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Puffins 18-19

25/02/19 - Puffins Class Assembly

Tonight your child will bring home a copy of a Teddy Bear Poem. Please can you practise this poem at home with your child in preparation for the Puffins class assembly next week. We will be practising it in school also but support at home will really help your child to deliver a confident performance.


Thank you for all your support,

Miss Boardman

12/02/19 - Useful links for supporting your child at home

Thank you to all the parents who attended parents evening tonight. I look forward to seeing the rest of you this Thursday!


I have included some useful links below for supporting your child at home with any areas you feel they may need more support.


Phonics (to support reading and writing) :

Below are some phonics games the children love playing in school. These games are all free to play online and I would recommend your child selects 'Phase 5' and then 'Revise all Phase 5' when playing these games to help consolidate their current learning in phonics.


Phonics Screening in May

In May, the children will complete a Phonics Screening Test. Please do not worry about your child being anxious about this assessment, as the children do view it as a 'quick quiz' in which they can showcase their fantastic phonics skills. If you would like to support your child at home with this, below are some links to previous past papers:



For maths, we use a range of games in school depending on the current topic e.g. money, shape, etc. therefore I have listed some useful websites with lots of different maths games your child could play below:

  • Top Marks
  • ICT games
  • BBC Bitesize
  • Mathletics


Obviously, we do not expect your child to play all of these games every night but hopefully this post will include some useful links for an area you feel your child may need more support following our parents evening discussions.


Thank you so much for your support at home!

Miss Boardman

11/02/19 - Twiggy the Bear

Today the Puffins had another visit from Twiggy, a bear from a beavers club. Twiggy loved spending another day with the children and was very impressed by all of their hard work! He watched the Puffins practise their spelling strips, then in History we compared old and new bears. A lot of the children noted that Twiggy is a new bear due to his plastic eyes, soft fur and cotton wool stuffing. Twiggy also lined up with the children sensibly at play time and really enjoyed joining the children for story time as well. Thank you for bringing Twiggy in to see us again, we hope he had a great time learning with you!

11/02/19 - Capacity

Today in maths the children learnt all about capacity. We learnt we can use a range of different equipment when measuring. For example, we use a thermometer for temperature, measuring jugs for capacity, scales for mass and measuring sticks for height and length. We learnt that 1 litre is equivalent to 1000 millilitres and 1kg is equivalent to 1000 grams.


The children worked in groups of six, making predictions of how many handfuls of pasta or rice they thought it would take to fill each measuring jug. The children loved this practical maths session. Tomorrow, we will be looking at applying our new knowledge of capacity to different word problems.

08/02/19 - Magnets

Today the Puffins learnt all about magnets in science. They learnt that magnets all have a magnetic field which attracts magnetic objects which contain iron, cobalt and steel. They also learnt that magnets will repel non-magnetic objects.


The children learnt that the red and blue magnets represent North and South poles. When the children tried to connect two of the same poles (north with north, south with south), the magnets repelled one another, whereas the opposite poles (north and south) would attract.


The children had an amazing time exploring with the magnets. I have never heard the word "WOAH!" being used so much in one lesson! Here are some pictures of all the fun we had:

06/02/19 - Chinese Cooking 

Today the Puffins made their own delicious Chinese chow mein dish. They carefully chopped their vegetables and mixed these with some noodles and soy sauce in a wok. The children were so sensible when using the knives and when approaching the hot hobs. We were so proud of how sensible they were and we are so glad they had such a wonderful time cooking.

05/02/19 - Chinese New Year Dancing

Today we had a special visitor, Dancing Darren! The children learnt that there are 12 different Chinese zodiac signs, which are all animals. They learnt that it is believed that the animals took part in a race and that the rat won by climbing onto the ox's back. The children also learnt that 2019 is the year of the pig.


Darren then choreographed a special dance for the puffins in celebration of Chinese New Year. The girls were given beautiful parasols to use and the boys had the opportunity to carry the dragon and special pearl of wisdom. The parasols and dragon were all red as this is believed to bring good fortune and good luck.


The children had a wonderful time dancing with Darren and tomorrow they will have the opportunity to do some Chinese cooking!

05/02/19 - Chinese New Year Dancing with Darren

Still image for this video

28/01/19 - Punch and Judy!

