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Kingfishers (Y1)

17/09/18 - Skeletons

After revising the parts of the body last week, the Kingfishers moved on to thinking about the inside of their body. We discussed the different bones that make up your skeleton and why some are so important. We focussed mainly on the skull, ribs and spine and spoke about the organs they protect. The children were able to look and touch the real skeleton who they named 'Mr Skinny Legs' and then had different opportunities to draw their own skeleton and label, chop up and put back together another one. To finish the lesson they enjoyed dancing along to the 'Skeleton Dance' song on You Tube.

14/09/18 - Thank You

Thank you to all of those parents who attended our Meet the Teacher meeting on Wednesday 12th September at 14.45. This meeting was just to give you a small insight into year one and the routines your child will get used to, along with a few reminders.

If you were unable to attend you will receive a pack in your child's book bag today containing relevant information and a class list.


Please remember -

  • all clothes to be labelled, to save them going missing.
  • Our Swimming day is a Tuesday, children MUST have swimming kits and earrings must be taken out
  • Our PE day is on a Wednesday and again, the correct PE kit must be provided and no earrings.
  • Today the children will come home with a green word book (please do not write in this) with their first 6 words. Please do not be alarmed if you thought they knew these in YR as children do regress over the Summer. Children are also bringing home their spellings books, again, please do not write in these. Their spelling test will be on a Friday morning and be completed in the back of their spelling books so you are aware of their score.


Thank you

Miss Wiley and Mrs Long

14/09/18 - Maths

Over the last two days the Kingfishers have been learning how to tell the time. We have focussed on o'clock to begin with and I was very impressed at how quickly they picked this up. They were able to read the time when I made it on my clock and were then able to make the time on their own clock. We discussed how many minutes were in an hour and how many seconds in a minute. We then played a game where the children shut their eyes and had to count to 60 in their head and try and open their eyes after exactly one minute. Some of the children were very good at this! Finally, I decided I needed a rest so the children took over as the teacher and gave their friends a time to make on their clocks and checked them afterwards. Our group activity was reading the time on clocks given to the children on the worksheets!

If you would like to test how much your child has remembered you may ask:

How many seconds in a minute?

How many minutes in an hour?

Is the big hand/small hand the minute hand or the hour hand?

What is time now? (if it is o'clock)


11/09/18 - Art

Continuing with our 'This is Me' topic, the Kingfishers discussed how everyone is different but no one is more important than the other. They used mirrors to look at themselves and discuss the differences between them and their partner. They noticed skin colour, eye colour and hair colour could all be different. The children then drew their own self portraits using pastels ready for our new display. We have some very good artists in this class!

10/09/18 - Science

Our topic for this half term is called 'This Is Me'. The Kingfishers will be learning all about the other children in their class as well as themselves. In Science, we are focussing on the body parts and this week in Art, the children will be drawing their own self portraits. Today the children had fun taking part in a game of Simon Says based on body parts (I managed to trick many of them when I did not say Simon Says), we then discussed many body parts and why they are important. Finally, the children labelled a picture of a person. The Kingfishers are now body part professionals!!

07/09/18 - Holiday Work

The Kingfishers have been very busy this week telling Mrs Long and I all about their Summer holidays. We have been sharing Summer diaries, painting one of our favourite days in the Summer and also writing about the Summer. We were very impressed with both their artistic skills and their writing!

05/09/18 - Settling In

The Kingfishers have settled in very well to Y1 life over the past 2 days! Mrs Long and I are very impressed with how nicely they have bonded and even more impressed with how clever they are! The children were able to make the most of Child Initiated Play when they first came into school, then enjoyed their swimming lesson on Tuesday, have been writing about their Summer holidays and sharing their diaries and finally showed us teachers how good they were at ordering, recognising and writing numbers to 20! They were so good and I was making so many mistakes the children had to correct me! It's lucky I have them around!