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Kingfishers (Year 1) 2016-17


We are so excited for our trip to Thorndon Country Park today, hopefully the sun stays out for us!  We have met up with our ranger and have been pretending to be squirrels burying pine cones!

After lunch it is time for Land Art!

Seed dispersal mime!

Still image for this video

We found the Gruffalo!



As a special treat for working so hard in Maths, Miss Wiley took the children into the hall to meet the ducklings properly. First, the ducklings had a little run around in the middle of the circle and then each child chose whether they wanted to hold a duckling. After Miss Prutton had taken photos, the ducklings went into the library for a swim in the water tray. The Kingfishers were very excited and will be sad to see them leave tomorrow!


The Kingfishers began working on word problems in Maths this morning. They worked on whiteboards so they were able to rub out any mistakes. They all did very well and Miss Wiley was very proud.


The Kingfishers had great fun in their Cheerleading session today! They had 40 minutes worth of exercising beginning with warming up, moving on to some cheerleading moves and then were able to take part in some gymnastics. They performed forward rolls, bunny hops and some even managed cartwheels. Finally, the children were put into groups ready to practise their lifts. Miss Wiley was very impressed with their skills!


Today the Kingfishers were lucky enough to go on a mini school trip to Harold Court Primary to take part in a special music festival. Miss Wiley and Mrs Blunt, along with some other helpers, took the children on the bus to Harold Wood station and then walked from there to the school. When they arrived, the children sat in their class in the hall and each school performed their own version of a 'Tiger Tiger' song. There were lots of catchy songs and fun actions and the children had a great time.


Dora, Darrell, Donald, Daisy and Derek have all hatched. The Kingfishers were so excited so Miss Wiley took them in to have a look. Each child stroked one of the ducklings and next week they get to hold them! How exciting!


The Kingfishers had a great time this morning practising and learning different Tennis skills. We definitely have some Andy Murrays in this class!


In DT this week the children have been designing and then making their own treasure island. Look at some of our work, do you think our final pieces look like our designs?


In Art this week we have been learning about the French artist Henri Rousseau. He used up to 50 different shades of green to paint his jungle pictures. Today, the Kingfishers had a go at painting their own jungle pictures. After this, they used the Computer Suite to create their own jungle pictures on a program on the internet. It was a fun filled artistic morning. Mrs Tatum is now going to put our fantastic pictures on display.


Today we had some special visitors from Wigmore Hall come in and help us learn different songs. All of Y1 learnt a new song. Then we had a special assembly to perform it to the rest of our year group.


In R.E. the children are learning about the different creation stories in different religions. Using playdoh, they were asked to create their own 'ideal world'. It was very interesting to see the ideas they came up with, we had mums and dads, a granddad and even a doughnut! They had lots of fun.


Our fantastic work on frogs is finally on display! What a great job Mrs Tatum did!


Last week we learnt all about the Prodigal Son in our R.E. lesson. Then we made our own 'father' from the story and thought about what he might have said when his son returned. We then wrote this on his tummy and Mrs Tatum made a lovely display for us.


The Kingfishers had a great time taking part in their sponsored Sportivator event today. They had 4 different activities to complete and did a great job. Miss Wiley enjoyed watching the press up attempts best! She was very sad she could not join in! Then Dominic King held a fantastic assembly to tell us all about his race walking and even chose some children to take part! Alex, Heath and Taqiyudeen were all chosen from the Kingfishers and did a great job!


Just a reminder of the website link to a real/nonsense word game on Phonics play. The children are all aware of this game and enjoy playing it at school. It gives them the opportunity to sound out different real and nonsense words and feed them to the correct alien!


Feel free to play this with your child at home and test them on their knowledge of all the sounds they have been learning in Y1. Thank you for your continued support


Year One Teachers


Following our recent work on fractions, Mrs Tatum made a fantastic display using green, white and red plates to make it look like the Italian flag. Now everyone can see our hard work!


In English this week Y1 are looking at the dictionary and learning how to locate different words and read the definition. Miss Gillbe introduced this to the Kingfishers today and spent a lesson giving them words and asking them to find them in the dictionary. They had a great time and are beginning to understand alphabetical order now. We will continue to work on this over the next week. Feel free to get the dictionary out at home and test your children.


We are always so pleased when the children enjoy our topics so much they go home and create their own. Our little Kingfisher has gone home and made her very own frog life cycle piece of work. Very artistic!


