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Puffins 2017-18


We have had the most amazing fun day today, playing with the water and sand, eating delicious ice creams, playing with the sports equipment and feeding some wonderful farm yard animals. The children had an excellent time- some said it was the BEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES!


The children are really looking forward to all the exciting things we have planned for our fun day today!


The children really enjoyed practising their tennis skills this morning. Here are some pictures of all the fun they had!



The children had the most wonderful time at Sports Day yesterday! They all tried their very best in every race and it was lovely to see them cheering on their team mates too! Thank you to everyone who came to watch, we hope you had a great time too!


We just want to say a HUGE well done to all of the children following their Phonics Screening Assessment last week. They all worked so hard and Mrs Orr and I are really proud of each and everyone one of the children.


The results will be included in their end of Year report. If your child has not passed the Phonics Screening, please do not worry as they will have the opportunity to re-take the test again in Year 2.


Thank you also for all of your support with reading and phonics at home! It has really supported the children with their phonics assessment.


In phonics, we are beginning to look at prefixes, ready for Year 2!


This week, the children will be working on the prefixes un and dis e.g. unhappy, unusual, disappointed, disappear.


In English this week the Puffins have been continuing our topic on Fantasy Stories. This week we are writing about exploring a rainforest, using our senses- sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch and a range of fantastic adjectives to make our story more exciting and interesting for the reader.


Today, the children labelled a picture of the rainforest with lots of adjectives to support their writing throughout the week.


This week the Puffins began their bean diaries as part of our topic on Plants. We will be observing the growth of our bean plants and recording them over the next few weeks!


This week in maths we have been learning all about halving. The children shared multilink with a partner equally and calculated the halves of a range of numbers.


This term our topic theme is Plants.

We have been learning all about the different parts of a plant- roots, stem, petals and leaves as well as what plants need in order to grow- water, soil (nutrients), sunlight and warmth.


Today the Puffins learnt all about deforestation. We learnt that using trees and plants for medicine, food and paper is very useful but we also need to respect the effects on animals and their habitat.


The Puffins held a debate to express their feelings towards deforestation and then designed their own 'Save The Rainforest' posters.


Today in maths we have been learning all about fractions. We learnt about 1 whole, halves, quarters and even eighths! First we had to match the dominos pizza descriptions to the correct pizza slices.


Then we cut our own pizza base into halves or quarters and decorated them with different ingredients.


Here are some pictures from our fractions lesson!


Today we went on a walk around our local area and completed a tally chart for types of housing we saw e.g. terraced, detached, semi-detached, bungalows and flats. The most popular type of housing we spotted were terraced houses!


Here are some pictures of our local walk!


Today in maths we focused on time. The children were asked to make a clock using 2 rulers, number cards and a hula hoop. They were asked to make times to o'clock and half past and we also faced the challenge of the minute hand pointing to 'quarter past'.


The children were all very confident telling the time to o'clock and half past- some children needed reminding occasionally that the hour hand needs to move past the hour for half past.


Quarter past and quarter to were slightly more challenging concepts for the children to grasp so if you would like to work on this at home, I have linked some games and resources below: using the 'analogue to words' game


Thank you,

Miss Boardman and Mrs Orr



Recently, we completed a phonics screening mock in preparation for the real test in early June. It is really clear when reading with the children that they are really well supported at home so thank you for all of your support so far! However, as the pass rate for the phonics screening test is quite high at 32/40, we would really appreciate any additional support you can offer your child at home with phonics specifically.


The digraphs we are currently focusing on in the Puffins are:

ur - blurb, disturb, curb

au- haunt, Autumn, August

oa- float, boat, goal

qu- queen, quick, question- the children need to ensure they sound qu out as 1 sound, not


We have also been focusing on our split digraphs/silent e- gate, these, time, home, cube.


Here are some links for phonics games you could also use at home to support your child:


If you would like to complete any phonics screening past papers with your child, here is the link:


During the phonics screening test, the children do have the option to use a pencil to draw sound buttons and lines below the words to support them with segmenting and blending so this would be great to practise at home also!


