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Puffins (Year 1) 2016-17


The Puffins arrived at school this morning to discover that we now had five butterflies! The Puffins spent time observing them throughout the morning and in the afternoon they went outside to release them in the garden. The Puffins were sad to let them go but were also excited to see them flying around in the trees.



We have three butterflies! Five caterpillars arrived last week and the Puffins have been observing the changes taking place in the Butterfly lifecycle. The Puffins were very excited to find two 'Painted Lady Butterflies' had hatched when they arrived in class this morning and another one hatched during the day. The Puffins are fascinated by the changes taking placing and are excitedly awaiting the arrival of the last two butterflies. 


The Puffins had so much fun at Thordon Country Park on Thursday. The park ranger did lots of fun things with the Puffins such as finding and hiding pine cones for the squirrels, meeting trees, miming different types of seed distributions to name but a few! We even met The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child!


Puffins are so excited for our trip to Thorndon Country Park today!  We will update our page throughout the day!


This afternoon the Puffins were very excited to participate in a 'Cheerleading and Dance Workshop' with Marshalls Cheer. Initially lots of the children didn't know what Cheerleading was so we had a little look at some video clips, which enthralled the Puffins and soon had them all very excited. All the Puffins were able to both learn new skills and demonstrate the gymnastics skills that they all ready have. The workshop was lots of fun and got a big thumbs up from all the Puffins!




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Today the Puffins went to visit the ICT Suite. They took their paintings of Henri Rousseau's 'Tiger in the Tropical Storm' and recreated another version on the computer. They had to look carefully at their own painting to use the software and create a copy electronically.




Today the Puffins took part in a music workshop with visitors from Wigmore Hall. The children learnt new songs based about the painting by artist Henri Rousseau titled 'The Tiger in a Tropical Storm'. We have been studying and appreciating this painting in art this week and creating our own versions. Mrs Orr is creating a classroom display with them and we'll post photos here soon!


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Today in Science the Puffins went outside to observe the Summer trees and plants that we have in the playground. This was the last in a series of 4 visits we have taken outside in order to observe the changes that take place each season. The Puffins took photos on iPads with a partner and then came back to the classroom to complete observation drawings of Summer trees with the photos they had taken. It was interesting to see how each Puffin's picture was as individual and as different as they are!


Today was our Sportivator event with Sports for Schools. The whole school took part in their sponsored fitness circuit alongside Olympic race walker Dominic King. The Puffins worked very hard to complete their circuit and were highly motivated by the presence of a real life British athlete! The Puffins had a great deal of fun and there were lots of red faces and tired Puffins at the end of our session. The Puffins also attended a special assembly with Dominic when he talked to the whole school about his sport and training regime. He passed around some of his athletics kit from the London and Rio Olympics and 2 medals he has received.

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The Puffins have been reading the Bible story of 'The Prodigal Son' in RE this week.  After listening to the story the Puffins discussed how the father had reacted when his son returned and what he might have said. The Puffins then each made a 'hugging dad' and wrote their own little speech based upon what they thought their own parents might say if it was them returning. Mrs Orr has made a lovely colourful classroom display of our 'hugging dads.


Just a reminder of the website link to a real/nonsense word game on Phonics play. The children are all aware of this game and enjoy playing it at school. It gives them the opportunity to sound out different real and nonsense words and feed them to the correct alien!


Feel free to play this with your child at home and test them on their knowledge of all the sounds they have been learning in Y1. Thank you for your continued support


Year One Teachers


This week the Puffins have been learning how to use dictionaries in our English lessons. Today they worked with talk partners to use alphabetical order to find a given list of words in picture dictionaries and then to read the definition for each of the words. The Puffins were amazed to discover that not all of the words were in every different type of dictionary.



This week's update on how our beans are growing.  The beans continue to grow at different rates and some are much taller than others, just like us! The Puffins have made this week's observations and recorded their findings. More of the Puffins have been very happy to take their bean plants home to continue growing them.


A little update on how our beans are growing.  We have had so much success with some of the beans that we have had to send them home to be planted in soil as they have already grown too tall to remain in our plastic cups! There is so much difference in the beans growth and height that we compared them to the Puffins this week. We looked at how the Puffins are all different heights even though some of them are already 6 years old and others still 5 years old. The Puffins found it fascinating that the oldest children weren't necessarily the tallest and the same for shortest not always being the youngest!