This week Y1 have been learning information all about frogs and tadpoles during their English lesson. Over the week they have learnt how to take notes using a book, write their own information leaflet, made a spinner with the life cycle of a frog and even made their own frogs out of cups! Miss Wiley was very pleased and Mrs Tatum is going to make a frog display so everyone can see their hard work.


You might want to ask your child:

What are the blobs of jelly called that the female frog lays?

What is the life cycle of a frog?

Do they grow back legs or front legs first?

How old is a frog when it becomes an adult?

Which animals like to eat frogs?



Miss Wiley was so proud of the Kingfishers during their first ever fractions lesson in Maths this morning. They started off by completing a power point looking at halves and quarters, they then learnt how to record these correctly. Miss Wiley then set a challenge, she had lots of pizzas and lots of orders but could not figure out which pizza should go to which person. Luckily the Kingfishers were there to help her and were able to attach the correct order to the pizza. After this the children made their very own pizzas, some children cut, coloured and added toppings to a whole pizza, others halved their pizzas, whilst the final groups cut theirs into quarters. The challenge was to add a different topping to each slice of your pizza. Mrs Tatum is now going to make a super display to show off our fraction skills!


The Kingfishers have enjoyed learning about Victorian Home life with Magic Grandad so much that they even decided to read the book during Decision Time.


Over the last 2 weeks the children have been drawing their very own flowers on a piece of black card. This week they used different types or beans and seeds e.g. kidney beans, butter beans etc to make their flowers 3D. This links in with our Science topic learning all about plants and why they have certain parts. Mrs Tatum is going to make a beautiful display of their work once everyone has finished!


The Kingfishers continued learning about ball skills in their P.E. lesson today and recapped the rules for throwing and catching and then the bounce pass they had learnt the previous week. They then moved on to learning how to chest pass. The children managed this very well and then in their small groups began learning how to throw through a hoop, learning how to aim. They all got very excited when the ball went through the hoop to their partner.


In Maths today the Kingfishers were recapping the objects you need to measure the length of something. They were introduced to a ruler to measure in mm and cm and then a metre stick.


You can ask your children:

How many mm in a cm?

How many cm in a metre?

Would you measure a house in cm or m?

Would you measure a straw in cm or m?

Can they explain why?


The children then moved on to their tables and used their ruler to measure and record the length of many items in their table trays. Miss Wiley was very impressed with their measuring skills.


7 days after planting our bean seeds we looked to see how they were growing. We found that some had grown roots and shoots already, some just had roots and others only had a small crack in them but no actual root yet. We compared these as a class and then looked at the children and compared how they grow at different rates too. We cannot wait to check them next week and see how well they are doing.


The Kingfishers went into the hall this morning for a special visit from Mrs Brown, the housekeeper at a Victorian house called Sudbury Manor. She informed the children she had been left alone and had lots of jobs to do before the Master arrived home the following day. The children had a great time helping her to polish silver, light fires, clean the clothes and make the breakfast. They learnt the names of lots of Victorian artefacts and had the opportunity to use some of them. At the end, Mrs Brown said the children had worked so hard that she would let them play in the Nursery with the children's toys. The children are currently writing their own recount of their trip to Sudbury Manor ready for a beautiful display. A great time was had by all.


This week Y1 have been revising split digraphs during our Phonics lessons. The children know that when the magic e on the end of a word, holds hands with the vowel in that word, the vowel says it's letter name rather than the sound e.g. slim becomes slime and bon becomes bone. To make our lesson more fun the children played group bingo with different split digraph words and pictures. It is safe to say, it was a very noisy 20 minutes in the Kingfishers!


As the sun was shining today the Kingfishers enjoyed their first outdoor P.E. lesson of 2017! They practised throwing and catching balls with a partner and then learnt how to do a bounce pass using a hoop as a guide.


The Kingfishers began learning about their new Science topic based on Plants today. They revised the parts of a plant and why they were important, as well as the conditions needed to grow. Each child then planted their very own broad bean plant into a cup. Miss Wiley thought it would be a good idea to store the cups in the cupboard but the Kingfishers quickly informed her this was silly as there was no sun in the cupboard! The children decided to store them on the windowsill and instructed the adults to water them frequently. Watch this space to see how well the beans grow over the next few weeks.


Today the Kingfishers began learning about Old Houses and Homes during the History topic. Miss Wiley was very impressed with their knowledge by the end of the lesson. Here are some questions you might want to ask your child to test their memory.


