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Penguins (Year 2) 2016-17

21/7/17 - Reach for the Stars!

Thank you very much for all of your kind gifts. We feel totally overwhelmed. We have loved teaching the children this year and wish them all the best as they move onto the Juniors. We are sure that we will bump into them as they start in the Juniors at playtime and lunchtime and that there will be many knocks and waves on the windows of the Penguins' Classroom!


We wish you a happy, restful and safe summer and look forward to hearing about all the Penguins' adventures when we bump into them in September.


We thought you would like to see our class goodbye video here as a thank you for all your hard work this year!

20/07/17 - Fun Splash

We have had a very exciting but tiring morning swimming. Fun Splash is one of the highlights of our year! We had a wonderful time trying to splash each other and Mrs Morement and Mrs Rhobat. The teachers also spent a lot of time returning the splashes and squirting people with the hose. Everyone will sleep really well tonight! A big thank you to the mums who come every week to enable us to swim. We really appreciate it!


On behalf of Miss Dodkins, Mrs Morement, Mrs Wootton and Mrs Blunt, I would like to thank you all for your support this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Penguins and wish them all the best as they move to the Juniors. Goodbye and good luck!

14/07/17 - Another busy morning!

We have thoroughly enjoyed Sports Day and all had  an apple on our return to class to re-energise us. Thank you for coming to support us and being such good sports by joining in the "Parents' Races". We have also been practising some "Thunks" this morning which are questions that don't have a right or wrong answer but require us to justify our decisions. Some of our favourite "Thunks" include:

Is a broken down car parked?

If you paint a window red is it still a window?

Is it stealing if you read a comic book in a shop without paying for it?

Is it right to bully a bully?


We have also fitted in some practise for our concert next week. Please continue to help us learn our poem over the weekend ready for next week and make sure all costumes have arrived in school by Monday morning ready for our dress rehearsal.

07/07/17 - Beautiful Butterflies

We have found watching our caterpillars transform into butterflies fascinating. We have learnt lots of amazing facts about butterflies. Our top facts are:

  1. Butterflies have transparent wings. The colours we see on them are from their scales.

  2. Butterflies taste with their feet and feel with their antennae.

  3. There are over 50 species of butterflies in the UK.

  4. Butterflies live on every continent apart from Antarctica.

  5. Butterflies often feed in muddy puddles to find extra nutrients.

We released them this afternoon as we decided, as a class, that it would be cruel to keep them inside over the weekend. All five butterflies flew successfully (although one needed a little extra encouragement).

27/06/17 - Sport and Swimming

Today has been another exciting day. This morning cheerleaders from Marshalls put on a Cheerleading Workshop for us. We learnt to do a dance routine and even had a go at a simple cheerleading lift.

This afternoon we got to hold the ducklings and even put them in a water tray for a swimming lesson. The ducks really enjoyed their swim and we had a fantastic time watching them. We will be sad to see them leave us on Friday but are really pleased that they will be off to start a new life on a pond in Ingatestone.


Still image for this video

23/06/17 - Y2 Trip to Mersea Island

We have arrived safely at Cudmore Grove, Mersea Island and are very excited to start our 'Day at the Seaside' activities.

We have had a safety briefing and our first activity is making jewellery from shells we find on the beach!

Time for a spot of lunch followed by habitat hunting!
Tired out after a very busy day! 

22/06/17 - Sandwiches

Today in cookery we made sandwiches. We thought carefully about making it a healthy sandwich and used brown bread and a variety of salad,  as well as choosing ham or cheese as our main filling. We enjoyed dividing the food carefully and practising our knife skills.  We are now ready to help you prepare our packed lunch for tomorrow's school trip to East Mersea!  Please ask us which food groups the ingredients in our sandwiches (and packed lunches) come from.

21/06/17 - The Penguins' are "quackers" for wildlife!

The school ducklings have arrived and we were very excited to go and see one egg begin to hatch. We were even more thrilled to find this morning that the first duckling has hatched and is getting used to his new surroundings. We are looking forward to the rest hatching and growing a bit bigger so we can get them out and hold them in the coming week!


