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Wrens (Reception)

23/03/18 - Our Sports Relief challenge


The Wrens have managed to run an amazing 6 miles over this week during our Sports Relief challenge! We have all really enjoyed building up our fitness and we look forward to continuing to run the daily mile each day!

13/03/18 - The Wrens had fun at the Family Centre!

The Wrens had the exciting opportunity to use the Family Centre and to use the range of resources available there. We enjoyed working on our social and language skills and developing our creativity and imaginations in collaboration with our friends.


13/03/18 - Our games and PE session with Shona Barrett

The Wrens thoroughly enjoyed our session in the hall with Shona. We explored moving and travelling in different ways and we were able to practise our throwing and catching skills.  In addition we played a variety of fun games using a range of different equipment.

23/02/18 - Chinese New Year Celebrations


In the Wrens this week we have really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and participating in many different activities and experiences to celebrate this special festival. We have created a Chinese dragon dance with Darren, cooked some delicious Chinese spring rolls, made some of our own dragons and cards to name just a few!



The Wrens have continued to enjoy our focus on the book Supertato and this week we have been exploring different activities linked to the villain in the book, the Evil Pea! We have all made pea soup and had the opportunity to taste it! We were able to try and help the other peas escape in a problem solving activity where they were stuck in the jelly. In addition we have been creating 'Wanted' posters and writing about the Evil Pea and his many evil deeds!


In Maths we have continued to develop our understanding of addition and we have explored this practically with the multi link.  

26/01/18  - Maths in the Wrens


In the Wrens this week we have continued to explore practical addition and we have started to learn about how to record sums. We have also been exploring weight, using key vocabulary such as heavy and light and through using the balancing scales.


19/01/18 - The Wrens are Superheroes!


Our topic in Reception this term is Superheroes. This week we have been focusing on the story Supertato. We have been adding sets of potatoes in Maths, writing about Superveggies in English, making Superhero accessories, helping free the frozen vegetables from the evil pea in the story and even becoming superheroes ourselves!

13/10/17 - Our Diwali dance workshop with Darren


The Wrens really enjoyed exploring movement to music and performing an Indian style dance as part of our Diwali celebrations.

13/10/17 - Maths

This week we having been exploring capacity and learning about more and less. We have been predicting which containers would hold more or less and have continued to work on understanding quantities.


Our first week in the Wrens.


Please have a read through the document below which gives some helpful reminders for the children's first days at school.