What is the name of the houses that are all joined together?

What is the name of a house joined with one other house only?

What is the name of a house by itself, not joined with any others?

What is the difference between a house and a bungalow?

In the olden days, what were the windows called? What was different between then and now?

Why did old houses have a chimney but new houses do not?




Thank you to Total Sportz for coming in and letting the Kingfishers take part in a Basketball session. They learnt how to dribble the ball with their left hand, right hand and then both. They were then set a challenge to bounce the ball through their leg without lifting a leg in the air, this proved quite difficult but Miss Wiley found it hilarious to watch. Finally the children learnt to be attackers and defenders and got points for their team. When they came out of the hall Miss Wiley had lost her children and had 30 beetroots in the classroom.  It was a great morning and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.


After 6 weeks learning all about different weather types, the Kingfishers finally consolidated their learning today. The children were asked to make a mind map in their groups of all the facts they could remember about different types of weather (sun, wind, rain and snow). After this had been completed and the children had shared their ideas with the class, they revised the extreme weather types they had learnt about. The children were then asked to complete a diary entry pretending they had experienced either a flood or a tornado. The children were so excited by the whole topic and Miss Wiley was very impressed with the diary entries when she came back to class.


As our 'Fly on the wall' sessions have come to an end we would like to thank all parents that attended and worked alongside their child. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to experience this and we are very grateful for all the lovely comments on the evaluation forms.


Year One Teachers


During our Geography lesson today, the children learnt all about the wind and different weather types that come with the wind. They were introduced to a Beaufort Scale and watched YouTube clips looking at how the weather changes as it moves up the Beaufort Scale. They had a great time and were really intrigued by the term hurricanes. Miss Wiley mentioned the 1987 hurricane and then Mrs Golden spoke about her experience because she was asleep in bed when it happened. The children really enjoyed the lesson. You can test their knowledge at home by asking the following questions:


What number on the Beaufort Scale showed the hurricane?

Which country experiences hurricanes a lot?

What are the causes of wind?

What type of wind would you describe number 1 on the Beaufort Scale?


Over the last couple of weeks, the Kingfishers have been using pastels to make observational drawings of the inside of different fruits. They had the choice of oranges, lemons, kiwis, pomegranates, peppers and tomatoes. After their pastel drawing had been completed they used a pencil to make the outline and detail on a polystyrene tile and then used this to print on to black paper. Mrs Golden made a lovely and very colourful display so everyone could see their hard work!



Thank you to the parents that have visited for your 'fly on the wall' morning, the children love having you here and it is an opportunity to experience how we teach certain methods and resources we use first hand. We are looking forward to welcoming red group parents on Monday 27th and blue group on Tuesday 28th. Following the visits this week, here are some web links you may find useful to use at home with your children: - using coins to make specific amounts - using coins to give change - limited free phonics games with good use of real/nonsense words


Year One Teachers



Following last week's Science lesson on floating and sinking, the children in the Kingfishers had a challenge to complete. At the beginning of the lesson they were able to recap the reasons certain objects floated. They remembered that if an object had air or the air could get into the object somehow it would float however, if the air was taken away it would sink (they referred to the metal object and the shell in our previous lesson). Using activities online, the children then predicted which objects would float and sink and we tested them out. They found out that if an object was lighter than the water it also floated. Each group was then given a ball of plasticine and a tank of water. The challenge was to make the plasticine float first, the first group to do this would all receive a spot for their chart. It was a fun afternoon and with some prompting and advice every single group managed to make their plasticine float. There was only one winner though and they were very pleased about this!


There was a lot of excitement when the Kingfishers went into the hall for their Gymnastics lesson this morning because the wall bars were out. They have never used the wall bars before and were so sensible listening to the instructions and being careful. One group worked on the wall bars showing point and patch balances whilst the other groups learnt how to do specific jumps from the bench on to the mat. They worked on straight jumps and tuck jumps this week and will practise straddle and pike jumps next week. The children revised points (the smaller parts of your body) and patches (the larger parts of your body) at the beginning of the lesson and showed Miss Wiley the different ways they could travel around the hall on these parts. Miss Wiley was so proud, every group got a cube at the end of the lesson.


