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Sparrows (Reception) 2016-17


Today we are off to Tropical Wings on our first school trip and we are so excited!  We will be updating this page with photos throughout the day!  We have just had our Discovery Talk and we were able to meet (and stroke if we wanted!) a giant Cockroach and a Bearded Dragon!


The Sparrows are on their fourth week of swimming lessons now and lots of fun is being had by all! A huge thank you to our parent helpers for their assistance - let's hope the sunshine sticks around now for the rest of the term!


We had a very lovely surprise visitor on Thursday, the wonderful Mrs Ratcliff came back to say hello and true to her word, she came back on pizza day! Everyone from staff to children were so pleased to see her.


Yesterday The Sparrows, alongside The Wrens and Wagtails took part in the annual Ardleigh Green Dog Show! We had entries from every child, with some very lovely entries into the 'Unique' Category too. We even had a Sparrows  straight win in the Medium Size Dog competition! Thank you to the School Parliament for judging for us and well done to everyone who took part.



This week's homework sheet is below.  It is the same exercise as last week.


In your child's bag we've  sent home a sheet called 'My Easter Holiday Snapshots'.  Using the headings on the sheet please could you take photos and stick them into the boxes.  Then could you glue the completed sheet into your child's Special Moments book ready for them to share in class with an adult during the first week back.

M​any thanks 

YR Teachers

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The phonics homework this week is a mixture of some of the digraphs your children have learnt.
The challenge is to count the phonemes (sounds) you can hear and write the numbers underneath.

Remind your child this  is the sounds you can hear not the number of letters you see.



This week in class we have been working on  words containing the ow sound. Here is a completed homework sheet to help support your child. Pleases make sure you encourage your child to sound each one out before writing in the boxes.

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We thought it would be a good idea to include a completed phonics homework sheet each week on our class page. Some of the pictures are a little ambiguous so we hope this may help. Please make sure you encourage your child to sound out each picture before they attempt to complete the sheet. Many thanks for your continued support

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The Sparrows have a very welcome addition to the classroom, a wonderful Barbie house kindly donated by the Stuart family! On behalf of the Sparrows (and the Wrens and Wagtails as we will be sharing), we would like to say a big thank you! - Mrs Silk had a bit too much fun setting it up as well - deciding where to put the chairs and tables was quite tricky!


On Thursday Reception also had a special visitor called Margaret Bateson-Hill who read the book she authored called 'Five Little Ducks'. We were very lucky to listen to such a great story, and some of us even got to ask her some questions, all through Skype!


The Sparrows welcomed World Book Day in style! A very big 'well done' to everyone our children who went above and beyond with their costumes, some fantastic ideas! 

World Book Day Parade

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Sparrows have been working on both number bonds of 10 and also looking at taking away too! We found our number strings helped us with both adding and taking away, we even started to record our own sums too!


The Sparrows said goodbye to Mrs Ratcliff today - a very sad day :(

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The Sparrows had a major boogie on down for their Christmas Party- inclusive of a Sparrow Family 'Dab'!


The Sparrows loved Christmas jumpers day - we even had a few twins in the class!  We got to go and visit Father Christmas in his Grotto and show him our lovely jumpers too!


The Sparrows have been practising their golden reading skills!


w/e 27/05/16


Our favourite part of this week was trying some of the exotic fruit found in our class book "Handa's Surprise" by Eileen Brown.  We surprised ourselves by trying some fruit that we had never heard of and we thought that we didn't like! We all felt, smelt and licked the fruit that came round and Mrs Rhobat and Mrs Deare were very impressed and proud that we were all so willing to try something new. We tried guava, avacado, banana, orange, tangerines, passion fruit, mango and  pineapple. The most popular new fruits that we tried were passion fruit and pineapple. We have all promised to be better at trying to taste new things because a lot of the time we found out we liked the new thing that we tried!​


We have also been practicing making healthy choices! We found it was easy to decide that too much cake, chocolate and sweets were not good for our bodies but debated whether pasta, burgers and bread were healthy or unhealthy. Perhaps when you visit the supermarket next you could challenge us to find five healthy foods and five unhealthy foods?! 


In Maths we have been practising adding numbers to twenty, writing numbers to twenty and sharing raisins between friends. We would love to show you what we have been practising over half term!

w/e 23/03/16


We have had a very busy and tiring half term! We have had a Mother’s Day assembly to prepare, a Sport’s Relief mile to walk and lots of Easter Preparations! As well as all the things listed above, Mrs Rhobat and Mrs Deare are particularly proud and impressed that we have learnt to do the following things:


  • We have learnt to organise and play games more cooperatively and independently.
  • We have started to become jigsaw puzzle experts.
  • We have been very busy trying to improve our fine motor skills by sewing and making things in our junk modelling area - we could always do with donations of junk to help us especially as after Easter we are going to try and build houses out of junk! All junk and cardboard will be well received but please don’t send in plastic trays which have had meat in, egg boxes or toilet rolls etc.