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Information from Neighbourhood Watch

A new feature has been added to Squirrel’s Heath’s Safer Neighbourhoods page called Voice Your Concerns (VYC) which is an online polling function with a number of intentions:
1. To allow residents to select and vote, every month, for up to three issues of concern in their area.
2. To allow you to keep track of issues and concerns on your ward.
How it works:
By residents heading to the Squirrels Heath Police Team webpage at and then scrolling down to Voice your concerns.
Once there residents can either select a concern already there and vote for it or add a new one to the existing list.
The search function is based on synonyms. So, someone cannot type any word or phrase into the search bar then select and vote for it. For example, while the search function does recognise “mugging” you cannot select that word. The search bar will give you the options of “Business robbery”, “Personal robbery” or “Theft from a person”. This list of synonyms is exhaustive.
Having voted, they will be taken to a page where they can see their votes and have the option to “Tell Us More” about that issue. After clicking through “Tell Us More”, they will be able to provide more detail about their concerns via an online form, such as where and when it’s happening and who is involved. They will also be able to enter their details so that if needs be Police can contact them to gain further detail.
Once the form is complete, residents will be able to review and submit it.
Submitted forms will come through to Squirrels Heath Police mailbox.