As part of our 'Toy Story' topic, the children designed their own Punch and Judy puppet show. The children selected whether they wanted a pivot or slide lever for their puppets, which characters they wished to include and the colour scheme for their show.


Next week, the Puffins will be looking closely at their designs to create their own card puppet show in Design and Technology.

28/01/19 - Leaflets

This week in English we are focusing on Leaflet writing. We discussed that leaflets are a non-fiction text, as they include factual information about a real attraction. We also discussed that non-fiction texts like leaflets include photographs, rather than the illustrations you would find in fiction texts e.g. fairy tales.


Today, the children worked in groups of six to locate key information from a range of leaflets such as the name of the attraction e.g. Colchester Zoo, the opening times, prices, nearest tube station, what you can do whilst visiting, etc.


This week, the children will be writing their own leaflets all about the Museum of Childhood.

24/01/19 - Year One Maths Meetings

Thank you to the 12 parents who came to the Year 1 Maths meetings yesterday. We understand that not all parents are able to attend due to work or family commitments however please do attend Year 1 meetings whenever possible as parental support plays a huge and very important role in ensuring your child meets expectations for Year 1.


Today, we sent home a Maths pack with some resources you can use at home with your child to support their learning. We understand after a busy day at school, the children will be tired and might not want to sit and complete work so please try to incorporate any key mathematical skills into your everyday routines. For example, asking your child what time it is, letting your child pay for something in the shops, etc.


Thank you for all your support. It really is crucial to ensuring your child continues to be engaged and continues to make progress throughout their education.

23/01/19 - Our library day is Wednesday

Today the Puffins changed their library books. We apologise that it has been a while since the children last changed their books, however, unfortunately we cannot always guarantee that the children will be able to change their library book every week as changing our books relies on whether the children have completed all of their work in the afternoon, if the library is free as sometimes it is used for interventions and if the computer is allowing Mrs Orr to sign out new books.


The children know that changing their library books takes time, therefore if we do not complete enough work on a Wednesday afternoon (our allocated library day) then we will not be able to change our books.


If your child has selected a particularly heavy book, to save your child carrying the weight of it round every day, please put their library books in their book bags on Wednesday only as this is our allocated library day. We will try to change the books whenever possible each week.


Thank you for your support.

21/01/19 - 2L bottles

Please continue to bring in any empty 2L bottles if you have these at home as we are hoping for all the children to be able to make their own Victorian cup and ball toy on Wednesday.

Thank you.

21/01/19 - Money

This week in maths we are learning all about money. Today, the children revised the value of all coins up to £2 and we practised adding different coins together to make a set amount.


For example, the children realised we could not use a 3p coin as this does not exist so we worked together to add together a 2p and 1p coin to make 3p in total.


The children then had the opportunity to work more independently, using different shop cards and write number sentences to create each total.


Later this week, we will be looking at how we can use subtraction to support us with giving change.


Below are some games which are really useful in supporting your child with their understanding of money:


Thank you for all your support.

21/01/19 - Teddy Bears

As part of our topic Toy Story, the children brought in their own bears from home and drew their a picture of their bear using pastels. We hope to share a picture of our Teddy Bear display soon so you can see all of the children's lovely art work but for now, here are some lovely photos of the children posing with their favourite teddy bear.

18/01/19 - Home Time

30 very tired Puffins are now on the train back to Gidea Park.

18/01/19 - Trip Fun

More museum fun before we left! 

18/01/18 - More Fun

The children have enjoyed the opportunity to have a little play and have some interactive fun whilst learning.

18/01/19 - Rocking Around

The children have loved the rocking horses in the museum

18/01/19 - Exploring the Museum

The children and teachers have been fed and are now exploring the museum. They have seen old toys and new toys and are amazed at how some of the old toys look! Upstairs there is a treasure hunt the children have enjoyed taking part in and have solved clues to get to the end! 

18/01/19 - Lunchtime

A little pit stop for lunch before we have a look around the museum! 

18/01/19 - Peg Dolls

To end the talk today the children all made their own peg dolls, we had superheroes, aeroplanes, unicorns, ballerinas and many more ideas. 

18/01/19 - Playtime

The children had fun with the Victorian toys during the talk today. They realised some were quite tricky to play with but persisted with each one. Now it’s time to make their own Victorian toy.

