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Wagtails (YR)


I'm not sure where the Wagtails had disappeared to this morning because we had a class full of superheroes who were working very hard. Do you recognise anyone?


Just a quick thank you to all the parents that were able to attend either of the two maths meetings held this week. We appreciate your time to get to know what Maths looks like in Early Years and the goals for the end of the year.


We do understand that not all parent were able to make it, so please find below a link to the Power Point presentation shown during the meeting. Your child will also receive a pack in their book back on Friday if you didn't get to pick your one up.


Many Thanks


This week in maths we are focusing on measure. The children are working on comparative language such as longer , shorter,taller, smaller and bigger. We have ordered many items such as children, pencils, teddy bears, buttons, towers of multi link cubes and strips of paper. You could try this at home  using household items such as shampoo bottles or plastic containers. Take a photo , stick it inside your Special Moments book and we can share your ideas in school. The children have also been measuring classroom items using pasta , paperclips, lolly sticks and cotton wool buds, again you could try this at home and take photos to share in school.


Today in PE we all attended a superheroes training camp. We were using our superpowers to balance high up on tall buildings. It was really tricky and lots of us fell off quite a few times. frown

We also worked on flying around the hall thinking about using our laser eyes to find spaces and not bump into other superheroes. We then talked about all the changes in our bodies that happened during exercise. The children quickly noticed their heart was beating faster and that they were out of breath and feeling tired.


We having been working hard with number too this week developing our addition skills and ordering numbers like superheroes.


This half term our theme is superheroes. Activities this week involved dressing up and role playing scenarios. During one encounter Spiderman successfully rescued Little Bo Peep, a dalmation, the queen and a couple of princesses. We have also designed our own characters and talked about the different superpowers they could have. Our Duplo made a good resource to make our very own superhero land from.


Today the Wagtails began growing an Amaryllis. We were really impressed with the children's knowledge. During discussion time the children suggested that it would need , water or rain, sun and mud to grow. Also it should  be placed by a window so the sun could shine on it. Well done Wagtails. The Amaryllis was a present to the Wagtails from one of our previous teachers Mrs Ward. Im hoping the we all have green fingers .


Welcome back everyone and a ' Happy New Year ' to you all. We hope you had a lovely Christmas break and were able to recharge those batteries. The children were all very excited to share their news this morning. Don't forget to stick any photos into your 'Special Monments Books' as we'd love to see what everyone got up to.

We just want to say thank you so much for all your gifts and cards. Miss Ansell, Mrs Whybrow, Miss Cheeseman and myself were overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity. We are very lucky to teach such lovely children  and have you all as their parent.smiley


Today the wonderful Wagtails worked hard and partied hard. This morning we complete work on the Christmas story this afternoon we were 'Rocking Around The Christmas Tree' at our Christmas party.


Christmas festivities continue today we are eating our Christmas dinner and wearing our Christmas jumpers. Many thanks to everyone who made it a very special day, especially the canteen staff who prepared and cooked everything. The children, TAs and teaching staff all sang along to our favourite Christmas songs while munching our lunch.


Returning to normality this morning we were using the Numicon to make our number bonds to 10 and then writing down the addition pairs. This afternoon we had a special visit from Mr Custard, it was very exciting and the Wagtails got to scream, shout and cheer lots. Perhaps a few friends went home from school with sore throats.


So very proud of our Wagtails today. Two amazing concert preformances, well done to everyone. All our hard work really did pay off, thank you also for supporting your children to learn their lines and all the words to the songs.  I think a few children may have gone home with the wrong clothing and I have a couple of vests that were left behind. Could you just check for me and return anything asap. Many thanks. Just a quick reminder that it is Christmas jumper day on Friday.


The children have made a beautiful Advent Calendar. We used the children’s hand prints to make the leaves and each child coloured a bauble for the tree. The baubles are numbered with the days of the week and each day different children receive a Candy Cane to take home. I have also posted the recipe for the salt dough stars just in case you wanted to make some decorations at home.


Its really great to be back and I've missed my little Wagtails lots. Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes.

The Wagtails have continued to work very hard during my absence. In phonics we have now completed all our initial sounds and have covered ch, sh and th. There will be no more homework until after the Christmas break. Please could you keep working on letter formation and practising the sounds so the children will be ready to begin work on digraphs after the holiday.

Christmas is well under way in the Wagtails and our first Christmas in school  is a very exciting time as you can imagine. Miss Ansell, Miss Cheeseman, Mrs Whybrow and myself are really enjoying hearing  about the naughty elves you all have at home. We too have a mischchievous little elf in the classroom, last night he had fun with the glitter. Today we have been making salt dough stars for our Christmas trees.


Unfortunately Miss Jones is still feeling very poorly and will not be in for the rest of the week. Please join us in wishing her better and hope she makes a speedy recovery soon!


It was a very exciting day for the Wagtails as today we were about to experience our first AGI toy sale to raise money for Children in Need. Thank you so much for all your contributions which made the day very successful. Todays theme was Children in Need , we watched video clips to support the children's understanding and then we linked the theme to our focus book, Aliens Love Underpants and designed pants for Pudsey Bear. We did a great job - Pudsey's undies were amazing!


Here are some more versions of our Aliens Love Underpants puppet show. We are also becomming experts at making repeated patterns, take a look. We enjoyed completing Seal Six counting activities too.


This week's story focus is Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. The children are really enjoying the activities and find the underpants theme hilarious. We have used stick puppets to act out the story. We have had aliens visit our classroom and Earthlings ask them questions. Our polystyrene ball planets are turning out very well and we have enjoyed painting and designing them.


We finished off the week designing our own rockets by drawing around 2D flat shapes. This was tricky but we tried hard to hold the shapes very still. We enjoyed following instructions and matching the words to the correct colours when colouring  a 2D shape  rocket sheet. During child initiated sessions some children created their own Mehndi hands using brown mark making equipment to represent the henna that would be used.

07/11/18 - Diwali Dancing

Today we had a special visitor , Dancing Darren came to help us celebrate Diwali. We began the morning with an assembly Darren told us the story of Rama and Sita and explained that we would be learning a traditional Indian dance. Here are some photos of our workshop , we all tried really hard to learn the tricky moves and had lots of fun along the way. smiley


This week in the Wagtails we have been learning about Diwali and Fireworks.

In Literacy we have been writing about Rama and Sita, in Maths we have been learning about 2D or flat shapes. We have also been practising writing our numbers independently. We used the paints and glitter to create beautiful sparkly exploding Firework pictures. 



We cannot believe the first half term is nearly over, how the time has flown. We are so proud of the new Wagtails, they have come such a long way in a very short time. Everyone has settled into school life very well and have overcome lots of new challenges. The children have got to grips with so many new routines. Well done Wagtails.


Here are some of the learning adventures we have all shared together so far.