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Owls (Year 2) 2016-17

07/07/17 Releasing the butterflies.

Today we released our butterflies and I'm pleased to say we had all 5 butterflies that flew away safely. George had to give one a helping hand out as it wanted to stay with the children! All the children have loved having them with us.

06/07/17   Butterfly update!

As you may know the owls have nurtured and cared for some minibeast guests over the past few weeks and we now have 4 out of 5 of our butterflies that have made an appearance! We are patiently waiting for number 5. We started with 5 tiny caterpillars and watched them grow into chrysalides and then metamorphosis took place. The children have loved having them and learnt so much about butterflies.


If you would like to know more, or even buy some for next year, please visit for more details.  


Today the Owls have been completing practical maths problems including this one 'Dice puzzle'. The children had to work with a partner to complete the challenge in a given time. This is something you can do at home with your child.


All of the children worked hard but our wonderful winners with 18 numbers were Maddie and Emily! Well done girls!


Congratulations to the 6 children who won golden tickets to redeem at the trials.  Huge well done to Lucie, Sissy, Emily, Blu, Aletheia and Oliver.

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26/06/17 - Cheerleading time!

This week the Owls have become budding cheerleaders. We practised lots of different moves including rolls, jumps, stretches and lifts! We all had such a good time, thank you to Marshalls who came to train the children.

23/06/17 - Y2 Trip to Mersea Island

We have arrived safely at Cudmore Grove, Mersea Island and are very excited to start our 'Day at the Seaside' activities.

We have had a safety briefing and our first activity is making sandcastles!

Now we are making jewellery from shells we found on the beach

Picture 1
Lunchtime followed by habitat hunting with the Robins


This week the children have worked really hard in maths. Here they are completing a MathsOfTheDay activity. They have been trying to challenge themselves to see how many different ways, using all four operations, they can make a particular number.


Well done to Luke, Bliss, Finley and Jaya who found the most ways to make a number in their group! Top maths. 


Here is the link to the website if you would like to have a look:


At school we often use MathsOfTheDay to help us plan engaging and physical maths activities for the children. These can be adapted to classrooms or large outdoor spaces. There is a free trial section too!




This week the children have been learning all about butterflies. We used our draft books to take notes from a large piece of text, edited our own work then worked on our own to write our notes up. Here are some examples of our edited work. Well done everyone! 


The Owls have completed their fitness circuit this morning with the GB athlete Dominic King. We had great fun but were all very tired by the end of it. We got the chance to ask Dominic some questions in an assembly and some children got the opportunity to practice their race-walking skills. Here are some photos of our event. We completed a circuit of spotty dogs, leg drives, press ups and star jumps. Have a great half term everyone well done for working really hard this past few weeks. We all hope you enjoyed today! A massive well done!


We had fun in the sun today during P.E.  We played caterpillar rounders in the sunshine, with plenty of water breaks and the odd rest in the shade! We started with a warm up including the 4 exercises we will complete with the GB athlete on Friday, spotty dogs, leg drives, press ups and star jumps. It was hard work in the sun but it was a great workout.


Why not ask your child for a demonstration of the 4 exercises and see if they can complete each one for a 2 minute period without stopping (you could even join in!) Have fun!


The Owls have been writing instructions this week about 'How to trap a dragon'. We had to use our imagination and be really creative when thinking of different ways we could do it. The challenge was to use imperative verbs in our writing and try to extend our sentences using a conjunction. We all worked really hard and thought of some very interesting ways of how it could be done. Here are some examples of our work.

18/05/17 - End of SATs

We are so pleased to tell you that we have reached the end of the SATs. The children have worked so hard and we are proud of all of their achievements. You will receive the relevant information in your child's end of year report. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support. 

Year 2 Staff


The Owls have been learning how to read a range of scales in Maths this week. We have learnt how to read scales with varying increments and then recorded our findings in our books. Here we are in action.


Today the Owls have been learning about democracy and we have voted for our new school Parliament members. After a very fiercely fought contest the winners with a majority vote were Brooke and Nathan. They will be representing our class at the school parliament meetings and sharing their news with their peers. Well done!

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In maths this week we have been thinking of different ways to partition a 2 digit number. We had to think really hard and look for a pattern to help us. We worked out that when we partition a number into 2 parts the tens on one side get smaller and the tens on the other side increase. Some children even managed to partition a number into 3 parts! Here are some examples of great work. Well done Finley, Annabella, Sam, Dominyka, Jessica, and Carie. Great stuff!


It is recommended that children complete at least 60 minutes, rigorous exercise, every day. As part of our commitment to achieving that goal with all the children throughout the week we utilise various ways of engaging in physical activity. This may be P.E. time, 5 a day classroom exercise, playtimes, lunchtimes or any other time the children need to be active. We have been practising our ball skills in PE this week, passing and moving, control and technique. We have played competitive games including dodge ball and kick rounders.  Here we are doing the Charleston in 5 a day and playing dodge ball


We have been learning some new songs from the sign2sing collection this week. The children really enjoy singing and signing a range of songs and it can help us to concentrate better on our work too!

31/03/17 - A lovely end to the term!

We enjoyed a Music Concert, with some special guests from the Juniors.  Thank you to all of the year 2 children that played - what talent!


We thank you all for your support this term and wish you an enjoyable and safe Easter break.