18/01/19 - Toys from the Past Talk

The Puffins are enjoying their talk about toys from the past. So far they have learnt that plastic did not exist in Victorian times and all toys were made from wood or metal and sometimes even china. They have spotted toys and circled them on the screen and discussed the differences between old and new toys. They are now going to play with the old toys! 

18/01/19 - We have arrived

After a smooth ride on two trains we have finally arrived and are ready for our talk on toys from the past. The children were very well behaved! 

17/01/19 - Train Fun

The Puffins are on their way and very excited! 

17/01/19 - School trip tomorrow!


Backpack- Your child will not need their book bag, reading packets, pocket toys, etc. tomorrow. Please bring their lunch in a backpack as the children will need to carry their own bags for the duration of the school trip and a backpack will be the easiest type of bag for your child to manage on trains, escalators, etc.


Packed lunch- You child must bring a packed lunch to school tomorrow. We will be eating lunch at the Museum so your child will not be able to have a hot dinner. Please do not overload your child with lots of food and please do not put food in plastic containers as everything must be thrown away after lunch. Please do not give your child any sweets, fizzy drinks, etc. as we do not want any of the children to feel unwell after lunch time. 


Water bottle- Please do not bring your child's school water bottle tomorrow. They will need a plastic bottle which they can throw away after having some water during lunch time.


Coat- Please ensure your child has a warm coat for school tomorrow as it is meant to cold throughout this week.


Punctuality- Please ensure your child is on time for school tomorrow. We need to leave as soon as possible therefore we cannot wait for any children who are late.


Thank you for all your support. The children are very excited about the trip and we know they will have a fantastic time. This afternoon, we will be discussing expectations for behaviour whilst using transport, escalators and when visiting the museum so your child will be fully prepared for tomorrow morning.

09/01/19- 2L bottles

In Art and English, we will be writing and following instructions to make our own Victorian cup and ball toys. If you have any empty 2L bottle at home, please bring them into school if possible as this will help us to ensure all children have a bottle ready for our art lesson in two weeks time.

Thank you,

Miss Boardman

09/01/19 - Homework

As part of our new topic 'Toy Story', the children have been comparing old and new toys in History. We discussed that many Victorian toys were made out of glass (tea sets, china dolls, etc.) and wood (clockwork trains, building blocks, etc.) We have also discussed all of the different research methods we can use to find out more about older toys; books, the internet, visiting a museum (such as the Museum of Childhood next Thursday) and by asking our parents and grandparents.


Today, your child will have brought home an Old and New Toys homework sheet. Please encourage your child to write about their own favourite toy and draw a picture on the top section of the sheet and then an adult can complete the lower section of the sheet about their favourite toy as a child.


We will use these sheets in our History lessons next week when comparing the children's favourite toys with their family member's favourite toys.


Thank you for all your support,

Miss Boardman


Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas break!


This term our topic is 'Toy Story'. The children were all so excited to share news of the wonderful presents they received this Christmas and they painted a picture of their favourite toy in art.


In English, we looked at board games and instructions. The children highlighted key features of each instruction such as their number, their time connective (e.g. first, next, then, after that, finally), and their bossy verb (e.g. choose a counter, roll the dice, move the counter). The children then had the opportunity to play some board games independently, reading the instructions carefully and turn taking sensibly.


We just want to say a huge thank you to all parents and children for all of your presents and vouchers. Thank you all for being so generous, kind and supportive. We are so grateful for all of our wonderful gifts this year. We have had a wonderful first term with the children and are grateful to have such a fantastic class to work with. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!


After another morning of working hard in the Puffins, the children were able to enjoy a special Christmas treat in the afternoon. We had a special visit from a children's entertainer, Mr Custard. He performed lots of exciting circus tricks for the Puffins and Teddy and Sophia were even able to assist him with some of his circus and magic tricks. A well deserved treat for our hard working Puffins!


As the children have been working so hard on improving their addition and subtraction skills in maths and their handwriting in English, this afternoon the children were able to take part in a carousel of Christmas activities. They coloured in baubles, wrote their Christmas lists, played a Christmas maths game on the computers, decorated gingerbread men and even made magical reindeer food!


We are so proud of how hard the children have worked this term. We can't wait to post some pictures of our wonderful fairy tale writing display!


