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Our Approach to Assessment April 2017


We monitor all pupil progress using grades and Average Points Scores in Reading, Mathematics and Writing supported by a programme of on-going formative assessments and half termly summative assessments to support teacher’s judgements. These judgements are formed against national and age related expectations for each year group.


At AGI we are using the Symphony assessment system to track progress, identify next steps and report attainment. (The junior school also use the same system which makes for a seamless transition.) We will continue to record our assessment on SIMS giving points value to grades enabling staff to track progress.


Symphony clearly outlines the objectives that children need to cover over each term in order to be on track and secure in their age related curriculum. Symphony ensures that we have a detailed and accurate ‘grade’ for each pupil.


Year 1

  • Term 1: 1 emerging/emerging plus (1e/1e+)

  • Term 2: 1 developing/developing plus (1d/1d+)

  • Term 3: 1 secure/secure plus (1s/1s+)


    Year 2

  • Term1: 2emerging/emerging plus (2e/2e+)

  • Term 2: 2developing/2developing plus (2d/2d+)

  • Term 3: 2secure/2secure plus (2s/2s+)


(Secure plus for those children who have a deeper understanding and can demonstrate skills and knowledge beyond the expectation).


We currently report foundation subjects, History, Geography, RE, PE, etc. to parents, in Key Stage 1, against three criteria:


  1. Working Towards Expectations

  2. Meeting Expectations

  3. Exceeding Expectations


Assessment is also carried out as children enter Reception in September. This baseline assessment will be our starting point as the children enter our school.


At the end of the year a child’s level of development will continue to be reported to parents as:


  • Emerging

  • Expected (a good level of development)

  • Exceeding


As a school we will continue to:

  • Monitor and assess pupil progress through our own internal assessment and moderation processes.
  • Monitor and assess our pupil’s progress through local school to school moderation.
  • Use the outcomes of the assessments to summarise and analyse attainment and progress for pupils and classes.
  • Use available data to plan the learning for every pupil in order to ensure they meet or exceed expectations and achieve success in their individual learning journey at Ardleigh Green Infant School.
  • Analyse the data across the school to ensure that pupils identified as vulnerable or at particular risk are making appropriate progress, receiving appropriate support and that all pupils are suitably challenged.
  • Communicate the outcome of formative assessment to parents by providing opportunities to look at children’s books and communicate summative assessments through end of year reports and end of key stage tests.


By the time pupils leave AGI, attainment in English and Maths overall is significantly above national expectations and has been for the last 5 years.


Due to change in assessments and updates to the National Curriculum, results from 2016 are not directly comparable with results from previous years.