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Wrens (YR)

17/09/18  - Our first week

The children have all had their first week at school and I have to say they have been excellent. We are really pleased with how they have came into school, got used to the routines of reception and how they have adapted to their new surroundings.

This week we have had our first child of the the week assembly and again the children were excellent, Mrs Morris was very impressed with the Wrens. We also have our older children staying for lunch which they are very excited about.


Thank you all for your support.

10/09/18 - Welcome

Welcome to the Wrens' class page. We will be updating this page regularly with photographs and notes about all the things we get up to at school. Thank you for all attending the parents interviews I hope you found them useful and informative. 



Our first day!

All the children came in to school for their first day remarkably well, so a massive well done to you all. I know it's sometimes harder as a parent to see them come in, and leave them however they all settled really quickly and have begun to learn the routines of the day. Here are some photos of the children on their first day.