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Robins (Y2)

10/01/19 - Handwriting 

We have begun to join our handwriting during our handwriting lessons and we will soon begin to join in our workbooks in the upcoming weeks. To help support your child with their handwriting please encourage them to practise at home. To ensure that there is consistency please ensure that your child follows our 'Handwriting Police' rules: 


1. Never join from capital letters

2. Never join from: g, p, j, y, q, b, x, s, or to z

3. Think before you take your pencil off of the paper! 


Thank you for your continued support! 

Y2 Staff 

06/12/18 - A Midwife Crisis!

Today was the last of the KS1 concerts to parents!  Wow, what a fabulous concert it was!  Everyone should be really proud of themselves for learning their words, songs, dances and stage directions!  Thank you to all of the parents for your support. We hope that you enjoyed it.

Miss Hitchcock and Mrs Wallen

03/12/18 - Homework Links

Apologies if your homework links are not working.  I tested them before we sent the Parent Mail and they are working in school.  It may be that you need to use a different browser (Google Chrome) or update your flash player. If not please do not worry, there will be opportunities for them to use these games in school.


Miss Hitchcock 

27/11/18 - Electricity!

As part of our topic work we have been learning about electricity.  Miss Hitchcock gave us all wires, a bulb and a battery box without any explanation!  She asked us to work out what it was for.  Two children solved the problem without needing any help! 

Once we had had a go we discussed electricity and what we need to make a complete circuit.  We are going to continue thinking about light sources in our topic lessons. 

12/11/18 - Maths

This week we have introduced the multiplication method.  Parents who attended the meetings will be familiar with this method. You can find it in your pack or on the Calculations Policy in the Parents - Useful Information section. 


08/11/18 - Diwali Dancing

Thank you to Darren for a great Diwali session!

06/11/18 - Reminders

Tomorrow there is a meeting for Y2 parents.  Please sign up to attend a session via Survey Monkey.  

We hope to see you there as we feel it will be a really beneficial session for ideas when supporting your child at home in English and maths. 


Next week are our class assemblies to parents, please check the dates section to find your class.


See you all soon!

Y2 Staff 

05/11/18 - Remembrance Day 

This week we are learning about Remembrance Day.  In art we created a sunset wash using orange, yellow and red paint.  Once they had dried we used aeroplane, soldier and poppy memorial templates to create silhouettes.  We wanted our silhouette art to remind us to remember all of the victims of all wars since World War One.  This year it is 100 years since WWI ended and we have created a display outside our classroom. 

02/11/18 - Reading Eggs and Mathletics

Every Friday we check to see whose photo needs to be posted on our school Mathletics and Reading Eggs display.  Unfortunately, this is the first week that there have been no certificates in our class.  This is a really worthwhile resource that we buy into as a school, so please continue to support your child to use these apps at home.  

Thanks in advance for your support.

01/11/18 - Computing 

This half term we will be teaching the children to use coding.  We use a programme called 'ScratchJr'.  This is a free app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.  If you wish to introduce this to your child at home, that would be great.  Please do not worry if you do not have access as we will be using it a lot in school.

See below for a photo of the correct app. 

Please note: The internet browser version is very different and we will not be using this one in school. 


Picture 1

1/11/18 - Topic Display

We have a new display in our classroom, to support our learning within our topic area each half term.  Each week we will aim to answer a different question.  'How do we stay safe during fireworks?' was our question for this week! 

Have a look under key information, curriculum, to see the whole topic overview. 


Picture 1

31/10/18 - Instructional Writing

This week in English we have been following and writing instructions.  We have been recognising imperative verbs for example: cut, put, draw.

We followed instructions to create moving pictures.


29/10/18 - A splash of colour!

This half term our topic is 'A splash of colour!' 

Today we started our topic by designing and making firework biscuits.  We thoroughly enjoyed eating them! 

19/10/18 - Half Term!

What a fantastic first half term.  Well done to all of you for settling into Y2 so well.  Have a wonderful and restful half term break so that you are refreshed and ready for another busy half term!