Today the Puffins visited the local church to learn all about Christianity and the true meaning of Christmas. Mrs Orr and I were very proud of all of the Puffins, as they all walked very sensibly with their adult.


When we arrived in the church, the Puffins sat down very quietly and listened to the story of Jesus' birth. They learnt all about Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem and how they were turned away by many busy innkeepers so Jesus was born in a stable. The children were given statuettes of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three wise men, shepherds and animals, to place carefully on the nativity scene. They learnt that the three wise men brought three gifts for baby Jesus, gold, frankincense and muir, after following the star to the stable.


The children then looked at the font in the church and the pastor baptised Barnaby bear, saying "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit".


The children then had the opportunity to ask questions all about Christianity and the story of Jesus' birth. The children were all very enthusiastic when asking lots of questions, including "How old was the donkey?"


As the children were so well behaved, they were allowed to ring the church bell before returning to school again. The Puffins all had a great time and learnt a lot from their visit to the church. Well done, Puffins!

10/12/18- Reminder- Reading at Home Every Night


Thank you to all the parents who consistently support their child with reading at home every night. This really supports your child's pace, fluency, comprehension, spelling and writing skills.


Recently, we have noticed the number of children who are not reading at home every night is beginning to increase. We understand that towards the end of the school term, your child may be tired and in need of the Christmas break. However, we do expect the children to read at least a few pages every night and we ask that all parents/carers sign the yellow reading record every night also.


Unfortunately, if the children do not read at home every night or do not have their reading record signed to prove this, they will have to lose some of their break time on a Friday afternoon.


Once again, we are very grateful to those parents/carers who do support their child at home every night as this is really important to your child's education.


Thank you, Miss Boardman


Over the past three weeks, we have been learning all about Traditional Tales in English. We focused on The Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the beanstalk and The Gingerbread Men.


Below I have attached pictures of some of the children's work. As you can see, the children have worked really hard to use their best handwriting and have been rewarded with lots of 'tickled pink' for their excellent use of adjectives, verbs and fairy tale language.


The Puffins all strive really hard to form their letters smaller and on the line so that they can present their work neatly. This way, the reader, whether it is a teacher, parent or friend will be able to see all of their wonderful ideas clearly.


This week in English we are continuing our topic 'Traditional Tales' and we are focusing on 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have learnt that The Gingerbread Man is a fiction text as it is make believe and so it includes illustrations (drawings), rather than the photographs we would see in a non-fiction information text. We also learnt that many traditional tales are told orally (spoken) which is why there can be several different versions, with different endings.


We have also been discussing key terminology such as characters, setting, plot, adjectives, nouns and verbs.


Today the children worked in groups of six and acted out the plot for The Gingerbread Man. The children really enjoy drama and are becoming more confident performers. We hope they will all be confident when performing in our Christmas concert next week! If you would like to book tickets, please return your letter to school or speak to someone in the office, thank you!


Today we had a special visitor in the Puffins, Twiggy the bear! Twiggy is a bear from a beavers club who is always seeking out amazing adventures to go on with his friends. The children loved hearing about at beavers and Twiggy brought lots of joy and smiles to the Puffins classroom! We showed Twiggy how the Puffins use their best handwriting when practising their spellings and Twiggy was very impressed by all of the children's work! As Twiggy was a very well behaved addition to the class, he was able to join the Puffins for our Year One birthday assembly in the hall. Thankfully he stayed sat down with the Puffins and didn't eat the cake! Thank you for bringing in Twiggy to meet us all, we hope he had a wonderful time in school with you!


In maths this week we have mainly been focusing on odd and even numbers. The children were confident when completing all activities relating to this topic so today we move onto measuring. The children used scales and measuring bears and worked in groups of six to read and solve word problems e.g. How many mummy bears balance 2 daddy bears? The children loved this practical activity and worked really well as part of a team, sharing and turn taking sensibly. Well done Puffins!


This week in phonics the children have been learning all of the different ways we can make the long vowel sound 'I' within a word. For example:

The trigraph igh in night

The digraph ie in pie

The single letter sound y which often comed st the end of a word e.g. try

The split digraph i_e in bike


The children worked in groups of six and organised a range of words into the correct category- igh, ie, i_e or y. They really enjoyed working as part of a team and all groups organised the words very independently and speedily.


