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Penguins 18-19

14/02/19 - Computing

In computing we have been using Microsoft Word to create newspaper articles linked to our topic 'Fire, Fire!'. We have been practising how to type, change fonts, make fonts bigger and smaller and how to insert pictures using Clip Art and Google.

13/02/19 - Fire! Fire! Dancing 

Today in our P.E lesson we were creating dance moves and dances to depict rebuilding the city of London after the Great Fire of London. The children worked in pairs and in groups to create different dances. They also had the chance to perform their dances to music. The children have greatly enjoyed working together and using their imagination. 

06/02/19 - Practical Maths 

This week in our Maths lessons we have been learning about Multiplication and we have also been learning about how to accurately measure using millilitres and litres. To help us to grasp these concepts we used arrays to help us to understand that multiplication number sentences can be completed in any order and we used measuring jugs, rice and pasta to help us to accurately measure out different volumes. We really enjoyed our activities and liked being given practical challenges to complete. 

05/02/91 - Chinese New Year 

This week in school we have been learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year. The children have learnt about the traditions of Chinese New Year and have taken part in some fun and interesting activities. We have been lucky enough to have been visited by 'Dancing Darren' to teach us about traditional Chinese dance and we have also been visited by a Chef who taught us how to safely prepare and cook a Chow mein dish. 

30/01/19 - Teaching Through Drama

Today we were lucky enough to have a special visitor visit us at school. We learnt all about The Great Fire of London and took part in a drama workshop. We dressed up, sung, listened to and acted out the story and got to discover what it might have been like to have been in London in 1666. We have been really enjoying our topic 'fire, fire' and really enjoyed spending time as a year group participating in the workshop. 

29/01/19 - Clay Houses 

This week we have been exploring sculpture and how to create a 3-D piece of artwork. We have used clay to sculpt our own Tudor houses. We first rolled the clay into a ball. Next we used a rolling pin to role out our clay. Then we cut out the shape of our houses using a clay cutting tool. After that we used different tools to create holes and dents before finally we using tools to carve details into our houses such as windows, wooden beams and tiles. We hope that you like our delicate and detailed clay houses! 

23/01/2019 - The Museum Of London Trip 

We have had a fantastic day visiting the Museum of London learning lots of new exciting facts! We were lucky enough to take part in a super workshop where we got to look at lots of different artefacts, sing songs and take part in some drama activities. We also had the opportunity to look around the museum to continue to learn about the history of London.

The children were very well behaved and were a credit to the school, well done Penguins for a very successful trip! 

21/01/2019 - Hot Seating 

Today in our English lesson we used drama to help us to write an account of the Great Fire of London. The children sat in the 'hot seat' and pretended to be either the baker's boy or girl, Thomas Farriner or King Charles II. The children imagined how the people would have felt and what their role would have been in helping to stop the fire from spreading. Later the children wrote a first person account from the perspective of the baker's boy or girl, Thomas Farriner or King Charles the II. 

16/01/19 - The Great Fire of London Trip Reminder 

Next week on Wednesday 23rd January we are going on a school trip to the Museum of London. We will be travelling by public transport so the children will require a rucksack and a packed lunch. Please refrain from packing any fizzy drinks, sweets or nut products. Please arrive at school promptly as we will be leaving straight after registration. We are very excited and are really looking forward to our trip! 

15/01/19 - Tudor Houses 

This week the children have been creating Tudor houses out of cardboard boxes. The children have researched Tudor houses and identified what they look like. The children have attempted to replicate the style of the houses in their own paintings. The children have also added flames to recreate the houses burning in the Great Fire of London. I think you'll agree that they are very realistic! We hope that you like them. 


10/01/19 - Handwriting 

We have begun to join our handwriting during our handwriting lessons and we will soon begin to join in our workbooks in the upcoming weeks. To help support your child with their handwriting please encourage them to practise at home. To ensure that there is consistency please ensure that your child follows our  'Handwriting Police' rules: 


1. Never join from capital letters 

2. Never join from: g, p, j, y, q, b, x, s or to z 

3. Think before you take your pencil off of the paper!


Thank you for your continued support! 

Y2 Staff 

19/12/18 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Mrs. Tatum, Mrs. Tucker and I would like to say a very big thank you to the children and parents for all of our lovely cards and presents. We have been very proud of the children for all of their hard work this term and hope that they have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year! 

18/12/18 - Christmas Party! 

The Penguins have had a great afternoon at the Christmas party today! The children were given time to relax and have fun after a very busy half term of learning. We played pass the parcel, musical bumps, musical statues and had a dance and a sing along to some of our favourite songs. As you can imagine Mrs. Tatum, Mrs. Tucker and I are all danced out now and are in need of an early night! We have had a super afternoon! 


12/12/18 - The Nativity Project 

This week we were lucky enough to visit the 'Nativity Project' in Romford. The children learnt about the Nativity story and took part in a quiz, role play and watched scenes from the Nativity story. The children were very well behaved and were a credit to the school, well done Penguins! 

