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Owls (Year 2)






Firstly, thank you to the parents that came to visit us in school this week. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did and possibly even learnt a few things too. It's always interesting to see how your child's day works and join in with the things they are learning about.


We have had a big push on the use of punctuation since Christmas and this morning the children have had to punctuate theses sentences, remembering that some sentences are not always punctuated with a full stop. We've talked about commands, exclamations, statements and question sentences.



Also this week we have worked really hard on lots of different maths strategies this week and the children have had the opportunity today to be able to look back through their work and consolidate the use of these strategies including column addition with carrying, column subtraction with borrowing and the ever popular snowman method! If you ask your child about these hopefully they will be able to model or explain them to you.

12/01/18 - Maths and multiplication

This week we have been working really hard on the circle method in maths. We have mastered the method when solving written calculations, however we have found it a bit tricky to apply this to word problems. We really need to read the question carefully and check our calculation is accurate. This will be your child's homework for this week. Please support them to understand what the question is asking and write the correct calculation. Thank you for your continued support. To remind you here is the method we teach at school and an example of some fantastic work from Calin. Well done



Happy New Year

We would all like to wish you a very Happy New Year and once again thank you so much for your generosity and support over the very busy festive period. We look forward to a very successful spring term.


Daily Mile

As part of our on going commitment to your child's health and well being, the whole school have introduced the daily mile. It's exactly that, a mile (roughly) ran every day at any point during the school day, normally when the children need waking up or need some fresh air. The children can jog, run, walk even skip and it's a fun and engaging activity for the children as well as building their stamina and improving their health.  Here we are braving the cold!


As part of our science curriculum we are learning about healthy body, healthy me. The children will learn all about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, discussing a range of topics from diet and exercise to hygiene. Please continue to talk to your child about ways to stay healthy and well and also how to be hygienic. We have linked this work to our DT topics around following instructions and made fruit rockets. Here is a link to one of the websites we use to support the children's learning.


Here we are making our fruit rockets and some of the finished articles!


To help us to learn about Guy Fawkes and find out about the Gunpowder plot we have used the Ipads and computer to carry out some of our own research. We watched some video clips about the event and found out lots of facts about the plot. We then made sparklers where we had to follow precise instructions as part of our DT work.


This week we have been learning about imperative (bossy) verbs. We have learnt about how they are used in a sentence and have used them to give a command or instruction. We can now spot them in different sentence types.

We have worked with a partner to read and follow a set of instructions to make a moving rocket card. We had to think carefully about following each step to make sure we completed all the instructions. Most children managed to make their rocket fly. Here we are following the instructions.

17/10/18 - Diwali Dance


This week the children had a visit from Dancing Darren and learnt some Bollywood style moves. They had the best time learning a new routine and really got into the spirit of Diwali. They have continued to learn about the Hindu festival of light in class finding out about customs, clothing, food, Mehndi patterns and music.  Here we are showing off our dance.



Well done to our handwriting champion for this week. He has tried really hard to form all of his letters correctly and make sure his letters are consistent in size. He has kept his small letters small and his tall letters tall! Well done, keep it up!

Picture 1

10/10/17 - Magic line Maths


We have spent a lot of time this week learning the magic line method in maths. We started initially counting forwards in ones and have now moved on to jumping groups of 10s. Please continue to count with your child, forwards and backwards, in ones and tens starting from different numbers. for example 12,22,32,42 or 98,88,78,68.  We have improved greatly this week with our maths, here we are working out some different calculations.

9/10/17 - Fruit Trees


Today we made fruit trees. As part of the new curriculum children have to learn basic cooking skills such as chopping, slicing and peeling as well as how to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you cook at home please encourage your child to have a go at helping and discuss different types of foods, how they grow, where they come from to increase your child's knowledge about food and healthy living. It was amazing how many children didn't know which foods grow in the ground.


We had lots of fun making our fruit tress, here are some examples.

28/9/17 - Science

Today the children have followed up their work about trees and nature by completing a group science activity. They are improving their skills of working collaboratively and had to negotiate which leaves belonged to deciduous trees and which leaves belonged to an evergreen tree. Our winning group was the yellow group who found the 3 evergreen trees and knew that the rest were deciduous. Well done everyone.

26/09/17 - Art

This week the children have drawn inspiration from artist Andy Goldsworthy and have worked outside to create some natural pieces of art. We looked at and discussed some of his work and what it made us think about, feel like and the different things we could see. The children then had to collect their own resources and work collaboratively to design and make their chosen piece. It was interesting to see which children wanted to lead and which children took a back seat but in the end they all worked together well. 


Here are some of our finished pieces, both that we made collectively and some individual pieces that were made at the end.

25/09/17 - English

This week we have channelled our inner performer! With it being National Poetry Week we have listened to and read some poems from a variety of authors and discussed which ones are our favourites and why. We have tried to put actions to a range of types of poem with great success. We rehearsed and then performed our poems to the rest of the class. Some of the children chose to work in a group and others decided to work with a partner. Here we are performing our poems.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

20/09/17 - Maths

In maths this week we have been working hard on place value and recognising how many tens and ones in a number. We have also tried really hard to add and subtract 10/20 from any given number thinking carefully about just changing the tens in a number.


Also we have used this knowledge to work with money and use 10's and 1's in money to make different amounts too. Here we are working hard in our maths groups and also an example of some of the children's work.  Well done Calista, Taqiyudeen and Beau.


A new start.


Welcome to the Owls class page. Here you will be able to see all the weird and wonderful things your child is doing at school. We will update this page regularly with photos, children's work, any reminders and general updates about how the Owls are doing.


A quick note to say that the children have settled really well and we are working, slowly, on learning the new routines and how different the pace of learning is in Year 2. I think some of the children have had quite a shock, but don't worry I'm sure they will be up to speed shortly.


Here we are getting ready for home after our first day.