Over the next three weeks, we are going to be studying traditional tales in English. This week, we are focusing on The Little Red Riding Hood.


The children worked really hard to identify lots of adjectives (describing words e.g. the fierce wolf), verbs (actions words e.g. skipping) and fairy tale language (e.g. Once upon a time and happily ever after) within the story.


Can your child find any adjectives, verbs or fairy tale language in their books at home?


After reading The Little Red Riding Hood as a class, the children had a go at acting out different scenes within the story. This drama activity really supported the children's understanding of all of the characters within the story and the plot (story line). This will really support the children when writing their own version of The Little Red Riding Hood later this week.


Today we had a special visit from the local Lollipop man Paul. Yesterday the children used our 5 question words; who, what, where, why and when, to write lots of interesting questions about the lollipop man's role in our local community. The children were really excited to interview Paul and he gave the children lots of tips on how to keep safe such as holding onto our grown up's hand, standing on the pavement not the kerb, waiting for the lollipop man to wave at you so you know it is clear to cross, and walking sensibly across the road. The children then sang a Road Safety song with Paul to help them to remember all of the important facts they learnt about keeping safe when travelling to and from school.

15/11/18 - Phonics Meeting

Thank you to the 14/30 parents who attended one of our three Phonics meetings yesterday. This was an informal meeting to demonstrate to you the way we teach your child Phonics with some resources to help you support at home. As promised, we have attached the PowerPoint so you are able to remind yourself of the terminology etc.


Any parents that were unable to attend are welcome to the resources, if you ask a member of Y1 on the door, we will ensure the pack goes into your child's book bag.


Thank you again for your continued support, it is so important to your child's education


Y1 Staff


Today in phonics, we focused on alternative graphemes (alternative ways of writing) for the same phoneme (sound). This week we have been learning that the digraphs ai and ay and the split digraph a_e all make the long A sound.


For example:

ai in pain

ay in today

a_e in cake


Today the children worked in groups of six and organised different words containing the long A sound into the correct column on their sheet.


Can your child find any of these long A sounds when reading their books at home?


As part of our topic 'The only way is Hornchurch', we have been learning all about people who help us in our local area. This week we have been focusing on the role of a lollipop man. The children thought of lots of verbs to explain what the lollipop man does as part of his role e.g. helping people to cross the road, wearing a fluorescent jacket, stopping the cars, etc.


Today, the children worked in groups and wrote questions in preparation for our interview with the local lollipop man. They all worked really hard to include all 5 of our question words; who, what, where, why and when. The children came up with some really interesting questions and are excited to find out all about the lollipop man's role in our community.

13/11/18 - Phonics Meeting for Parents

Please do not forget to attend our Phonics meetings tomorrow. We have offered 3 different sessions, 9.15am, 2.30pm and 6.30pm. Unfortunately, as this will be held in a classroom and we will be limited on space we are unable to allow toddlers and younger children to attend. This meeting is to give you an overview and insight into how we teach your child Phonics in school and the government expectations for the end of Y1 to help you support at home.


We strongly recommend you attend this meeting if you are able to and thank you once again for your continued support.


Y1 Staff


This half term our topic is The only way is Hornchurch. As part of this topic, the Puffins have been writing lists of all of the people who help us within school and within our wider community. In English, the children wrote questions to ask different members of staff about their job role. The children tried hard to remember to use question marks and use all 5 question words; who, what, where, why and when. The children then went into the hall and interviewed Mrs Morris about her role as a headteacher, Mrs Matthews about her role as a midday assistant, Mrs Millar about her role in the office, Mrs Golden about her role as a teaching assistant and Mr Prouse about his role as a caretaker. The children really enjoyed finding out lots of interesting information about each member of staff's roles and their contributions to our school.

08/11/18- Diwali dancing video

Still image for this video


Today the Puffins completed a dance workshop with Darren in celebration of Diwali. They learnt two styles of dance; classical Indian and Bollywood. The girls were given beautiful scarves to dance with and the boys focused more on stretching their arms to create strong, powerful movements. The children had a wonderful time learning these choreographies and Mrs Orr and I were so proud of their efforts today.


This week in Maths we are focusing on Money. Today we practised naming and ordering the coins and added together the values of 1p, 2p and 5p coins. The children really enjoyed the practical lesson and they did such a fantastic job at adding together different totals.