12/12/18 - Electricity Investigation

Today the children have been investigating how to make a light bulb light up as part of their topic 'A splash of colour'. The children were given three different components: light bulb, wires and a battery. Using these components the children were challenged to create a working circuit with a partner. After some time the children were successful in creating a working circuit. The children had to show resilience and to use their problem solving skills to continue attempt to make the light bulb light up. 

05/12/18 - Christmas Concert

The children have been working very hard to practise their Christmas concert in school and have really enjoyed performing our Christmas concert this week! Thank you to all of the visitors who have attended the Christmas concert to support the children this week. We appreciate that it is not always possible for all children to have a visitor, but we thank you for your continued home support in encouraging the children to learn their lines and to practise their dance moves and lyrics. Mrs. Tatum and I are very proud of all of the children for all their hard work! 

03/12/18 - Homework Links

Apologies if your homework links are not working.  I tested them before we sent the Parent Mail and they are working in school.  It may be that you need to use a different browser (Google Chrome) or update your flash player. If not please do not worry, there will be opportunities for them to use these games in school.


Miss Hitchcock 

03/12/18 - Advent 

In school this week we begin our countdown to Christmas! The children will be learning about advent in class and we will be reading a sentence from the Christmas story each day. The children have taken time and care to create their own advent tree by drawing around and cutting out hands out of green paper and by decorating bauble baubles. 

Picture 1

27/11/18 - Calendars 

This week the children have been busy creating calendars for the new year ahead. The children created a penguin winter scene where they practised their cutting and sticking skills, we hope you like them! Please continue to encourage your children to practise using scissors at home to help to improve their scissor control and accuracy when cutting. 

23/11/18 - Northern Lights Post Cards 

This week in our English lessons we have been using the story book 'Snow Bear's Surprise' as a stimulus for our learning. The children have greatly enjoyed reading the story and have written setting descriptions, poems and have thought about what it would be like to visit Antarctica by writing a post card to Mrs. Morris. The children have also used the story as a stimulus for their artwork, where they created a Northern Lights picture out of chalks. 

19/11/18 - Wassily Kandinsky Art 

This week we have continued to explore our topic of 'A splash of colour' and have been learning about the famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. We spent time observing and discussing his use of colour and how we could emulate his artistic style in our own work. We looked carefully at his famous painting 'Squares with Concentric Circles' and used bright and colourful pastels to create our own artwork. 

15/11/18 - Class Assembly 

Thank you very much to all the visitors who came to watch our class assembly. We worked really hard and tried our best, we hope that you enjoyed it and that you are looking forward to coming to see our Christmas concert! 

14/11/18 - Paul Klee Artwork 

This week in our topic 'A Splash of Colour' we have been learning about the artist Paul Klee. Paul Klee used bright colours to create his wonderful artwork and we have been exploring the different types of colours that we have such as: primary colours; secondary colours, shades and tints. To create our piece of artwork we used oil pastels and focused on ensuring that our artwork was bold and colourful, we hope that you like it! 


12/11/18 - Class Assembly Practise 

Today we have been busy practising for our class assembly. We have been working very hard to learn our lines and lyrics ready for Thursday! Please continue to support the children at home with learning their lines and poem. We hope to see you on Thursday 15th November at 2:45 pm for our class assembly performance! 

12/11/18 - Multiplication in Maths 

This week in our Maths lessons we are learning about multiplication and have begun to solve multiplication number sentences using the circle method. Please practise this method at home with your children and refer to the Yr 2 Maths calculation policy available on the website! Thank you for your continued home support. 

Picture 1

 10/11/12 - Computing 

As part of our computing curriculum this half term we have been learning about coding. We have been using an app called 'ScratchJr' to explore this and have been busy creating simple programs. The children have greatly enjoyed beginning to explore this app and it would be beneficial if they could continue to access the app at home. If this is not possible please do not worry as we will be continuing to practise in school!


Please note: The internet browser version differs to the app version and we will not be using the internet browser version in school. 

07/11/18 - Diwali Dancing 

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from the dance teacher 'Dancing Darren'. Darren taught us some traditional dance moves and we learnt about some of the traditions and activities which take place during the Hindu festival of Diwali. 

06/11/18 - Remembrance Art 

This week we have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day and why we remember it. The children have explored this topic through a range of subjects including Art. We have created silhouette artwork to help us to remember the brave soldiers who fought bravely for us. First we created a sunset with paints and later used stencils to create our silhouette figures, we hope that you like them as much as we do! 

06/11/18 - Reminders

Tomorrow there is a meeting for Y2 parents.  Please sign up to attend a session via Survey Monkey.  

We hope to see you there as we feel it will be a really beneficial session for ideas when supporting your child at home in English and maths. 


Next week are our class assemblies to parents, please check the dates section to find your class.


See you all soon!

