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Woodpeckers (Year 1) 2016-17


And so the end is near...


It has been a lovely year in the Woodpeckers and we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching all of your wonderful children. Each and every one of them has grown in confidence and ability and have made us all very  proud of their achievements. We feel very privileged to have been part of their learning journey - they are the reason we do this job. 


We would all like to thank you so much for your kind words, lovely cards and amazing gifts - we were truly overwhelmed with your kindness. 


Wishing you all a lovely Summer. 


Mrs Hoffman, Mrs Foulser and Mrs Martin 


This morning Woodpeckers were Oompa-Loompas on a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed adventure.  Following on from our storytime read this half term of this fun Roald Dahl book, children have had the chance to design and make sweets for Willy Wonka himself.  Look out for their top secret designs, peppermint creams and customised chocolate cups coming home with them tonight!


The Woodpeckers have arrived and are ready and excited to begin our trip to Thorndon Country Park!  Our first activity is Plant Detectives!  At 9:30am we had our first request for lunch!

It took 43 children to measure the height of a tree!



This term Year One have been looking at the artist Henri Rousseau and his painting "Tiger in a Tropical Storm".

We have recreated the picture in Art and have also spent time in the computer suite creating our own jungle pictures.


Today we had the opportunity to take part in a cheerleading session. We had great fun trying out some new moves!


The children have defied the heat today and enjoyed their RE work on the Christian story of Creation.  First they used playdough to create their own model of things needed in a 'perfect world' with fantastic creations of: food, beds, shelter, family, the sun for happy days and animals for company!  We then created our own 7 day Creation Wheels to map out the sequence of God's work.


Woodpeckers Christian Creation Project


The Woodpeckers are having a great time at the school disco!

24/05/17 - Mason's Masterpiece! 

Mason created a beautiful summer picture on the computer which reflects our current weather.  Let's hope it continues! 

Picture 1


Today the Woodpeckers were busy having an Art afternoon. As a treat for the end of term we made cornflour slime - the children loved it! (please see the instructions attached so you can make it at home).


Playing with the slime allowed the children to handle different textures, improve their fine-motor skills and also enabled them to develop their use of language as they described what it felt like.


What fun we all had!



This week we have been assessing the progress of the children. Today we completed a reading quiz which assessed our comprehension skills. The children worked very hard!


Just a reminder of the website link to a real/nonsense word game on Phonics play. The children are all aware of this game and enjoy playing it at school. It gives them the opportunity to sound out different real and nonsense words and feed them to the correct alien!


Feel free to play this with your child at home and test them on their knowledge of all the sounds they have been learning in Y1. Thank you for your continued support


Year One Teachers


Today our School Parliament members, Adelle and Ross,  were invited to be judges for the Reception Dog Show. They were very impressed with the variety of dogs in the show and found it difficult choosing a winner.


Mrs Orr held a School Parliament meeting today and our class members, Adelle and Ross, have been asked to find out the Woodpecker's opinions of our school.

The children need to give their opinions on  what we are good at as a school and what we could do better. Please take time to talk this through with your child and encourage them to share their opinions on Friday with the class.  

Picture 1


Well done to Logan, Jack and Riley for playing in the Hannakins Farm Football Tournament yesterday. All three boys were very proud of their trophies and were keen to talk about their day.

Picture 1


This afternoon 12 lucky children had the opportunity to take part in a Mindfulness session. Mindful awareness exercises help children develop concentration and self-awareness. The children were given the opportunity to take part in a variety of exercises focusing on their breathing and concentration.


The Woodpeckers have had a wonderful time going back in time this week to see how Mrs Brown, the Victorian housekeeper, went about her chores in the past.  There was so much to do we just had to help!


The Woodpeckers Enjoy Spring!  Today the Woodpeckers have been on a Spring walk looking for seasonal changes.


As our 'Fly on the wall' sessions have come to an end we would like to thank all parents that attended and worked alongside their child. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to experience this and we are very grateful for all the lovely comments on the evaluation forms.


Year One Teachers


Thank you to the parents that have visited for your 'fly on the wall' morning, the children love having you here and it is an opportunity to experience how we teach certain methods and resources we use first hand. We are looking forward to welcoming red group parents on Monday 27th and blue group on Tuesday 28th. Following the visits this week, here are some web links you may find useful to use at home with your children: - using coins to make specific amounts - using coins to give change - limited free phonics games with good use of real/nonsense words


Year One Teachers



Today we have been 'Super Scientists', exploring whether different materials would float or sink in a tank of water.  First we made predictions and then we had great fun testing our theories!



Woodpeckers have explored position and direction today in Maths using the Beebots.  They gave instructions to these programmable robots to move around different courses. 

World Book Day Parade

Still image for this video


The Woodpeckers are preparing for their class assembly which is on Tuesday 7th March. Please help your child learn their words.


Thank you

Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Foulser

Picture 1


Watch this space for more information on the Woodpeckers!

Picture 1


The Woodpeckers made some fantastic book character bookmarks over half term!

Picture 1


The Woodpeckers had a magical morning today making food for Santa's reindeer!


Libby from our class has featured in a sewing book. She shared the book with us today. Lovely photos Libby!

Picture 1


This afternoon we were thinking about The Creation Story.  We made our own world and thought about things we would put in it.  Children made slugs, snails, caterpillars, pancakes, cupcakes, butterflies, whales, boats and trees.


Today we have been designing, making and planting our cress heads - we hope that they grow into really wild and long hair!


The day of our trip to Thorndon Country Park has arrived, we are so excited!  We are going to be very busy today but will try to add photos to this page throughout the day.


We have spent the morning working on our squirrel skills, building dreys and learning how squirrels climb trees upside down.  We have also played hide and seek and met the Gruffalo!  This afternoon  we are going to be building a boat made from twigs and sticks we find in the forest.



In Maths we have been working hard on our positional language thinking about using the terms half, quarter and three quarter turns.  We used our pet dinosaurs to help!

w/e 29/04/2016


The Woodpeckers have been checking to see how our plants are growing.  We made some excellent observations this afternoon noticing that our plants are growing towards the light.  Our onions, beans, radishes, lettuce and carrots are growing well.  We are looking forward to sampling them later in the term!

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