Over the last two weeks the Puffins have been drawing and designing their own flowers. Last week they drew their flowers on to black paper. This week they have used different types of beans and seeds e.g. kidney beans, butter beans etc to make their flowers 3D. This links to our Science topic where we are learning all about plants and why they have certain parts. Mrs Orr will be making a beautiful display with them.


Today Puffins have been learning about time in Maths. We made our own clocks on the tables with hoops, rulers and number cards. The Puffins then worked in groups to make the time on their clocks to o'clock and half past. They also found the time one hour later and one hour earlier. The Puffins loved making their own clocks and talking about different things we do at different times during the day.


Today in Maths the Puffins have been exploring measuring. We looked at using a ruler to measure length using centimetres. The Puffins chose a range of items from around the classroom and used their rulers to measure accurately in centimetres. This was a fun practical lesson with the Puffins gaining lots of practical measuring experience!


Today, 9 days after planting our bean seeds we looked to see how they were growing. We found that there were lots of changes, but the bean seeds no longer all looked the same. Some had grown roots and shoots already, some just had roots and others only had a small crack in them but no actual root yet. We talked about the differences  and compared those to how we all grow at different rates too. We cannot wait to check them next week and see how well they are doing.


Today the Puffins went into the hall this morning for a special visit from Mrs Brown, the housekeeper at a Victorian house called Sudbury Manor. She informed the children she had been left alone and had lots of jobs to do before the Master arrived home the following day. The children had a great time helping her to polish silver, light fires, clean the clothes and make the breakfast. They learnt the names of lots of Victorian artefacts and had the opportunity to use some of them. At the end, Mrs Brown said the children had worked so hard that she would let them play in the Nursery with the children's toys. Tomorrow the children will be writing their own recount of their trip to Sudbury Manor ready for a beautiful display. It was a great experience for all the Puffins - a very different life to their own!

A day at Sudbury Manor

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A day at Sudbury Manor

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A day at Sudbury Manor

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A day at Sudbury Manor

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A day at Sudbury Manor

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Puffins started a new topic in Science today 'Plants'. We had a discussion on why plants are important and what they need to grow. We had a look at a book about planting beans and decided that we would plant our own beans and keep a diary to observe how they grow and change. All the Puffins have planted their own bean and we have left them on the windowsill to grow. The Puffins decided this would be the best place as they would get lots of sunlight. The Puffins also completed the first entry in their individual bean diaries. Watch our page for updates on the progress of our class beans. 


Today the Puffins went for a walk outside to look for signs of Spring. They took photos of the trees on iPads and discussed how they have changed since the Winter. Upon returning to the classroom they did observational drawings of the trees from their photos.



Today we had a visit at school from Total Sports. The Puffins participated in a session of Tag Rugby with Coach Scott. The Puffins were extremely enthusiastic and had great fun in trying a range of different Tag Rugby games. The session was enjoyed by all the Puffins who didn't want their turn with Scott to end!

Tag Rugby

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Tag Rugby

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Tag Rugby

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As our 'Fly on the wall' sessions have come to an end we would like to thank all parents that attended and worked alongside their child. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to experience this and we are very grateful for all the lovely comments on the evaluation forms.


Year One Teachers


Puffins have continued with the topic of 'Floating and Sinking' in Science today. The children were given a ball of plasticine in pairs and they had to experiment with ways to make the plasticine float! They enthusiastically worked together to find out how this could be achieved. By the end of the session most of the children had made a boat and successfully floated it.


Thank you to the parents that have visited for your 'fly on the wall' morning, the children love having you here and it is an opportunity to experience how we teach certain methods and resources we use first hand. We are looking forward to welcoming red group parents on Monday 27th and blue group on Tuesday 28th. Following the visits this week, here are some web links you may find useful to use at home with your children: - using coins to make specific amounts - using coins to give change - limited free phonics games with good use of real/nonsense words


Year One Teachers



Today we have been 'Super Scientists', exploring whether different materials would float or sink in a tank of water.  First we made predictions and then we had great fun testing our theories!



In Science today Puffins explored where paper comes from and its many uses. The children then made some Spring paper crafts. Can you guess what they are?


Puffins have been exploring positional language in Maths today. The children used Beebots and programmed them to navigate around maps and through tunnels. They also used the Beebot app on ipads and a Beebot computer program to further explore positional language.



Thank you to all the parents who came to our class assembly yesterday. The children worked very hard to learn the songs, poem and their words. They were very excited throughout the day and did their very best to show off the great learning that has been taking place so far this term. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


The Puffins recorded their own weather forecasts in Geography today.  The children watched a BBC Weather report and discussed various types of weather before going off in groups to record their own weather forecasts. They  loved the experience and who knows, we could see one of them on a news channel in the future!

