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20/09/17 - Maths

In maths this week we have been working hard on place value and recognising how many tens and ones in a number. We have also tried really hard to add and subtract 10/20 from any given number thinking carefully about just changing the tens in a number.


Also we have used this knowledge to work with money and use 10's and 1's in money to make different amounts too. Here we are working hard in our maths groups and also an example of some of the children's work.  Well done Calista, Taqiyudeen and Beau.


A new start.


Welcome to the Owls class page. Here you will be able to see all the weird and wonderful things your child is doing at school. We will update this page regularly with photos, children's work, any reminders and general updates about how the Owls are doing.


A quick note to say that the children have settled really well and we are working, slowly, on learning the new routines and how different the pace of learning is in Year 2. I think some of the children have had quite a shock, but don't worry I'm sure they will be up to speed shortly.


Here we are getting ready for home after our first day.