Although we want as many children to pass as possible and really appreciate your support at home, we do not want any parents to worry about the phonics testing. The children have taken two mocks so far and on both occasions, it was referred to as a 'reading quiz' and an exciting opportunity to 'show off their fantastic reading skills', not a 'test'. We also do not want any parents to worry if your child's end of year report states they have 'failed' the phonics test as the tests will be used to inform their Year 2 teacher of any key areas they need further support with in phonics.


Once again, thank you for all your support at home!


Good luck to all the Puffins!


From Miss Boardman and Mrs Orr


Today in maths we have been measuring objects in centimetres using a ruler. We recorded all of our measurements in cm, as we learnt all about the importance of measuring accurately.


One important top tip for measuring we learnt is to always place 0cm on the edge of an object and measure from this point, as sometimes 0cm is not always shown on the very edge of the ruler.


Here are some pictures of all of the fun we had measuring objects from around the classroom!


Today we had a special visitor named Miss Brown who works as the house keeper in the Victorian home 'Sudbury Manor'. She asked the children to support her in completing her daily chores which she would start at 5am! She told the children she would only be paid £25 annually and would only have one day off each year! The boys took on the role of footmen and the girls were scullery maids.


First, the children learnt the importance of standing or sitting up straight and remembering to bow or curtsy whenever the Lord and Lady would pass.


They learnt all about making fires, beating dust out of carpets and polishing brass using 'elbow grease'.


The children finished all of their chores by 'top and tailing' in bed with their talk partner, only to be woken again at 5am for a quick wash followed by a nail, hand and ear inspection. We then pretended to empty our chamber pots and set out for work again, washing and ironing clothes.


Miss Brown was so impressed by how hard the children worked she allowed them to play with some Victorian toys such as tiddly winks, tag or tails, iron prams, etc.


The children really enjoyed this Sudbury Manor Drama Experience with Miss Brown and I know it will inspire some fantastic recount writing in our English lessons this week.


Here are some pictures of all the fun we had!


This week in Art/Design and Technology, the Puffins have been designing their own bedrooms to create inside the shoeboxes which were very kindly donated to the school by parents. Thank you very much for bringing them in! The children chose a colour for their wallpaper, carpet, curtains and wrote about the furniture they would include inside their room and the materials they would use to make this furniture. They also decided who they would make the room for e.g. themselves, their family, a Victorian child, etc. This inspired interesting discussions about what we are lucky to have now which Victorian children did not e.g. electronics, lots of toys, sweets, a soft bed, etc.


Here are some pictures from our designing session today!


The Puffins had a brilliant morning working in the Juniors Drama room this morning for Maths whilst the Penguins used our room for their practise SATs.


We learnt all about place value, using the deines to show how many tens and how many ones (units) are needed to make up each number.





There are 6 tens (60) and 3 ones.


Here are some pictures of our place value practical activities.


Well done for all of your fantastic work this half term Puffins! Mrs Orr and I are really proud of you, especially how sensible you all were when we had our parent visits this week and last week.



Over the Easter break, your child will bring home 3 band books to read. As it is a break, we do not expect your child to read every single night, just whenever possible so your child can maintain confidence in their ready ability whilst also enjoying their Easter break! If parents/carers could sign their yellow reading record once for the fortnight so we know your child has read, that would be fantastic, thank you!



Could your child please practise the Year 1 Common Exception Words list as we will test the children on these the first week back.



The maths homework is a colour by numbers worksheet. Please encourage your child to use their 100 square, rather than their fingers, as the 100 square is more accurate and we use it daily in maths. If your child's sheet includes any sums which will require them to add to a total above 100, please refer to the school's calculation policy. To find this, go to the school website, select Parents- Useful Information- Calculation Policy- scroll to find 'Magic line'.


We hope you have a wonderful Easter and have lots of fun!


In Art the Puffins designed their own Spring inspired Easter cards. We hope you love them!


Over the past fortnight, we have been learning about money in maths. As the Puffins have been working so hard in maths, today we completed a practical money activity, taking on the role of shopkeepers and customers.


It is so wonderful to see the progress the children have made since the first time we introduced money in Autumn! I am sure they would all run very successful shops! Well done Puffins!


