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16/11/18 Children in Need day!

Today we have came to school with big smiles on our faces. We are raising money for Children in Need. We are all having such a good day. Have a great weekend everyone

12/11/18  PE success!

Today we had an excellent PE session as we were all really speedy at getting dressed. Well done to Katie, Billy and Krish who were much improved getting ready this week. Well done!


We actually had time in the hall to get through all our activities. Please continue to let your child get themselves dressed at home. Thank you.  

09/11/18 - Phonics

As the children have been reading we have noticed that rhyme and rhyming words have proven particularly difficult for most of our children. Please could you practise rhyming strings with your children at any opportunity. Play games such as can they spot the odd one out e.g. hot, pot, hat, got or give me the next word in sat, pat, splat, cat.

This will support your child's work in phonics and also help when blending and segmenting words to write. We have worked really hard this week in phonics and have been practising writing cvc words using all the graphemes we have covered. For example, got, him, mug, pin, kick, men, dad, bin. All the children have been practising daily writing their name, and we have had lots of success. All the children have improved their letter formation and we are trying hard to remember the tricky letters like k, d and e. Please continue to support your child with this at any opportunity.


Also we have discussed and thought about Remembrance Day this this week.


Thank you, have a lovely weekend.

7/11/18  The week so far

This week the Wrens have been learning all about shape in maths. We have looked closely at 2d shapes and some of their properties. We can identify some common everyday shapes and we are beginning to describe them. To support your child further at home please look for shapes in the environment such as signs, at the supermarket, buildings etc. See if the children can spot them everywhere! Here we are having fun and learning about shape.


Wow! What a busy week we have had so far in the Wrens. Today we had a visit from 'Dancing Darren' to help us learn a traditional Indian dance. The children were fantastic and loved every minute. We have learnt all about Diwali this week and the story behind the festival. The children have loved it. Here are some photos of us in action.

1/11/18  Space


Our space topic is now full throttle and the children have really enjoyed learning about space through a range of different activities. We have learnt about planets, the sun, gravity and have even been thinking about what we would like to take on a space visit. The children are really enjoying the theme, thank you to those that have brought books and objects from home to support our learning in class.

31/10/18 - Reading


Thank you for your continued support with your child's reading, it really is having an impact on their learning at school.

Well done to all the children who learnt to read their 5 new sight words this week, however a special mention to Aaryan, who read not only his 5 new words but also used his independent learning time to practise writing them! He successfully segmented s-ee and c-a-n and formed his letters correctly! Well done Aaryan!


Please continue to read with your child every night including the words in their green book. Remember you can read anything to your children, Roald Dahl, Julia Donadlson, the newspaper and get them to spot the words from their green book in them.


Image result for reading quote children


 "We have an obligation to read aloud to our children. To read them things they enjoy. To read to them stories we are already tired of. To do the voices, to make it interesting, and not to stop reading to them just because they learn to read themselves".

30/10/18  Maths


This week in maths we have been learning about the concept of numbers to 10 (and beyond for some children) and how we can represent those numbers in different ways. We have looked at the dice and children have recognised the numbers quickly. They know that the mathematical vocabulary for this is to subotise, to instantly recognise the numbers in a set. Subitising is an essential part of developing a sense of number, helping children to relate numbers to actual items or groups of items. This is also known as number conservation.

Here is a link to a video we used to help us. Of course we danced along to it too!


We have also been thinking carefully about how to form numbers correctly. Our problematic numbers are 2,5,7 and 9. We have used rhyme and catchphrases to help us remember how to form numbers correctly, for example, with 2 we say "hands round to knees and straight across please" for 5 we say "straight hat, straight back and a big fat belly".


We also use a program in school called ten town which the children absolutely love. Here is a link to the web page.





18/10/18 - Our first half term

The Wrens have had a fantastic first half term and we have all learnt so many new things already. We have had fun making new relationships and learning new routines. We have tried lots of new and exciting things already and look forward to our next learning journey.


Thank you for all your support at home, it is greatly appreciated and really does make a difference to your childs progress in recpetion. So many of our children in the Wrens have developed a love for reading and story telling, including learning lots of new words.


Our topic for next half term is SPACE. If you have anything at home that could be used for this topic please feel free to send it in with your child to share with their friends.


Lastly, here are some photos of the children in action.

Have a great half term.

29/09/18 - Our first full week

Our first full week with all 30 children has come to an end!  I think the realisation that school is a place the children come to learn and not just play has hit home! I recognise it can be difficult as parents to see your child upset, however I can assure you the children are absolutely fine once that initial separation has happened. Its been a very busy week in the Wrens classroom with lots of new routines to learn and lots of things to remember which can be a little overwhelming for some, however we are very positive with the attitude and skills the children have demonstrated so far this week. Please don't worry.



This week the Wrens have been thinking hard about counting accurately. We have learnt to touch count and improve our 1:1 correspondence. We used multi-link and a 1-10 number chart. Some children then took their learning further by using magnetic numbers to order to 20 and then had a go at counting 20 objects. Here we are learning about number.

17/09/18  - Our first week

The children have all had their first week at school and I have to say they have been excellent. We are really pleased with how they have came into school, got used to the routines of reception and how they have adapted to their new surroundings.

This week we have had our first child of the the week assembly and again the children were excellent, Mrs Morris was very impressed with the Wrens. We also have our older children staying for lunch which they are very excited about.


Thank you all for your support.

10/09/18 - Welcome

Welcome to the Wrens' class page. We will be updating this page regularly with photographs and notes about all the things we get up to at school. Thank you for all attending the parents interviews I hope you found them useful and informative. 



Our first day!

All the children came in to school for their first day remarkably well, so a massive well done to you all. I know it's sometimes harder as a parent to see them come in, and leave them however they all settled really quickly and have begun to learn the routines of the day. Here are some photos of the children on their first day.