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Kingfishers (Year 1)


Today in Maths, the Kingfishers were learning all about measuring the length of different objects. They also revised some vocabulary they were taught in YR to compare different objects. During the starter we not only compared objects but sorted the children in the class into the correct order using the words 'tallest' and 'shortest'. The children then used multilink to measure different length plastic worms. Finally, the children coloured in the correct pictures reading the instructions and estimated the length of different pictures using our computer program. They then sorted themselves into a line with the tallest and the front and the shortest at the back ready to go into assembly. Lots of fun was had by all!


The Kingfishers are enjoying using the 'Charanga' programme to learn different musical terms. They used the xylophones with Mrs Blunt to keep the pulse during their lesson this week.


In the Kingfishers we love learning about numbers. As a special Monday treat, Miss Wiley made the Maths lesson extra fun by letting the children play a game with their partner. The children had to roll 2 dice and then use their 100 square to find the total. They then had to locate the total on their sheet of paper and colour the planet in using their chosen colour. The child with the most planets coloured in at the end won! It was so much fun!


The new Kingfishers have settled in well to Y1. They have already been doing lots of work on whiteboards and in their books. They have been writing different words, painting pictures of their summer holidays, writing holiday sentences, working with numbers and lots more. We even let them play with the toys in the classroom and they get to do 5 a day each day. They have all decided Y1 is not as scary as they thought and Miss Wiley and Mrs Tatum have loved teaching them!