This half term our topic is "The Only Way Is Hornchurch". We will be learning all about our local area and community. Today, the children discussed what form of transport they use to get to school. They then drew their routes to school.


Today your child will bring home their lines to learn for the class assembly which will take place next Tuesday (6th November). The children do not have to memorise these lines as they will be able to read these on the day but please practise these lines whenever possible at home over the next week to ensure your child reads as confidently and fluently as possible. Thank you for all your support!


Well done Puffins! You have completed your first half term in Year One!



Maths- Today, your child will bring home their first piece of maths homework focusing on number bonds to 10 e.g. 0+10, 1+9, 2+8, etc. Please complete this sheet with your child and return to school on Monday 29th October.


Spelling- The children will also take home the 44 Year One Common Exception Words to have a practise of reading and spelling at home. The children will be tested on all 44 words when we return to see if they can beat their score from September.


Reading- Please continue to read at home whenever possible over half term. I have also listed some online reading games below if you would like to further support your child's segmenting and blending skills. - Phases 2 and 3


Thank you for all your support! Have a wonderful half term!


This week, the Puffins have been learning their number bonds to 10 (0+10, 1+9, 2+8, etc.)


Today, we played a game where the children had to write down a number smaller than 10 on their whiteboard and then find someone to match with to make 10.


Tomorrow, the children will take home their first piece of maths homework for Year 1. This is to be completed for Monday 29th October when we return to school.


As part of our 'This is Me' topic this term, we have been learning a lot about how to take care of our bodies. We have been discussing the importance of healthy eating and exercise and completing lots of activities relating to these themes. Today, the children made their own delicious fruit salads in Design and Technology and also completed a fruit sorting activity in Computing.


Thank you so much for all of the wonderful Harvest donations! The children have been really excited about their contributions and it is wonderful to see how enthusiastic they are about helping others.

Picture 1


In maths we have been learning about measuring. We learnt that each cube of multilink is 1cm long so we used lots of cubes to practising our non-standard measuring skills before using rulers to practise our standard measuring. The children measured their length of our bodies, their hands and feet, the lengths of different pictures and the lengths of some plastic measuring worms. The children also used a software called Its All About Length on the computers. The children really enjoyed all of the activities and were very good at remembering to write cm for each measurement. Well done Puffins!

02/10/18 - Mathletics and Reading Eggs Meeting

Thank you to those of you who attended the refresher meetings.  If you were unable to attend and would like a copy of the information sheets, please put a note in your child's yellow diary. 

Just a reminder, on our school website under Parents Information, Useful Information, there is our school Calculation Policy.  Please refer to this when supporting your child at home.

Thank you for your continued support

Y1 staff

26/09/18- October Parents Evenings

Thank you to everyone who has handed in their parents evening slips. Please do not worry if you still need to bring in your slip, however, unfortunately, due to popularity, all time slots between 1.30pm and 2.50pm on Tuesday 16th October have been allocated already on a first come, first served basis.


I have had to allocate the 9 times slots betweeen 1.30pm and 2.50pm on Tuesday to the first 9 slips I received, so if you also asked for one of these time slots, I have tried my best to offer the earlier after school appointments on Tuesday where possible.


Once we have received all reply slips, we will aim to send home letters with your allocated time slots next week. If you have any problems or queries regarding your allocated time slot, please see me and I will try my best to allocate a more suitable time.


Thank you,

Miss Boardman


Today we had our first History lesson! We learnt that the term history means anything that has happened in the past, whether it was something that happened yesterday, or something which happened millions of years ago!


In talk partners, the children discussed any famous historical people or events they already knew. Some of the ideas the children came up with included: The dinosaur extinction, the Ice Age, the Great Fire of London, the Vikings and the Romans, and the building of the Egyptian pyramids!


Today, we focused on our detective skills. We had bags of pictures on our tables of objects that belonged to someone and the children had to use their detective skills to guess what the owners of the bags might do as their job. For example, one table had a bowl, wooden spoon, ingredients and cupcake cases in their bag and the children guessed that these items belonged to a baker.


The children then drew and coloured in their own mystery bags based on what they want to be when they are older. The children loved this activity and it was really interesting to find out more about the children's interests and aspirations!