In Science the Kingfishers have been learning about Everyday Materials. During the first half of the Summer term they were able to feel the materials, think about their properties and their uses. This half term they are taking part in lots of different investigations. The first investigation was to predict which materials would float and which ones would sink. They found that the metal object and the shell floated for some groups and not for others. They then worked as a group to try and figure out why this was and realised it was because if both objects were upright the water could not get inside and therefore the object floated. They are looking forward to being given a piece of material next week and having to work with their friends to make it float.


During Maths the Kingfishers have been learning all about direction. They took part in a carousel using different Beebot resources. Some children used the Beebot mats and directed their partner to a different point on the map, other children used the Beebot app on the iPad and the final group used the computer program to move the Beebot around. They were using vocabulary like forward, backwards, left and right. It was a lot of fun!


Y1 are revising split digraphs in Phonics this week. The children know that when words contain a split digraph the magic e at the end holds hands with the vowel and the vowel then says its letter name rather than the sound e.g. cake, line. For our 'apply' part of the session today, the children played pairs with their friend and had to find the correct word for the picture. The classroom was very noisy because children were so excited and enthusiastic.


Thank you to all the parents who came to our assembly today. The children have worked very hard to learn their lines and learn new things. We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing.


The Kingfishers enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today. There were some super costumes and a fun filled day with some very different activities. Some children had the opportunity of sitting on Miss Wiley's chair and pretending to be the character they were dressed up as. The other children asked them questions and they gave the answers they thought the character would give. They then all completed a book review based on the book they had chosen to dress up as. They wrote all about their books and then rated it out of 10. Finally, the children got to pretend they were illustrators and create their own front cover. This time it could be for a book of their choice. There are some super illustrators in the Kingfishers! Mrs Golden is now going to make a special display using the book reviews and front covers. A fun day was had by all!


The Kingfishers enjoyed going on their winter walk today. Even though it is the first day of March, it still looked and felt like winter outside. They observed the difference between the trees on their autumn walk and now. They found that there were no leaves left on the trees and any that were on the floor were very crisp or had holes in them. They used the iPads to take pictures of their observations ready to draw winter trees for our display next week. Some children went into the bushes and found branches with green leaves but instead of being in the bush they were all over the floor. The winter months have caused them all to fall off!


The Kingfishers have been busy learning about capacity today during maths. They estimated how many cupfuls of rice/pasta it would take to fill the different containers and then tested this out to see how well they had estimated. Miss Wiley was very impressed because they were the only Y1 class not to get rice/pasta all over the floor! To end the session, they used the computer game 'Measure Up' to learn about litres and millilitres.


The Kingfishers have been learning all about instructions this week. Today they followed instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and even got to eat it at the end! They were spreading, folding and cutting all in one lesson! It was lots of fun! After they had eaten their sandwich they went back to their table to write the instructions for someone else.


The Kingfishers enjoyed exploring Reading Eggs during their English lesson today!


The Kingfishers had a great time learning a new dance to celebrate Chinese New Year with Darren today!

Chinese New Year Dance

Still image for this video


In our Science lessons we have been learning about different materials. During our English lessons we have been learning about fairy stories. We combined the two ideas and carried out an investigation to see which materials were best to build a house for the Three Little Pigs. One table used sugar cubes as bricks, we then had a straw table, metal table, stick table, fabric table and cardboard. Each group had a chance to add to the house the previous group had started building and by the end of the lesson attempts had been made to build houses out of each material. Then Miss Wiley got a hairdryer and pretended the big bad wolf was going to blow the houses down so we could test each one. The best ones were the brick house and the cardboard house. The straw house was the worst because that blew off before Mrs Martin could even take a picture. It was so much fun but made a lot of mess!


On Monday the Kingfishers started learning about our new Science topic Materials. To begin with we worked with a talk partner to name all the different materials we could think of and then Miss Wiley wrote it on the board. Using the BBC website we then sorted some common objects into groups depending on the material. The main part of the lesson involved a carousel where each group moved round to a table containing different materials. We felt these materials and made observations ready to bring ideas back to the carpet on how to describe each one. Miss Wiley then recorded the ideas ready for next week. It was great fun!


The Kingfishers have been busy this morning during Maths. They were introduced to place value and learnt that 2 digit numbers are not always as they seem. They now know that a 0 hides behind the ones number and actually means 2 digit numbers have tens and ones. They used their own arrow cards to make numbers and then partition them. Miss Wiley then recorded these on the board. Tomorrow they will have a go at recording themselves. Miss Wiley was so impressed!!


