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Kingfishers (Year 1)


As part of a continuous Science topic the children are encouraged to look at Seasonal change. Today, the Kingfishers went on to the field for an Autumn walk. They observed the differences in the colours of the leaves, the fact some of the leaves had fallen on to the floor and some trees were bare compared to other trees with red and orange leaves on. The children collected some things that remind them of Autumn and we discussed how the days are now getting shorter and the nights are darker much earlier. After that the children brought their own leaf in and did a leaf rubbing in Autumn colours ready to put on our Seasonal Change display board. Next week the children will be drawing their very own Autumn trees so watch this space!


In Maths this week the Kingfishers have been learning about odd and even numbers. They were all introduced to our new classroom friends Bodd and Steven to help them remember which numbers are which. There were lots of fun activities throughout the week including activities on the computer, sorting cards into two hoops, written work and even working out whether the longest numbers were odd and even (Miss Wiley did not even know what some of the numbers were they were so long).


The children were introduced to the term 'History' today. They gave some ideas on what they thought it meant and what we might learn about over the next year. We looked at a timeline and explained history has lots of these. We looked at the timeline of one particular child in our class and then went through the baby pictures to see how we have changed over the 5 and 6 years we have been on this earth. It was so much fun guessing who each baby was, some had barely changed but others looked completely different! What do you think?


Following on from learning about healthy eating the children chose 4 fruits they liked to add to a fruit salad. They then used knives and chopping boards to slice and peel the fruit and add it to their bowl. All children tried their fruit salad and most liked it. It was a chaotic but enjoyable time.


The Kingfishers had a great time learning a special Diwali Dance with Darren today. They listened carefully and followed all the instructions!


As part of our Science topic 'My Body' we have learnt about the body parts, the skeleton and now we are learning how to keep the body healthy. We started the lesson by thinking of our own ideas to keep our bodies healthy and decided we needed to exercise, eat healthy food, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. We then spoke about our heart and the oxygen that is pumped around our body. We felt how slowly our hearts were pumping and then did lots of exercise for a couple of minutes to feel the difference. The breathing was much faster and louder in the classroom and the heart was definitely beating quicker. We then spoke about which foods are healthy and which foods should be eaten in moderation (all of the nice foods!) Different food types were then sorted on to a plate and will be put on display to show all of our hard work!


As part of our English lessons this week we have been learning about how non-fiction books differ from fiction books. We focussed on the labels and captions you see in non-fiction books and decided to write some of our own. During Geography lessons we have been looking at the different places in the world Barnaby Bear could have visited during the Summer if he had been with the children. Today, some of us went into the computer suite to look at a world map, label some of the continents and oceans and become more independent when using a mouse and a keyboard. The children had a great time and were very good at naming the different continents. Some children stayed in the classroom and participated in a Reading Eggs session on the Ipads. If you have access to Reading Eggs at home please encourage your child to practise logging in and out of the app as well as reading books and completing the tasks. The children that win certificates each week get to go on a special display. Next week, the children will swap over so they each get a turn in the computer suite and on the Ipads.


The Kingfishers had great fun learning all about their senses today in Science. We spoke about the 5 different senses and what might happen if you lost these. Then they each took part in a 'senses carousel'. They had the opportunity to smell 6 different pots and guess what was inside (marmite, lemon, chocolate, soap, onion and vinegar), they got to taste and guess the flavour of 4 different packets of crisps (salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, prawn cocktail and ready salted), they were able to use their sight to read books about senses, their hearing sense to guess what was in the shaking pots and their touch sense to guess the type of material they were feeling whilst wearing a blindfold. Miss Wiley and Mrs Tatum were very impressed with how well the children behaved and the children had a great time!


In Geography we are learning all about addresses and what each line means. The children spoke about their addresses and we found their houses on Google Maps. We then spoke about the school address and wrote it on a school template. We cut out the school and drew our friends and our favourite thing to do inside. We also wanted to see how long it takes for a letter to arrive so we wrote a letter to the Puffins and then went to the post box to post it. We can't wait to see when it arrives.


The Kingfishers loved learning about measurements so much last week, we continued with it this week. Today we looked at non standard ways of measuring again and discussed the different vocabulary we had learnt the previous week. The children love to get involved during the teaching input and this week, rather than order the children by size, we decided to measure the length of their arms and compare these. The lesson was so exciting, the children then wanted to measure the length of their bodies. During the activity time the children took part in a carousel and were able to measure different pictures, objects in the classroom (including Mrs Tatum's watch and bracelet!) and also use the computer program. It was a very noisy classroom but the children had fun and learnt lots. Well done Kingfishers!


During our Science lessons the Kingfishers are learning all about their body parts. In Art, they used a mirror to look at their faces and discussed the similarities and differences with their friends. They then used pastels to create their own self portrait. Wool was added for the hair and Mrs Tatum made our very own 'Kingfisher Gallery' outside the classroom. Now everyone will know our names and who we are! What a good looking class we are!



Today in Maths, the Kingfishers were learning all about measuring the length of different objects. They also revised some vocabulary they were taught in YR to compare different objects. During the starter we not only compared objects but sorted the children in the class into the correct order using the words 'tallest' and 'shortest'. The children then used multilink to measure different length plastic worms. Finally, the children coloured in the correct pictures reading the instructions and estimated the length of different pictures using our computer program. They then sorted themselves into a line with the tallest and the front and the shortest at the back ready to go into assembly. Lots of fun was had by all!


The Kingfishers are enjoying using the 'Charanga' programme to learn different musical terms. They used the xylophones with Mrs Blunt to keep the pulse during their lesson this week.


In the Kingfishers we love learning about numbers. As a special Monday treat, Miss Wiley made the Maths lesson extra fun by letting the children play a game with their partner. The children had to roll 2 dice and then use their 100 square to find the total. They then had to locate the total on their sheet of paper and colour the planet in using their chosen colour. The child with the most planets coloured in at the end won! It was so much fun!


The new Kingfishers have settled in well to Y1. They have already been doing lots of work on whiteboards and in their books. They have been writing different words, painting pictures of their summer holidays, writing holiday sentences, working with numbers and lots more. We even let them play with the toys in the classroom and they get to do 5 a day each day. They have all decided Y1 is not as scary as they thought and Miss Wiley and Mrs Tatum have loved teaching them!