Today in Art/DT the Puffins designed and constructed their own Easter baskets. They had to focus carefully on colouring in all of the gaps and cutting around the outside of their basket so it could fold properly.


We really enjoyed having our first parent visitors today and look forward to seeing more of you tomorrow!

16/03/18- World Book Day

Well done to all of the children for taking part in celebrating World Book Day by dressing up in their pyjamas and bringing in their favourite books to share!

The author the Puffins celebrated today was Dr Seuss and our main book was The Cat in the Hat. The children were very good at spotting adjectives and rhyming words throughout the story!


We also learned lots of facts about Dr Seuss himself. Did you know despite writing over 50 children's books, he actually did not have any children of his own as his wife actually believed he was scared of children!

Can your child remember any other facts about Dr Seuss or the titles of any of his books?


This afternoon, the children acted out scenes from The Cat in the Hat in groups which inspired their writing for their character profiles and book reviews. Below are 2 videos of the children's short scenes to show their group's scene from the story.

The Cat in the Hat- Thing 1 and Thing 2 are captured

Still image for this video

The Cat in the Hat- Thing1 and Thing 2 flying kites indoors

Still image for this video


This half term our main theme has been weather. This week in Geography, the children have been looking at weather symbols and prepared their own group drama delivering a weather forecast based on the weather we have experienced this week. We all agreed it certainly doesn't seem like Spring at the moment! Hopefully we can forecast some sunshine soon!

14/03/18- Class Assembly

Thank you so much for coming to watch The Puffins Class Assembly today! We hope you enjoyed it!


We really appreciate the time you have dedicated at home practising your child's line and the My Teddy Bear poem. Despite having time off due to the snow and floods, the children did a brilliant job in the assembly this week. Miss Boardman and Mrs Orr were both so proud! Well done Puffins!

13/03/18 PE with Mrs Barrett

Still image for this video


The Puffins enjoyed PE today with our special visitor Mrs Barrett. They worked on key hand-eye coordination skills such as throwing and catching a ball and passing or rolling it to their friend. Here are some pictures of all the fun we had!


This week in phonics we are focusing on split digraphs. This is an area some children often struggle with so if you would like your child to practise these at home, I would recommend they use the Phonics Play Buried Treasure game:


Split digraphs are:

a_e which makes the A sound

e_e which makes the E sound

i_e which makes the I sound

o_e which makes the O sound

u_e which makes the U sound


I have also included some pictures as examples to show you how we would encourage the children to segment (sound out) and blend words containing split digraphs.


Today in phonics we have been looking at split digraphs. We worked in partners to match up the correct split digraph word with its picture. Below are some pictures of our activity.


Split digraphs tend to be more difficult for children to identify when reading so if you would like to practise any split digraphs words at home I have added pictures in the post above to show how we would teach split digraphs.


Today the children are designing their own Year of the Dog posters, colouring and cutting out lots of floral and spiral designs for our Chinese New Year display!


As part of our Chinese New Year celebrations, the Puffins took part in a cookery lesson learning how to make their own delicious chow mein.


First, they designed their own chef hats, decorating them with drawings of Chinese lanterns, the Chinese flag and animals such as dragons, dogs and rabbits. We learnt it is the Year of the dog this year and that the children were born during the year of the golden rabbit (2011) or the year of the dragon (2012). 


Then, all of the children had a chance to chop up and stir fry lots of wonderful vegetables, noodles and sauce. All of the children were really sensible when chopping the vegetables and using the hob. Miss Boardman and Mrs Orr were very proud!

20/02/18 - Traditional Chinese Dancing with Darren

Still image for this video
Here is a video clip of the choreography Darren taught the children as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations. The children tried really hard to learn and perform this dance within the one session. Well done Puffins!


Today we had a special visitor Dancing Darren! He taught us lots of facts all about Chinese New Year and choreographed some traditional Chinese dancing for us to learn. The children absolutely loved learning this new dance style and tried really hard to perform it to the best of their abilities.


Here are some pictures of all the fun we had!