Puffins Weather Forecast

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Puffins News Channel

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Today's weather forecast presented by Puffin Class


The Puffins all looked marvellous in their World Book Day costumes!

World Book Day Parade

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The Puffins have been learning about 'Weather and Seasons' in Science and Geography. Today they took a walk outside to look for signs of the end of Winter and beginning of Spring. They worked in partners and took photos with their iPads. In our next Science lesson they will do observational drawings from the photos taken today.


The Puffins have been learning about 'materials' during our Science lessons.  Today they investigated which would be the best materials for making an umbrella. The Puffins worked in groups to complete their investigations. They tested a variety of materials with water and recorded their findings.


Continuing with their work on instructions, today the Puffins followed instructions to make a snake sock puppet. They were sticking and placing the snake's features in the correct place. It was lots of fun! Tomorrow they will write instructions of how they made their sock puppets.


The Puffins have been learning about instructions this week. Today they followed instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and were extremely excited to eat them! They had lots of fun spreading, cutting and folding their sandwiches. The following day they wrote up their own instructions to help someone else to make a sandwich.


The Puffins had a wonderful time in the Chinese New Year dance workshop with Darren.


This afternoon the Puffins were sharing resources as they made their ball and cup toys.


The Puffins have been exploring balancing on large and small parts of their body in PE. Today they found different ways to travel on small body parts and how to balance on apparatus with a large body part! We had great fun exploring different balance positions while getting lots of excercise too!


The Puffins have been exploring Toys from the past in History. This week they looked at a variety of toys from the past. They talked about how old they were and what materials they were made from, linking to our current Science topic on Materials. The Puffins then each created a personal time line of toys they have played with throughout their lives!


The Puffins have been busy participating in a variety of Christmas activities this week. We have been measuring elves with cubes and comparing their heights to find out the difference in their height as well as lots of other Maths challenges.


The Puffins have started to prepare the classroom for our Christmas celebrations. They have been busy cutting around their hands to make the leaves of our class handprint Christmas tree and have decorated some colourful baubles. The Christmas tree is now up in the classroom ready for us to start using as our advent calendar.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


The Puffins have been designing their ideal school playground in Geography whilst exploring our school environment. They had some wonderfully creative ideas!


The Puffins have been busy using balance scales today.  We were solving practical weight problems with compare bears.


The Puffins have been busy creating repeating patterns in maths this week. The children used a variety of resources to create different repeating patterns.


The Puffins have been learning to recognise the value of coins this week in maths. On Friday we had a carousel of practical money activities that they could use to handle money and enhance their understanding of the value of money.


The Puffins have been learning about hot and cold colours in art this week. We created fire and snowflake collages using the correct the correct colours.  Mrs Orr created a stunning classroom display.


The Puffins have enjoyed making cress heads.  Please continue to look after them at home and we hope that you enjoy tasting our cress!


This half term Puffins will be learning about the Muslim and Christian creation stories. This week we imagined that we were creators and we used Play-Doh to create the things that would be important to us in our perfect world.  Our ideas included food, water, friends and family.


Today it is our trip to Thorndon Country Park, we are all very excited and looking forward to an action packed day!


We have been building a boat made from twigs and sticks we found in the forest.  We enjoyed learning about habitats, plants, seasons, mini-beasts and we even had time to find the Gruffalo and friends!



We are gardeners!

This half term the Puffins have been learning about plants in their Science lessons. We have planted vegetables and wild plants. This week we separated them into pots because we are hoping that some delicious vegetables will soon grow!



The Puffins have been learning about the Victorians in History.  In our English lessons we got into character as a Victorian child and then we wrote a diary entry.  We tried to empathise with what life would have been like.  We had to think carefully to write in 1st person. 



The Puffins have been learning about Christianity in our RE lessons. This week we read the story of the Prodigal Son and enjoyed making our own characters from the story.  Here are a few of them. If you want to see more look out for our display on the 'Gallery' page!

Picture 1


The Puffins have been working hard to find fractions of a pizza.



This week the Puffins have been learning to write a recount. We used the photos of our Easter break to help us remember the things we did. We tried hard to think of a title, use time words to tell the reader what happened when and to tell the reader how we felt.


The Puffins enjoyed making pop up Easter cards for their families.  Happy Easter everyone!


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