Y2 Staff 

05/11/18 - Welcome Mrs. Tatum 

On Friday we sadly said goodbye to our class Teaching Assistant, Mrs. Morement. We wish her all the best and luck in her new job! Today we welcomed Mrs. Tatum into the Penguin class as our new Teaching Assistant. We are very lucky that Mrs. Tatum is already familiar with the children from her time in the Kingfishers last year and we are looking forward to working together again in Year 2. 

Picture 1


31/10/18 - Firework Instructions 

Today we have been continuing to practise following instructions and have followed instructions to create a moving firework picture. We identified imperatives such as: cut, put and draw. 

01/11/18 - Sparklers

Today we continued to learn about how to follow instructions and created a sparkler. We also learnt about the importance of staying safe when using sparklers and when going to firework displays. Please ask the children about how to keep safe when using sparklers before heading out to a bonfire night display! 

30/10/18 - Firework Biscuits 

Our new topic this term is 'A splash of colour' and we have begun to explore this by looking at Bonfire night, Guy Fawkes and fireworks. This afternoon we followed instructions to create a firework biscuit. We decorated our biscuits with different coloured icing sugar and we really enjoyed tasting them! We hope that you like our creative patterns! 

30/10/18 - Instructions

This week in our English lessons we have been learning about how to write and follow instructions. We first learnt about how to use imperatives and then followed a set of instructions to make a penguin.

17/10/18 - Reading

Just a reminder that in Y2 we are focusing on the children's understanding of the text that they are reading, not just their fluency.  Please continue to use the bookmarks provided, to ask your child questions about the book.  If they are bringing chapter books home, they can keep these for more than one day which will allow you to discuss the text in more detail. 

Thank you for your continued support

Y2 Staff

05/10/18 - Mathletics and Reading Eggs Meetings

Thank you to those of you who attended the refresher meetings.  If you were unable to attend and would like a copy of the information sheets, please put a note in your child's yellow diary. 

Just a reminder, on our school website under Parents Information, Useful Information, there is our school Calculation Policy.  Please refer to this when supporting your child at home.

Thank you for your continued support

Y2 Staff 

02/10/18 - Fruit Trees

This week we have been learning about hygiene, healthy eating and safe cooking practices. We discussed how to keep our bodies healthy and how to ensure that we have good hygiene. We practised washing our hands and chose different fruits to create a fruit tree. We discussed how to safely prepare food and carefully chopped the fruit for our fruit trees. We hope that you like our colourful and creative fruit trees! 

26/09/18 - Spelling Quiz

This Friday our quiz will consist of all 10 words given so far this year, so please keep learning your spellings at home.

Many thanks,

Y2 Staff

24/09/18 - Parts of a Leaf 

We have been continuing to learn about our topic 'Woodland Warriors' and have been learning about the different parts of a leaf. To help us to remember the different parts of the leaf we went outside to collect different leaves and completed leaf rubbings. We labelled our leaf rubbings and discussed how the parts of a leaf are different to the parts of a tree. 

21/09/18 - Parent Consultations 

Your child's letter will have been sent home in their book bag today.  Appointments are allocated on a first come, first serve, basis so please return as soon as possible.  
Thanks in advance

Y2 Staff

20/09/18 - Jeans for Genes Day

Tomorrow we are wearing non uniform to include something denim, in support of Jeans for Genes Day.  This could be jeans, a denim dress, denim shorts or a jacket.  There is an optional donation, if you wish to donate please send money into school in a named and labelled envelope.   

Thanks in advance

Y2 Staff

18/09/18 - Pointillism 

This week in our Art lesson we have been learning about the famous artist Georges Seurat.We have been studying his technique of pointillism and have attempted to create our own pointillism paintings. We used paint and cotton buds to produce our paintings, we hope that you like our creative paintings! 

17/09/18 - Tree Observations and Bark Rubbings 

This week we have been continuing to learn about our topic 'Woodland warriors' and we have been comparing different types of trees. We first looked at a range of different trees in books and on the computer in the classroom. Next we went outside to observe the trees in the playground. Later we completed bark rubbings  and compared the similarities and differences between each tree and bark rubbing. 


11/09/18  Vincent Van Gogh Trees 

This week in our Art lesson we have been learning about the famous artist Vincent van Gogh. We looked at some examples of his work and discussed the different techniques that he used to create his paintings. We later tried to create our own Vincent van Gogh inspired tree paintings. We used short wavy brush strokes and used a range of different coloured paints to create an autumnal tree. 

06/09/18 Tree Photography 

As part of our topic 'Woodland Warriors' we went outside to explore our school grounds. Whilst we were exploring we were photographers and took pictures of trees on the school Ipads. We discussed what makes a good photo and considered how we could use the different editing features available on the school Ipads to edit our photos, we had lots of fun! 

04/09/18 Welcome 

Welcome to the Penguin class page, we are really looking forward to a great year ahead and hope that the children enjoy their first week back at school!