Today the Puffins continued designing their own self portraits in computing. We used a software called My World 3 and the children practised their clicking and dragging skills by selecting facial features to reflect their own appearance. The Puffins have enjoyed using this software so much that a lot of the children have asked to use it during their decision time as well. It is wonderful to see how passionate they are about developing their computing skills. Well done Puffins!


This week we have been learning all about the human skeleton. In science we labelled the skull, spine, ribcage and femur/thigh bone. Then in art we drew our own skeletons using black card and white chalk.


Reminder- Please read at home every night with your child and sign and date their reading record. Mrs Orr checks the yellow reading records every morning and unfortunately if your child has not read at home, they cannot change their book the following day. Also, if the children do not read at home every night in the week, they will not be able to go out for extra play time on Friday afternoon and will instead have to stay in the classroom and read during this time. We understand if there are genuine reasons for not reading on the odd occasion such as if your child was unwell, however, please do encourage your child to read every night as this will really support their learning in Year 1.


Thank you for all of your support,

Miss Boardman and Mrs Orr


Our topic for this term is 'This is me'. Today, some of the children began their own self-portraits on the computers, whilst other children continued their self-portrait drawings using pastels and wool.


In English, we have continued our topic 'Rhyming stories'. It is wonderful to see the children becoming more confident at locating rhyming words within each story.


Can the children find any rhyming words in any of their own books at home?


I have also linked our class rhyming game below if the children want to play at home.


Today in maths we continued our work on addition. We practised our number formation and practised forming our own number sentences using the dominoes and number cards.


The children use 100 squares to support their addition work. I have linked the online version below if they want to practise at home.

14/09/18- Reading Eggs and Mathletics


Today, your child will bring home a username and password for Mathletics and Reading Eggs. These will be on two small cards inside their reading packets. Please ensure these stay within your child's reading packet following use at home so they don't get lost. Your child can access both Mathletics and Reading Eggs using the web link on the cards or by downloading the Mathletics and Reading Eggs apps.


Please support your child when first accessing these apps/websites as unfortunately the logins are quite difficult but cannot be changed.


As your child begins to feel more confident, please encourage them to login as independently as possible as this will support their pace when using these apps at school.


On Fridays, we check as a class which children have been using the apps and the children who have achieved online certificates will be able to put a picture of themselves up on the schools' Mathletics and Reading Eggs display.


Thank you for all your support.


Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Year One Meet the Teacher Meeting on Wednesday. For those who were unable to attend, a pack has been sent home today with some information about your child's class and the Year 1 routines and expectations. I have also listed some of the key points from the Meet The Teacher meeting below.


  • Labelling- Please ensure all of your child's uniform, coats, PE kits, water bottles and packed lunch boxes are labelled so the children can find their things easily and can avoid taking home anyone else's things.
  • Our PE day is Tuesday and Swimming day is Thursday- Please ensure your child has the correct kit on these days and any earrings have been removed.
  • Green word books- The children will be bringing home green word books with 6 words which they did not recognise during our reading assessment last week. Please practise reading these words with your child but please do not write in this book. We will give your child new words on a weekly basis.
  • Blue spelling book- Every Friday your child will receive 5 spellings to practise throughout the week in preparation for testing the following Friday. Again, please do not write in this blue book as the children will need to use it in school.
  • The school doors close promptly at 8.55 every morning so please ensure your child is on time for school as children can often feel unsettled if they are late.
  • Home time is at 3.20- Please be ready to wave to your child if they are by the door as sometimes the children cannot see you and we are still trying to learn your faces.


Thank you very much for all your support and if you have any questions, please speak to us.

Miss Boardman and Mrs Orr


Another wonderful day in the Puffins! The children have been settling in brilliantly and are learning our Year One routines very quickly!


Today in maths, we focused on counting. The children used the dominoes and number caterpillars to practise their number formation and addition.


We have had a fantastic first day in Year 1! The children came in excited and ready for the new year! We learnt all about our morning jobs; completing the self register, putting our packed lunches on the trolley, putting our dinner tickets in the box and finding our own pegs and trays. Please make sure your child's jumper is labelled as these can be hard for the children to find on the pegs if unlabelled.


Also, our PE day is Tuesday and our swimming day is Thursday so please ensure your child has the correct kit on these days. Thank you!


After completing all of our jobs, we had decision time. The children played together brilliantly and really enjoyed their first day together.