of measuring using rulers or metre sticks!

17/09/18 - Skeletons

After revising the parts of the body last week, the Kingfishers moved on to thinking about the inside of their body. We discussed the different bones that make up your skeleton and why some are so important. We focussed mainly on the skull, ribs and spine and spoke about the organs they protect. The children were able to look and touch the real skeleton who they named 'Mr Skinny Legs' and then had different opportunities to draw their own skeleton and label, chop up and put back together another one. To finish the lesson they enjoyed dancing along to the 'Skeleton Dance' song on You Tube.

14/09/18 - Thank You

Thank you to all of those parents who attended our Meet the Teacher meeting on Wednesday 12th September at 14.45. This meeting was just to give you a small insight into year one and the routines your child will get used to, along with a few reminders.

If you were unable to attend you will receive a pack in your child's book bag today containing relevant information and a class list.


Please remember -

  • all clothes to be labelled, to save them going missing.
  • Our Swimming day is a Tuesday, children MUST have swimming kits and earrings must be taken out
  • Our PE day is on a Wednesday and again, the correct PE kit must be provided and no earrings.
  • Today the children will come home with a green word book (please do not write in this) with their first 6 words. Please do not be alarmed if you thought they knew these in YR as children do regress over the Summer. Children are also bringing home their spellings books, again, please do not write in these. Their spelling test will be on a Friday morning and be completed in the back of their spelling books so you are aware of their score.


Thank you

Miss Wiley and Mrs Long

14/09/18 - Maths

Over the last two days the Kingfishers have been learning how to tell the time. We have focussed on o'clock to begin with and I was very impressed at how quickly they picked this up. They were able to read the time when I made it on my clock and were then able to make the time on their own clock. We discussed how many minutes were in an hour and how many seconds in a minute. We then played a game where the children shut their eyes and had to count to 60 in their head and try and open their eyes after exactly one minute. Some of the children were very good at this! Finally, I decided I needed a rest so the children took over as the teacher and gave their friends a time to make on their clocks and checked them afterwards. Our group activity was reading the time on clocks given to the children on the worksheets!

If you would like to test how much your child has remembered you may ask:

How many seconds in a minute?

How many minutes in an hour?

Is the big hand/small hand the minute hand or the hour hand?

What is time now? (if it is o'clock)


11/09/18 - Art

Continuing with our 'This is Me' topic, the Kingfishers discussed how everyone is different but no one is more important than the other. They used mirrors to look at themselves and discuss the differences between them and their partner. They noticed skin colour, eye colour and hair colour could all be different. The children then drew their own self portraits using pastels ready for our new display. We have some very good artists in this class!

10/09/18 - Science

Our topic for this half term is called 'This Is Me'. The Kingfishers will be learning all about the other children in their class as well as themselves. In Science, we are focussing on the body parts and this week in Art, the children will be drawing their own self portraits. Today the children had fun taking part in a game of Simon Says based on body parts (I managed to trick many of them when I did not say Simon Says), we then discussed many body parts and why they are important. Finally, the children labelled a picture of a person. The Kingfishers are now body part professionals!!

07/09/18 - Holiday Work

The Kingfishers have been very busy this week telling Mrs Long and I all about their Summer holidays. We have been sharing Summer diaries, painting one of our favourite days in the Summer and also writing about the Summer. We were very impressed with both their artistic skills and their writing!

05/09/18 - Settling In

The Kingfishers have settled in very well to Y1 life over the past 2 days! Mrs Long and I are very impressed with how nicely they have bonded and even more impressed with how clever they are! The children were able to make the most of Child Initiated Play when they first came into school, then enjoyed their swimming lesson on Tuesday, have been writing about their Summer holidays and sharing their diaries and finally showed us teachers how good they were at ordering, recognising and writing numbers to 20! They were so good and I was making so many mistakes the children had to correct me! It's lucky I have them around!