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Robins (Year 2) 2016-17

23/06/17 - Y2 Trip to Mersea Island

We have arrived safely at Cudmore Grove, Mersea Island and are very excited to start our 'Day at the Seaside' activities.

We have had a safety briefing and our first activity is looking for shells on the beach.

Lunch followed by habitat hunting with the Owls.

Champion habitat hunter!



22/06/17 - Sponsorship Money! 

Congratulations to these children who raised £5, or more, for a blue wrist band and £15, or more, to receive a red wrist band.  Thank you adults for your support!

Picture 1


Robins carefully thought about hygiene when cooking.  We designed healthy sandwiches and made them following our designs carefully.

09/06/17 - A visit to the church!

We had a great morning at the church learning lots about Christianity and what the various parts of the church represent and are used for. We all had a chance to ring the bell, we wondered if you could hear us!

26/05/17 - An energetic end to the half term! 

The Robins thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Dominic King, an Olympic race walker! We enjoyed press ups, star jumps and lots more! 

19/05/17 - Walk to School Week

Well done to these children who have made an effort to walk to school this week.  Please keep bringing your forms back to get your badge!

Picture 1

18/05/17 - End of SATs

We are so pleased to tell you that we have reached the end of the SATs. The children have worked so hard and we are proud of all of their achievements. You will receive the relevant information in your child's end of year report. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support. 

Year 2 Staff

17/05/17 - History

In history we have been learning about lots of famous people and the events that made them famous.  This week we learnt about Louis Braille and we enjoyed looking at some Braille writing. We also wrote our names and a message in Braille.

15/05/17 - Capacity

The children worked hard in Maths to find the capacity of various containers.  They had to count in various scales.  Please continue to practise counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s at home.  If you have the opportunity to talk about capacity with your child, using a measuring jug when cooking, that would be great!  Thank you for your continued support!

08/05/17 - Partitioning

Today in Maths we have been trying hard to partition numbers in different ways.  Using a systematic approach to move a ten to the other side, each time.  This will be your homework this week so it would be great if you can practise at home!  Thanks in advance, Miss Hitchcock

Picture 1


The Robins have been working hard to find equivalent fractions, we know that this means that these fractions are the same.  Please continue to support your child at home by using Mathletics.

26/04/17 - Wassily Kandinsky

This half term we will be learning about many different artists who used abstract styles and bright colours.  The first of these artists is Wassily Kandinsky.


We will also be learning about Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian and Picasso.


At home you may be able to find out some information about these artists, by visiting your local library or by asking an adult to help you use the internet.

31/03/17 - A lovely end to the term!

We enjoyed a Music Concert, with some special guests from the Juniors.  Thank you to all of the year 2 children that played - what talent!


We thank you all for your support this term and wish you an enjoyable and safe Easter break.


Best wishes,

Year 2 Staff


The Robins enjoyed a Cricket session with Total Sportz. 


In RE we have been learning about Easter. We made Spring biscuits in our cooking lessons.  We used icing, marshmallows and black icing.


This week in maths we will be learning about data handling.  Today we used a tally chart to find out which months our birthdays are in.. Later in the week we will be thinking about block graphs.


This week the Robins will be reciting poetry.  The children will be bringing this poem home with them so please encourage them to perform it to you, we thought carefully about including actions.

24/03/17 - Red Nose Day

Today we have been learning about the facts behind Red Nose Day.  We read a piece of text which gave us lots of information, and then we answered some questions about what we had learnt.  Well done to Sophie, Maya and Teeya for trying really hard to answer in full sentences.


The Robins have enjoyed tasting hot cross buns today.  We read the Easter story and found out the meaning behind lots of Easter traditions.  To see how much they have learnt, ask your child:

1. Why do hot cross buns have a cross on them?

2. Why do hot cross buns have spices in them?

3. What do Easter eggs represent?



Thank you to Claudia for sharing her home research.  Some great facts about Florence Nightingale!

Picture 1

10/03/17 - Class Assemblies

In your child's book bag tonight there will be a copy of a poem that we are going to recite for you, in our class assembly.  We would be grateful if you could spend some time this weekend, helping your child to learn the poem.


Robins' assembly - Monday 27th March 2.45pm


Thanks in advance,

Year 2 Staff


We have been artists this week, drawing portraits of Florence Nightingale using charcoal pencils.  If your child has the opportunity to visit the Library or use the internet in the coming weeks, we would be interested in any research that they have written about Florence Nightingale.   This links with both our Computing and History topics.  We look forward to sharing some of our research during story time.

Thanks in advance

Miss Hitchcock


We thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day and we all looked fantastic in our costumes, thank you!  Please keep an eye out for information regarding whole class photographs but for now here are some of us working hard, writing a review of our favourite books. 


Thank you to everyone who was able to spend the morning in school working alongside their child.  We hope that you found these visits useful and we thank you for your positive feedback.  Please take the time to look at the updated Calculations Policy which is in the Key Information, Policies, section of this website.  This builds on some of the methods that you saw the children using in class and we hope that this will be a useful tool when supporting your child with homework.

Thanks for your continued support, Year 2 Staff


The Robins thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Florence Nightingale today.  We look forward to learning lots more about her in our History lessons this half term.


We are so excited for our trip today to see the Great Fire of London exhibition at the Museum of London.  We will keep this page updated throughout the day!


The Robins enjoyed finding fractions of shapes today. We were thinking about halves, quarters and thirds. We used 1/2, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 1/3 and 2/3.


The Robins have enjoyed writing an account of the events that occurred during The Great Fire of London. We imagined that we were in the bakery in Pudding Lane where the fire first started. We tried hard to use descriptive phrases; "my heart was pounding, I reluctantly scrambled onto the roof"


The Robins are pleased with the results of our germ experiment!  We will all be sure to wash our hands in future, especially before preparing food.

Picture 1


The Robins are enjoying a messy afternoon in D&T. Last week we designed a pop up Christmas card and today we have been using our plans to carefully make them.


We thoroughly enjoyed our Diwali dance workshop this morning - here are the Robin's boys showing off their moves!


Still image for this video


The Robins have had a great time cooking this afternoon.  We thought about food safety, washing our hands, tying our hair back, wearing an apron and holding our knives safely.  We then worked carefully peeling, chopping and positioning our fruit to make a 'fruit tree'.  We hope you enjoy eating them!


The Robins are making the most of the weather during our Art lesson. We made careful observational sketches of trees and leaves.

Welcome to the new school year!


Here are the videos of two of our very talented Robins from our music assembly this morning.

Music Assembly

Still image for this video

Music Assembly

Still image for this video


We have been learning how to make Terrific Tuna Tarts today!


We have had a very exciting morning taking part in a Maths challenge game!


We were very impressed with Rajan today - he brought in a Dhol from home (an Indian drum) and gave us a concert - he is so talented!


Still image for this video


Today we visited our local church as part of our RE topic for this half term.


We had a fun afternoon making sandwiches as part of food technology - we even got to eat them!

Half Term Maths Activities


Please use the links below to practise your Maths over the half term holiday.


Bang on Time


Comparison of Amounts of Money


Reading a Thermometer




Enjoy your break and we look forward to seeing you after half term.



Robins class learning about Pablo Picasso.  They tried to draw their friend using the style of cubism.


Rajan showed the Robins how to put on a turban.


The Robins are writing letters to the Queen and drawing her portrait on her 90th birthday.

Class Timetable