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Athletics Stars!

On Tuesday 8th March 10 Y2 children accompanied Miss Wiley to an Indoor Athletics competition at Everyone Active Hornchurch. The 5 girls; Ruby, Kristina, Olivia, Scarlett and Eliana and the 5 boys; Kasey, Jordan, Thomas, Zach and Joe each took part in 6 different activities, followed by a relay race at the end of the session. This event was excellently managed and run by the Havering Sports Collective. There were ‘leaders’ from local secondary schools running each event and explaining the rules to the children.

Parents were allowed to accompany their children and watch the event which was exciting for everyone. We arrived at 9am for registration and the events began at 9.30. We started at the Stepper then moved to the Launcher, Bouncer, Thrower, Jumper and finally the Bowler activity. After all activities had been completed we split into two groups of 5 to take part in the relay races. 

The children were all very enthusiastic and determined to win. At around 11.10am we all sat down for the results to be announced. We were very proud to come 2nd out of the 12 schools taking part and sadly missed out on 1st place by only 2 points! A great day was had by all and we are very grateful to the parents that brought their children along so they were able to take part.