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Safer Internet Day 2017

Today (07/02/17) is Safer Internet Day and we have been talking about all the different ways to stay safe whilst online!


Mrs Silk led our whole school assembly today where all of the children got a chance to share the different ways in which we use the internet and what we would do if we saw something online that made us sad or upset us, such as;

  • Turn the tablet over/turn the screen off
  • Tell somebody
  • If someone sends you a photo or video, only look if you know and trust that person in the real world
  • Don’t ignore it
  • Don’t show a friend, they might get upset too - show an adult!
  • If you are still upset a few days later, go and talk to someone again

We are also taking part in the ‘Be the Change’ campaign - where we got to design our own emojis to unite for a better internet. #giveusasmile

If you would like further information on Safer Internet Day, please visit or alternatively visit