We have had an afternoon filled with wildlife! As well as visiting the ducks and checking on their progress we have also been busy looking for bugs! As part of our Computing module we are participating in a National Bug Hunt. Today we hunted for lots of bugs and were surprisingly successful  - we had wondered whether it was too hot for bugs to be out and about! If you want to participate as a family everything you need to take part can be found here: You don't need a whole garden - just a few plants and a windowsill!

20/06/17 - The sun has got his hat on!

The children really enjoyed singing in the music festival. Krish even got to practise his Lambeth Walk! Despite the heat, they performed beautifully are the staff were all really proud of them.


We look forward to practising our singing and acting skills as we prepare to take you on a magical mystery tour of London in our Leavers’ concert.

17/06/17 - Breaking News

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Earth Worms and have written some great leaflets all about Earth Worms using the facts that we have learnt. Today we released our worms back into their natural habitat in the playground. We were sorry to see them go as we have found watching them in the wormery fascinating!


We have been making the most of the lovely weather by sometimes having our story outside under the arbour. We are thoroughly enjoying reading "George Speaks" by Dick King-Smith and are now hunting in the book boxes to find more books by him! Thank you for all your support with reading. Please continue to help your child make progress in their reading by continuing to hear them nightly. Perhaps you can take advantage of the fine weather and read outside too?


There has been some confusion about spellings. We are a week ahead of the Owls and Robins and so there are no new spellings this week. Please continue to practise your worm and butterfly words and those high frequency words! Thank you.

16/06/17 - Problem Solving

This week the children have worked really solving different mathematical problems. We have solved one and two step problems and have worked systematically to find the greatest number of different shapes we can make using six multilink cubes. We completed some active maths using a  MathsOfTheDay activity. The children had to challenge themselves to see how many different ways, using all four operations, they could make a particular number.


Well done to those who found the most ways to make a number in their group! Top maths.


Here is the link to the website if you would like to have a look:


At school we often use MathsOfTheDay to help us plan engaging and physical maths activities for the children. These can be adapted to classrooms or large outdoor spaces. There is a free trial section too!

09/06/17 - Visit to All Saints Church

As part of our R.E study on places of worship we visited our local church today. We  were met by the vicar, Reverend Wragg who pointed out some key features his church such as the font, lectern, pulpit, altar and stained glass window. The children also had a chance to ask him questions about Baptism and whether the church donated money to charity. At the end of our visit, Reverend Wragg said they had been so good that that each child could ring the church bell. When we stood in the car park we could even see the bell moving, as each person tugged the rope. We had a wonderful time as you can see from the slide show.

08/06/17 - Worm Hotel Fully Booked!

The children have been fascinated by the worms in our wormery this week and are experts on worm features such as the saddle, bristles, segments and the fact worms are hermaphrodites. Thank you for all your support in bringing worms to school. Our wormery is now full so please leave any other worms you find in their natural habitat.

22/05/17 Art Lesson

Today the children used their plans of The Willow Pattern Plates. They found out last week that the story was fabricated in order to sell plates. They used fine brushes to transfer their design onto a paper plate.



One of the Government requirements is that children do 60 minutes rigorous exercise every day! Swimming is a great way to exercise and as our aquatic name would suggest, Penguins LOVE swimming on Thursdays. A favourite game is putting the balls in the bucket. Thank you to all the parents who make this possible every week by helping to get the children to change and to everyone who makes a financial contribution towards paying for our excellent swimming teacher, Miss Fellowes.


Today the Penguins had a chance to measure water. It was quite tricky pouring water into the measuring jugs but we measured water as fractions of litres and in millilitres. We loved experimenting and drying the tables afterwards!

Don't forget to check your bottles at home to see how many  millilitres (ml)  or litres (l) of liquid your bottles contain.


Penguins class did our first Maths SAT today - we loved it!