The Kingfishers decided to get in the Christmas spirit with some fun activities this week. First they sprinkled glitter into oats to make 'magic reindeer food' to ensure Rudolph stops at their house and then they decorated biscuits using icing sugar, an icing pen, smarties and a marshmallow and made it look like a snowman.  It was a very unusual but exciting Monday!


The Kingfishers have been learning about hot and cold colours in their art lesson this week. They then collaged fire pictures or snowflakes using the correct colours and Mrs Golden made a beautiful display for them to look at.


In preparation for Bonfire night, the Kingfishers have had a lovely time painting their very own firework pictures. They use different coloured paints and glitter to make them look even better!


The Kingfishers have been learning all bout odd and even numbers this week. They met their new classroom friends Bodd and Steven and learnt a song each friend likes to sing to help us remember which numbers are odd and which are even. They then chose cards and decided whether Bodd would like to eat them or Steven! They have great fun!


The Kingfishers had a great afternoon making the fruit salad they designed on Monday. Each child had to choose 4 fruits they would like to include, this had to be a variety of crunchy, juicy and soft fruit and a variety of colours. Today each child was given a piece of the 4 fruits chosen and they all had to learn to chop and slice their fruits into smaller pieces to add to their fruit salad. Once they had made their fruit salad they all had the opportunity to taste it and then evaluate how well their design matched the reality and rate how well it tasted.  We definitely have some chefs in the making and all the children thoroughly enjoyed their creating. We had so much fun!


In Science this half term we have been looking at our bodies and our senses. On Friday, the Kingfishers enjoyed testing their senses during a carousel lesson of guessing the crisps, the smell, the sound and the feel of different objects. We thought about how we would feel if we lost any of our senses and touched some braille books. We had a great time!


We have been learning all about Baptism in R.E. this week. We have learnt about the special objects, people and where this happened.  We then wrote our own promises to a newborn baby on a water droplet and Mrs Golden made a great display out of them.


In Maths this week the Kingfishers have been learning how to tell the time.  We started off learning o'clock but we were so good Miss Wiley moved us on to half past.  We now know there are 60 minutes in 1 hour and that the big hand needs to be on the 12 for o'clock and the 6 for half past.  We had so much fun making different times and then drawing the clock hands on to our worksheets.


Here is the video of our talented Kingfisher from the music assembly this morning.

Music Assembly

Still image for this video


We are very excited about our trip to Thorndon Country Park today.  We will be updating this page throughout the day.


This morning we have been very busy learning to build dens in the forest, we have been plant detectives and have been burying pine cones just like squirrels!  This afternoon we are orienteering and leaving trails for our friends to follow.  We have been practising our camouflage skills - can you spot Miss Wiley?



The Kingfishers have been learning about stories from the Bible in R.E. this half term.  Last week we learnt about The Prodigal Son and we made our own 'son' and wrote what we thought he would say to his father when he returned.  We have now displayed these in the classroom.



The Kingfishers have enjoyed watching their seeds grow over the last 4 weeks. They have discussed why some seeds may have grown quicker than others and decided our onion seeds may need more sun so we have moved them to a different place on our window to see if that works.  Our French beans are beginning to look like a mini jungle!



The Kingfishers had great fun practising their ball skills in P.E. They learnt bounce passes and chest passes and used the hoops to act as a target.

w/c 09/05/16 - Maths


The Kingfishers have been using the place value cards to partition 2 digit numbers. They were so fantastic that by the end of the lesson we even attempted to partition 3 digit numbers!

w/e 06/05/16 - History


The Kingfishers enjoyed holding and discussing the historical artefacts used in the Victorian times this week. They were able to name each object and even gave a demonstration on how each one was used 

w/e 15/4/16 - Science


As part of Y1 Science, the children have been thinking about the different types of plants. The Kingfishers used the magnifying glasses to look in more detail at the differences between the plants and flowers on our field. Each group then planted their own seeds and we will now look after them and watch as they grow over the next term.

w/c 14/03/16 - Science, Floating & Sinking


Y1 Science this half term has been focussing on different everyday materials and their properties. We have discussed materials like wood, metal, plastic and paper and used words like hard, soft, malleable and see through to describe each one. The Kingfishers all took part in their own investigation today to see which materials would float and which ones would sink.  Our next lesson will be to challenge the children to see whether they can make a given material, that initially sinks, float by the end of the half term by using their knowledge of the metal object today.

Class Timetable