Best wishes,

Year 2 Staff


The Owls have been playing tag rugby this week. They really enjoyed working together in a team and had loads of fun! They even got a surprise visitor...see if you can spot him!  We also had great fun making our Easter sheep today. We have been thinking about signs of new life and what signs we can see at Spring time

Have a brilliant Easter, thank you all for your support this term, have a safe and happy holiday!


The Owls have been performance poets this week. We took Robert Louis Stevenson's traditional classic as our inspiration and worked with a partner to recite and perform the poem. We worked together to negotiate and agree upon the actions we would use. We performed the poem altogether as a whole class and with our partner. Here we are planning and practising the poem.


Still image for this video
Picture 1

24/03/17 - Comic Relief

The Owls have been thinking about children from around the world and how our lives differ from those of others. We have heard the story of 'Daniel' from Ghana and reflected on how his life is hugely different to our own. We have recognised how fortunate we are and how lucky we are to have each other and Ardleigh Green. Here we are looking thoughtful and happy!


The children have been learning all about Easter. We have read the Easter story and written our own Easter poems in the shape of an Easter egg (calligram). We came up with a list of words that reminded us of Easter and then thought carefully about how we could turn them into interesting sentences. Here we are hard at work!


The Owls are excellent internet explorers! We have been researching famous people from the past including Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole as part of our history and geography topics. The children are improving when selecting appropriate information and using it to present to others. We are learning how to make PowerPoint presentations too. Your child will be able to continue this work at home.

Thank you for your continued support.

10/03/17 - Class Assemblies

In your child's book bag tonight there will be a copy of a poem that we are going to recite for you, in our class assembly.  We would be grateful if you could spend some time this weekend, helping your child to learn the poem.


Owls' assembly - Tuesday 28th March 2.45pm


Thanks in advance,

Year 2 Staff

02/03/17 World Book Day Fun

World Book Day Parade!

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Thank you to everyone who was able to spend the morning in school working alongside their child.  We hope that you found these visits useful and we thank you for your positive feedback.  Please take the time to look at the updated Calculations Policy which is in the Key Information, Policies, section of this website.  This builds on some of the methods that you saw the children using in class and we hope that this will be a useful tool when supporting your child with homework.

Thanks for your continued support.  Year 2 Staff

Thank you!

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The Owls had a visit from Florence nightingale today and have enjoyed learning about life her life and what it was like in hospitals in the past.


The Owls have been learning different ways to balance and jump using large apparatus in P.E.



Today we are going to the Museum of London to see the Great Fire of London exhibition.  We will be posting pictures here throughout the day!


The Owls have been making clay models of Tudor houses and boats linked to their topic of the Great Fire of London.


The Owls have been working really hard this week planning and writing some amazing descriptive stories.


The Owls have been applying their knowledge of fractions today and finding fractions of numbers in maths. Well done Owls!


The Owls have been spotting uses of everyday materials in the school playground this week.


In Year 2 we have started to learn about the Great Fire of London. We are going to make some 3D Tudor houses using the cereal boxes that were sent in. We spent some time this week looking at pictures of the houses that would have been in London in 1666 and sketched pictures of the houses in our books.


This week in the Owls we learnt a rap in our music lesson! We also got the xylophones out and practised playing along to the music.


We have been doing some fun Christmas maths activities this week!


In the Owls we have been learning about how germs can spread illnesses. We did an experiment to see how important it is to wash our hands after we cough or sneeze. We put hair gel with glitter in it on our hands and shook hands with a friend. We could see how the glitter spread from one person to another and was left all around the classroom! This demonstrated how the germs spread if we don't wash our hands.


In the Owls we have been practising how to tell the time using o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We tested each other using the little clocks to see who could make the right time. You might want to test us at home to see if we can read the clocks around our homes!


In the Owls we have been developing our chopping, peeling and design skills by making fruit rockets! The children discussed the need to wash their hands before preparing the fruit and why we wear aprons for cooking. They also learnt how to use the knives safely to cut the fruit into different shaped pieces. Each one then designed their own rocket.


The Owls enjoyed their Diwali dance workshop and learnt lots of new moves!


We have been thinking about Remembrance Day in Year 2 and worked as table groups to create some giant poppies to display around the school. Look out for them next week.

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The Owls enjoyed making collage pictures of trees this week in our art lesson. They are ready to go up on display!

Welcome to the new school year!


Today we had another visit from some of the Y3 pupils - we were able to ask them lots of questions about the Junior school!



We are getting ready to go up to the Juniors in September! This week we had the chance to ask some Year 3 children what it is like at the Junior school then they shared their reading book with us. We have also had an assembly with Mr Morris and some Year 6 children answered our questions.


We have been learning about different places of worship in our RE lessons this term. Today we got to visit All Saints Church to find out more!  The Reverend Wragg showed us what happens at a baby baptism and then we got to have a look round the church. As a reward for being so sensible we got to ring the church bell on our way out!


Owls have been learning how to aim and throw accurately in some fun team games during our PE lessons this week.

Half Term Maths Activities


Please use the links below to practise your Maths over the half term holiday.


Bang on Time


Comparison of Amounts of Money


Reading a Thermometer




Enjoy your break and we look forward to seeing you after half term.



The Owls have been learning about the story behind the pattern on willow plates. They then painted their own versions of the plates.


Owls class learnt about healthy eating and made their own delicious smoothies using the smoothie bike!

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