At the end of another busy week there was just time to practise a song for the Victorian themed Music Festival in June. The children will be hoping for sunshine next week when they swim for the second time. Fortunately the grey skies didn't spoil the children's enjoyment of the warm water and the ball games. Thanks to all our Mum helpers who got the children dry so quickly.

Music Festival Practise Taster!

Still image for this video


On Tuesday Penguins' Class found out facts about the life of Pablo Picasso.  A short film was watched, explaining how he developed the new style of art known as 'cubism'. The children drew a friend in his style of art and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


On Thursday 27th April Penguins held their own election and had to go to the ballot box to choose two children they wanted to represent them in the School Parliament. They had to choose representatives who they thought would report back well from meetings and be confident about speaking up in meetings. The election was closely fought but once the votes were counted Evan and Freya had narrowly won.

Picture 1

The School Parliamentarians first job was to select letters fit for a Queen that had been written in class this week as part of our English lessons. The letters were selected on the basis of good handwriting, spelling, punctuation and good questions being asked. The three children's letters will be posted this weekend and we hope for three replies.


If your child would like to post their own letter to the Queen from home then her address is:

Buckingham Palace,




The Palace staff promise to reply to every letter they receive so here's hoping!

Picture 1


Today we practised sending and receiving balls in the hall. The children had to remember to bend one knee and bowl with a straight arm to get the ball to send in a straight line. It was lots of fun on a gloomy, cold day and some of the children became very good at rolling their balls through targets.


Mrs Blunt and Mrs Wootton were delighted that so many children had read all week. We had to give lots of stickers out. Thank you for all your support. The children really benefit from parents' help.

Picture 1


The Penguins have worked so hard this week. In Science we have been learning about life-cycles in particular the life-cycle of a frog. Our wow word for today was 'metamorphosis!'

By working so hard we earned enough points to have Golden Time. The Penguins really enjoy playing with Lego and making things.


31/03/17 - A lovely end to the term!

We enjoyed a Music Concert, with some special guests from the Juniors.  Thank you to all of the year 2 children that played - what talent!


We thank you all for your support this term and wish you an enjoyable and safe Easter break.


Best wishes,

Year 2 Staff


Today we made Easter lamb biscuits as part of our Easter celebrations. We had to carefully count out 20 marshmallows each, spread some glace icing and mould some black sugar paste into a lamb's face. We had to share resources and utensils and help each other out. We loved making and eating them!

After that we found time to learn some new cricket skills- bowling, batting and fielding in the hall. It has been a busy end to a busy week.


Happy Easter everyone and don't forget to keep doing Mathletics, Reading Eggs and book reading in the holidays. It's making such a difference!

Cooking and cricket in the Penguins today!


Today we performed our Florence Nightingale Assembly. We shared many of the facts we had learnt like the difficulty for a woman like Florence getting her parents to agree to her having a  career in Victorian times. We also explained how she transformed hospitals in Scutari and set up a training school for nurses in London and why she is remembered for this today.

We had to remember so many words but we all enjoyed performing in front of an audience. Thank you so much for coming and all your support.


Today we read a traditional poem written by Robert Louis Stevenson - From a Railway Carriage. The children were given time to rehearse in small groups and then performed to the whole class. Their performance was evaluated by their friends. A copy of the poem has been sent home should you wish to read it to and with your child.

Reciting Poems to an Audience

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Penguins 5.MOV

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Penguins 2.MOV

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Penguins 3.MOV

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Penguins 1.MOV

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We have had lots of fun in the Penguins today. We started the morning with Red Nose challenges where we had to list as many words as we could containing the word 'red.' Our best words included: incredible, battered and clambered. We then had to write a sentence including the word red as many times as possible but making sure the sentence still made sense. We also had a joke telling session as well as having to find red noses hidden all around the room. We really enjoyed ourselves!


We had our first Florence Nightingale assembly rehearsal today using props and costumes. Mrs Blunt was really impressed to see how many children had learnt all their words off by heart already! We loved singing our Florence songs and using a microphone.