Thank you to parents for your support this half term,

Miss Hitchcock and Mrs Wallen 

17/10/18 - Reading

Just a reminder that in Y2 we are focusing on the children's understanding of the text that they are reading, not just their fluency.  Please continue to use the bookmarks provided, to ask your child questions about the book.  If they are bringing chapter books home, they can keep these for more than one day which will allow you to discuss the text in more detail. 

Thank you for your continued support

Y2 Staff

16/10/18 - Final Swimming Session

Today was our last swim until the weather improves again.  We have learned so many new skills.  Thank you to the parents who have given up their time each week, without you swimming would not have been possible! 
Some of us received certificates for our achievements. 

10/10/18 - Handwriting Star

Remember to keep practising your handwriting.  Each week I will be choosing a handwriting star to keep the trophy on their table!  In November we will begin to join our letters, so remember to start all letters from the top (except for e and d) and to put a flick on every letter!

Miss Hitchcock

05/10/18 - National Poetry Week

This week we have enjoyed reading, performing and writing poetry.  We hope you enjoy watching these short clips. 



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

05/10/18 - Mathletics and Reading Eggs Meetings

Thank you to those of you who attended the refresher meetings.  If you were unable to attend and would like a copy of the information sheets, please put a note in your child's yellow diary. 

Just a reminder, on our school website under Parents Information, Useful Information, there is our school Calculation Policy.  Please refer to this when supporting your child at home.

Thank you for your continued support

Y2 Staff 

01/10/18 - Fruit Trees

This afternoon we peeled and chopped fruit to design our own trees.  We thought carefully about food hygiene and knife safety.  Well done everyone for sharing so nicely and working as a team! We even enjoyed tasting them.


28/09/18 - Maths 

In maths this week we have been measuring lengths in centimetres.  We have used the skills that we learned to make a teddy bear.  Some of us found our scissor control tricky so please keep cutting at home.


28/09/18 - Mental Maths Quiz

Each Friday we will complete a maths quiz.  The children will come home with their quiz paper and an answer sheet. These do not need to be returned as we keep a record of their weekly score.  They will have marked their own and have indicated in pink when they are correct, and green when they have made a mistake.  I would be grateful if you would go through these questions at home with them.

Thanks in advance

Miss Hitchcock 

27/09/18 - Science

We have continued to be Woodland Warriors and went outside to collect leaves.  We brought them back into the classroom and completed our leaf rubbings, we then labelled the parts of a leaf.  Try collecting some leaves at home and creating some art work! 


26/09/18 - Spelling Quiz

This Friday our quiz will consist of all 10 words given so far this year, so please keep learning your spellings at home.

Many thanks,

Y2 Staff

21/09/18 - Jeans for Genes Day

Thank you for supporting Jeans for Genes Day 2018! 

21/09/18 - Parent Consultations 

Your child's letter will have been sent home in their book bag today.  Appointments are allocated on a first come, first serve, basis so please return as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance

Y2 Staff 

20/09/18 - Recycling

Within our topic, Woodland Warriors, we have learning about the importance of recycling.  Tonight, in your child's book bag, there will be an extra homework to support our learning.  Please support your child to complete the pictogram and return it to school next week.  In the meantime we will be completing some work for our wonderful display.  The leaves and berries of this tree have been made using recycled bottle tops.

Picture 1

20/09/18 - Jeans for Genes Day

Tomorrow we are wearing non uniform to include something denim, in support of Jeans for Genes Day.  This could be jeans, a denim dress, denim shorts or a jacket.  There is an optional donation, if you wish to donate please send money into school in a named and labelled envelope.   

Thanks in advance

Y2 Staff

17/09/18 - Science

In Science we identified the types of tree that can be found in our school grounds.

17/09/18 - Extra Homework!

Please count in 2s, 5s, 10s forwards and backwards to 100.  This is a really important skill that will help you with your maths.

12/09/18 - Computing

In Computing we took photos of trees and we edited them using the different functions on the Ipad.  We are photographers!

10/09/18 - Woodland Warriors

This half term our topic is Woodland Warriors.  We will be thinking about trees and our environment.  In Art we sketched the trees that are in our school grounds.

07/09/18 - Welcome back!

Welcome back to school.  We have had a great first week settling into Y2.  Thank you to those children who have completed a holiday diary.  Throughout the next few weeks we will enjoy sharing them as a class, you will then receive your certificates.  .