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Puffins (Year 1)


This week the children have been learning all about Diwali in English, RE and we even had our special visitor Dancing Darren come in to teach us classical Indian and Bollywood dancing.


The children loved learning about Diwali festival celebrations, colouring in Rangoli patterns and learning so many fantastic dance moves.


Here is a picture of our Diwali display.

Picture 1


Last week in Science we learnt all about skeletons. We learnt about the skull, spine, pelvis and femur (thigh bone).


This week in Art the children experimented using white chalk on black card to draw skeletons.


The children loved seeing the skeleton model in the classroom and being able to use this as inspiration for their fantastic art work!

Picture 1


This week in Maths we have been learning about measuring in centimetres. We had to learn important rules like always placing the object we are measuring at the 0cm mark, not just at the end of the ruler! The children all did so well to remember this!


The children completed a carousel of activities including: Measuring games on ICT games, measuring on Mathletics, measuring their feet and hands, measuring their friend's body and measuring different objects around the room.


The children embraced the challenges of using addition to work out the length of an object longer than their 30cm ruler which made for interesting discussions at the end of the lesson.


Below are some pictures of all the fun we had this week in Maths.


This week the Puffins have been learning about Freedom. We wrote acrostic poems about what we would do if there were no rules for a whole day!


The children really enjoyed writing these poems and worked really hard to use their best handwriting for their final drafts for the display.


Here are some pictures of children's work.


Here is a picture of our fantastic Marvellous Me display.


This week, the children went into the Computing room and used a programme called My World 3 to create their own digital self portrait. The children really enjoyed the practical elements of this lesson and it also gave them the opportunity to practise key computing skills like using a mouse and keyboard. All of the children embraced the challenge of typing out their own name which was wonderful to see!


After computing, the children also drew and coloured in their own self portraits to go up onto the display. Again, they really enjoyed this practical activity and had the opportunity to practise their fine motor skills.


Can you spot your child's portrait on the display?

Picture 1


This week, the Puffiins have been very busy completing their first big science investigation. We discussed the five senses: touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.


They had lots of fun exploring their different senses in a very practical science lesson.


Below are some pictures of the activities we completed.


Welcome to the Puffins class page. We will aim to update this page regularly with posts, photographs and videos so you can see how the children have been settling in so far and what they have been learning about in Year 1.


The Puffins have had an excellent first week in school facing new challenges and routines. In maths we have been learning about ordering numbers and in English we have been learning about rhyming stories and punctuation.


Here are some pictures from our first week of school.