We can't wait to perform it to our families next Wednesday, March 29th at school. Don't forget to come along and enjoy this special occasion!


Thank you also for all your support with reading this week. Here is a photo of all the Penguins who were in school today who had read all week!  Most of us were happy to receive a reading sticker - even if by Friday afternoon we were too tired to smile for the camera!

Picture 1

Today we have been busy practising how to tell the time both on an ordinary clock and on a digital clock. We found quarter to times quite tricky on a digital clock but practice makes perfect!


Today Penguins' Class began making their PowerPoint about Florence Nightingale. We spent last week researching facts and now the children are creating the opening slide.


The Penguins have been writing letters imagining they were a drummer boy called Billy, hurt in the Crimean War. They all worked really hard trying to recreate the horrors of the Scutari hospital in their letters home, describing the hospital before and after Florence Nightingale came.  Kai was Child of the Week for his descriptive and empathetic letter.


10/03/17 - Class Assemblies

In your child's book bag tonight there will be a copy of a poem that we are going to recite for you, in our class assembly.  We would be grateful if you could spend some time this weekend, helping your child to learn the poem.


Penguins' assembly - Wednesday 29th March 2.45pm


Thanks in advance,

Year 2 Staff

World Book Day Parade

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Thank you to everyone who was able to spend the morning in school working alongside their child.  We hope that you found these visits useful and we thank you for your positive feedback.  Please take the time to look at the updated Calculations Policy which is in the Key Information, Policies, section of this website.  This builds on some of the methods that you saw the children using in class and we hope that this will be a useful tool when supporting your child with homework.

Thanks for your continued support, Year 2 Staff


We had a special visitor today from Florence Nightingale. She told us all about her work in Scutari in Turkey and we learnt about how she cleaned the hospitals and helped the soldiers.


Today we went out to look at the area around our school and completed a traffic road quiz.  We looked at things like pedestrian crossings and speed humps.


Today we are off to the Museum of London to see the Great Fire of London exhibition - we are so excited and will be posting photos here throughout the day!


Today we were looking at materials and what they can be used for in everyday life.


We have been making our own Christmas puddings using Rice Krispies and melted chocolate.  The results were......delicious!


Penguins conducted an investigation to see how germs spread.  We first sprayed water with dye onto a piece of paper to see what happens if we don't cover our sneeze with our hands.  Afterwards we put glitter and hair gel on our hands and touched the items in the classroom we would normally touch and we saw how easily germs are spread.


We also investigated how germs affect our food by touching bread with dirty and clean hands and then by not touching the bread at all!  We are hoping to grow some mould and will keep you updated!


As part of cooking Penguins have been making fruit rockets where we had to prepare and chop our fruit.


We have been learning what makes a successful performance by performing poetry to the class.


Still image for this video


The Penguins have been using Beebots today to practise using algorithms and giving instructions.


Here are the videos of two of our talented Penguins from the music assembly this morning.

Music Assembly

Still image for this video

Music Assembly

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We had a very interesting afternoon looking around the playground to see what bugs we could find.  We made a tally chart to record our results. 


Today we visited All Saints Church as part of our RE topic for this term.  The Vicar showed us how a baby is christened.  We then were shown the altar, where the bible is kept on the lectern, and the pulpit where the vicar speaks to the congregation.  At the end there was a special treat where Rev. Chris let us ring the church bells!


Penguins have been tasting different foods - we made cream cheese, chive, and pepper sandwiches!  We really enjoyed preparing the ingredients and then making the sandwiches. We had to cut and chop the chives and peppers too!

Half Term Maths Activities


Please use the links below to practise your Maths over the half term holiday.


Bang on Time


Comparison of Amounts of Money


Reading a Thermometer




Enjoy your break and we look forward to seeing you after half term.



The Penguins have been conducting a science investigation to see how many teaspoons of sugar there are in our favourite drinks.  We were quite surprised with the results!

Class Timetable