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Robins (Year 2)

07/02/18 - Fire-fighters

Thank you to Hornchurch fire station for visiting us as part of our Great Fire of London topic.  This week we are doing some follow up work, thinking about their equipment and fire safety. 

We are hoping that they may be able to return later in the year.


06/02/18 - Safer Internet Day

We have been thinking about safety online.  We explored some of the website.  We then discussed how we could make the internet a safer place and we recorded our ideas.  Your child will be bringing theirs home to show you so please discuss this together.  There are lots of resources to explore on the website, if you have access.

06/02/18 - Journalists

We have been using the Computer Suite to type our articles.  Whilst waiting for your Parents Evening appointment, please have a look in your child's tray and on our displays, to see the articles.

05/02/18 - The end of our Great Fire of London topic

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London and this week we are using all of the facts that we have learnt to write a news report.  In English we are planning our report, and in Computing we will be typing them up.

02/02/18 - Friendship skills

We have been thinking carefully about our friendship skills.  We have discussed the importance of thinking before we speak and thinking before we act.  We also thought about the times when it is important to speak to an adult and the times when we just need to remember our friendship skills.  Please talk to your child about this at home to reinforce these skills.

Thanks in advance

Miss Hitchcock

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01/02/18 - Websites to use at home

This week in SPAG sessions we have been thinking about the past tense.  We used this website in class:


In Maths we have been using money and we used this website in class:


If you have access to the internet, please encourage your child to use these at home.

Thanks in advance

31/01/18 - Parents Visits

Thank you to all of the parents who spent the morning in class.  We hope that you found the experience useful and we are grateful for your positive feedback. 
I am sure that you enjoyed the opportunity to dance with us during 5 a day and I am pleased to announce that it was a draw, a great effort was given by all adults!

Thanks again,

Miss Hitchcock


We are on our way home and feeling exhausted! What a fantastic day we have had!


Our amazing capital city hosted the Olympics in 2012.  Here we are with the cauldron!

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We are archaeologists sorting the bones into the correct category to find out secrets about London's history!


Acting out the story.

Samuel Pepys :-)
Picture 1
Mr Pepys writing and reading his diary.
Picture 1
Escaping the fire on a boat on the Thames.
Picture 1
The Duke of York helping to solve the problem of putting out the fire with the help of the military men.
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Picture 2
Using the fire hook to pull the houses down.
Picture 1
Rebuilding London
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King Charles II has asked us to be detectives...


Ready for our Great Fire of London workshop!

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23/01/18 - Time for lunch!


We have found a fire hook, Samuel Pepys diary, a fire engine, Thomas Farynor's oven and lots more! Soon it will be lunchtime and then we will be exploring artefacts ourselves.

23/01/18 - Museum of London

We are on our way to the Museum and are very excited to spend the day learning all about the Great Fire of London!

01/11/17 - Fractions

In maths this week we have been finding 1/2 and 1/4 of 2D shapes.  We also found 1/2 of amounts to 30.  We used some websites to support our learning, which you may wish to use, if you have access to the internet at home.


18/10/17 - Pointillism

In Art we drew a tree, rainbow, fish or a flower and then we painted using cotton buds.  This is a style called Pointillism which was founded by an artist called George Seurat. 

18/10/17 - Writing

This half term we have enjoyed writing for lots of different purposes.  A recount about our Summer holiday, a postcard from a rural town, a diary entry in the life of a character from our Black History Month work and a poem for National Poetry Day. We are currently writing leaflets advertising London so watch this space!



17/10/17 - Computing - We are Photographers!

In our computing lessons we have been learning how to use a camera.  We thought about having a steady focus, good lighting and a careful frame to ensure that we didn't cut anything out of our photo.  Once we had taken photos of trees in our school grounds, using the iPads, we then edited them using the crop, lighting and filter settings.  We each chose our favourite edited photo, to show the class.

13/10/17 - Diwali Dance Workshop

We enjoyed learning about Diwali and we learned a dance routine with Darren.  Our style of dance was called Bollywood. 

Diwali Dancing

Still image for this video

10/10/17 - Extra Homework!

This week in maths we have been learning to use the magic line to find the difference between two numbers.  In order to do this your child must be able to count in 10s starting from any number.  For example; 9, 19, 29, 39, 49... 

Please support your child with this at home.  If they are finding it tricky, use the 100 square to see the pattern.


Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Hitchcock

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09/10/17 - Fruit Trees

In our cooking lesson we thought carefully about being hygienic when handling food.  We then discussed healthy eating and use fruit to design a tree, as we have been learning about trees this half term.  We encouraged the children to independently peel and chop the fruit. 

02/10/17 - ESafety

This week we have been thinking carefully about using computers safely and keeping our personal information private.  All of the children have signed this document to agree with the rules for using a computer or an Ipad within our classroom.

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28/09/17 - National Poetry Day

This year the theme for poetry day was 'Freedom'.  We thought carefully about things that are free and how we feel when we are free.  We then used similes within our poems.  Please have a look at our displays when you visit for parents evening!

29/09/17 - Number bonds

In our maths lessons we have been using number fans to find the missing number bonds to 10 and 20. 

26/09/17 - Reading Eggs and Mathletics

During our swimming sessions the children have enjoyed the opportunity to use Mathletics and Reading Eggs to support their learning.  If you have access to a computer or tablet at home, please support your child in logging in and out of these apps so that they become increasingly independent learners.  Watch this space as, in school, we will be celebrating the achievements of the children who use these apps regularly. 

20/09/17 - Summer Holiday Diaries

Welcome back after what seems like a fantastic Summer break!  From the holiday diaries and stories that the children have shared, it looks as though a wonderful time was had by all.  The children who returned their diaries were excited to receive their certificates.  Thank you for your support in completing these diaries, as well as the reading challenge.  We look forward to a visit from our local librarian in October.

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