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Puffins (Year 1)

18/01/18 - Home Time

A lovely day has been had by all! The children are all very tired but happy!

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Puffins are very sad to be leaving the museum in the next 10 minutes but have had a great time! Some even said it was the best day of their lives! 

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

Exploring has begun! Lots of fun is being had today! 

18/01/18 - Lunchtime

It’s hungry work learning!

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Puffins have enjoyed playing with old toys and making their own!

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Puffins are enjoying their talk so far and have sorted new and old toys into two piles.

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

We have arrived at the Museum - the train journey was very exciting!  We will keep the page updated throughout the day.


This week in Art the Puffins have been making cup and ball toys.


Firstly, I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all parents/carers who sent in 2L bottles as by Monday we had enough for all of the children to have a bottle each to make their toy.


First we decorated the bottle with small squares of tissue paper to make them colourful and unique. We then carefully attached the ball and string to be able to create our cup and ball toys.


The children really enjoyed making and playing with these toys. Many of them have even been asking to play with their toys, instead of going on the computers during decision time!


We will have the toys up on display for a while to show off the children's fantastic hard work but we will send them home in a few weeks time so your child will get the opportunity to play with them at home also!


In History, we have been compared old toys with new toys. We looked closely at the different materials used to make old toys and compared them to the materials used for toys today. Many of the Puffins realised a lot of the older toys used to be made out of wood. We discussed how this may have been because many old toys were homemade, handcrafted by toymakers instead of produced in a factory and made of strong materials so that they would hopefully last longer as children did not used to have as many toys as what we have today.


We also discussed the important of being grateful, especially when celebrating Christmas last month. We realised we are very lucky to be able to afford a lot more toys today and the children took it in turns to say what they were thankful for this Christmas.


The Puffins were all really excited about bringing in their bears this week for their current topic 'Toys'. In History, we discussed the different materials used to make teddy bears today and what may have been used for bears in the past. In Art, we focused on the texture of these materials. Here is a picture of our fantastic Art display of all of the children's wonderful work.


Our first day back at school was fantastic yesterday! The Puffins came in ready to learn which was really lovely to see. We hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that you didn't have to wake up too early on Christmas day!


Mrs Orr and I would just like to say a huge thank you for all of your wonderful presents and cards. You have truly spoilt us so thank you all so much.




Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Y1 Phonics meetings last week. As promised, here are a list of websites you can use with your child at home and also a glossary of terminology. Thank you for your continued support.



Vowel digraph - two vowels which together make one vowel sound (the first vowel 'talks' whilst the second vowel 'walks') e.g. ai in rain makes the long a sound, oa in coat makes the long o sound

Digraph - two letters that go together to make one sound (mixture of consonants and vowels) e.g. sh in sheep, ow in cow.

Trigraph - three letters that go together to make one sound e.g. igh in light, air in chair.

Split Digraph - a phoneme with a silent e on the end making the vowel say its letter name rather than sound e.g. a-e in cake (the e is silent and the a is a long sound) or o-e in bone.

Blends - sounds which are often seen together but are not digraphs e.g. st in street, tr in train

Sound buttons - a way in which children distinguish between the different types of phonemes within in a word - single sounds are shown with a dot, digraphs and trigraphs with a dash and split digraphs with a smiley.


Last week, we enjoyed another lovely lesson outdoors with the Puffins! In geography, we have been focusing on direction. The children have been learning their left and rights by making L-shapes with their fingers. To link this with Computing, the Puffins have been writing instructions on whiteboards to read to their 'robot' friends to see if they can work out how to reach the treasure by only walking forwards or backwards or turning left or right.


This week, the children had a go at step-by-step programming using the Bee-bots. We learnt that pushing the buttons is called an input and the Bee-bot moving is the output.


Children sat on tables in the background were completing some top secret Christmas concert artwork which looks fabulous!


This week in Science the Puffins went on an Autumn walk, exploring features of Autumn within our school environment. We had lots of interesting discussions about changes in weather and what effects we thought the weather had on plants and trees. The Puffins found lots of brown, red and orange leaves on the ground, as well as pinecones and we even saw a robin! It was a fantastic lesson and the children really enjoyed going outside and exploring the playground.


This week the children have been learning all about Diwali in English, RE and we even had our special visitor Dancing Darren come in to teach us classical Indian and Bollywood dancing.


The children loved learning about Diwali festival celebrations, colouring in Rangoli patterns and learning so many fantastic dance moves.


Here is a picture of our Diwali display.

Picture 1


Last week in Science we learnt all about skeletons. We learnt about the skull, spine, pelvis and femur (thigh bone).


This week in Art the children experimented using white chalk on black card to draw skeletons.


The children loved seeing the skeleton model in the classroom and being able to use this as inspiration for their fantastic art work!

Picture 1


This week in Maths we have been learning about measuring in centimetres. We had to learn important rules like always placing the object we are measuring at the 0cm mark, not just at the end of the ruler! The children all did so well to remember this!


The children completed a carousel of activities including: Measuring games on ICT games, measuring on Mathletics, measuring their feet and hands, measuring their friend's body and measuring different objects around the room.


The children embraced the challenges of using addition to work out the length of an object longer than their 30cm ruler which made for interesting discussions at the end of the lesson.


Below are some pictures of all the fun we had this week in Maths.


This week the Puffins have been learning about Freedom. We wrote acrostic poems about what we would do if there were no rules for a whole day!


The children really enjoyed writing these poems and worked really hard to use their best handwriting for their final drafts for the display.


Here are some pictures of children's work.


Here is a picture of our fantastic Marvellous Me display.


This week, the children went into the Computing room and used a programme called My World 3 to create their own digital self portrait. The children really enjoyed the practical elements of this lesson and it also gave them the opportunity to practise key computing skills like using a mouse and keyboard. All of the children embraced the challenge of typing out their own name which was wonderful to see!


After computing, the children also drew and coloured in their own self portraits to go up onto the display. Again, they really enjoyed this practical activity and had the opportunity to practise their fine motor skills.


Can you spot your child's portrait on the display?

Picture 1


This week, the Puffiins have been very busy completing their first big science investigation. We discussed the five senses: touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.


They had lots of fun exploring their different senses in a very practical science lesson.


Below are some pictures of the activities we completed.


Welcome to the Puffins class page. We will aim to update this page regularly with posts, photographs and videos so you can see how the children have been settling in so far and what they have been learning about in Year 1.


The Puffins have had an excellent first week in school facing new challenges and routines. In maths we have been learning about ordering numbers and in English we have been learning about rhyming stories and punctuation.


Here are some pictures from our first week of school.