This week our topic has been weather. In Art, the children have been learning about hot and cold colours. The used small strips of cold colours such as blue and purple to create snowflake collages and warm colours like red, orange and yellow to make flame collages.


In Maths, the children have been focusing on a range of measuring skills such as capacity and mass. We focused on mass today by balancing different weights on scales. The children worked really well as part of a team when answering lots of different mass word questions. Well done to the Puffins!


Our topic this half term has been toys. In Art, the children planned and created their own Punch and Judy puppet show. They loved watching some puppet show clips during story time too.


The children have been learning about capacity in Maths. We predicted how many cups of rice and pasta would be needed to fill each jug. The children were all so sensible, working together as a team without spilling too much rice on the carpet!


This week in English the children have been focusing on leaflet writing. We have been reading about lots of wonderful attractions so that we can write about our fantastic trip to the Museum of Childhood.


The Puffins have been continuing their work on Chinese tangrams this week, focusing on arranging puzzles in the form of objects such as candles and a range of different animal. It was quite challenging but the children really enjoyed this practical activity.


In maths we have been learning about the Chinese puzzle tangrams. The children have been using a range of different shapes to make their own rockets. They had to use very careful cutting out skills to ensure all of the straight edges fit together perfectly.

18/01/18 - Home Time

A lovely day has been had by all! The children are all very tired but happy!

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Puffins are very sad to be leaving the museum in the next 10 minutes but have had a great time! Some even said it was the best day of their lives! 

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

Exploring has begun! Lots of fun is being had today! 

18/01/18 - Lunchtime

It’s hungry work learning!

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Puffins have enjoyed playing with old toys and making their own!

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Puffins are enjoying their talk so far and have sorted new and old toys into two piles.

18/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

We have arrived at the Museum - the train journey was very exciting!  We will keep the page updated throughout the day.


This week in Art the Puffins have been making cup and ball toys.


Firstly, I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all parents/carers who sent in 2L bottles as by Monday we had enough for all of the children to have a bottle each to make their toy.


First we decorated the bottle with small squares of tissue paper to make them colourful and unique. We then carefully attached the ball and string to be able to create our cup and ball toys.


The children really enjoyed making and playing with these toys. Many of them have even been asking to play with their toys, instead of going on the computers during decision time!


We will have the toys up on display for a while to show off the children's fantastic hard work but we will send them home in a few weeks time so your child will get the opportunity to play with them at home also!


In History, we have been compared old toys with new toys. We looked closely at the different materials used to make old toys and compared them to the materials used for toys today. Many of the Puffins realised a lot of the older toys used to be made out of wood. We discussed how this may have been because many old toys were homemade, handcrafted by toymakers instead of produced in a factory and made of strong materials so that they would hopefully last longer as children did not used to have as many toys as what we have today.


We also discussed the important of being grateful, especially when celebrating Christmas last month. We realised we are very lucky to be able to afford a lot more toys today and the children took it in turns to say what they were thankful for this Christmas.


The Puffins were all really excited about bringing in their bears this week for their current topic 'Toys'. In History, we discussed the different materials used to make teddy bears today and what may have been used for bears in the past. In Art, we focused on the texture of these materials. Here is a picture of our fantastic Art display of all of the children's wonderful work.


Our first day back at school was fantastic yesterday! The Puffins came in ready to learn which was really lovely to see. We hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that you didn't have to wake up too early on Christmas day!


Mrs Orr and I would just like to say a huge thank you for all of your wonderful presents and cards. You have truly spoilt us so thank you all so much.




Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Y1 Phonics meetings last week. As promised, here are a list of websites you can use with your child at home and also a glossary of terminology. Thank you for your continued support.



Vowel digraph - two vowels which together make one vowel sound (the first vowel 'talks' whilst the second vowel 'walks') e.g. ai in rain makes the long a sound, oa in coat makes the long o sound

Digraph - two letters that go together to make one sound (mixture of consonants and vowels) e.g. sh in sheep, ow in cow.

Trigraph - three letters that go together to make one sound e.g. igh in light, air in chair.

Split Digraph - a phoneme with a silent e on the end making the vowel say its letter name rather than sound e.g. a-e in cake (the e is silent and the a is a long sound) or o-e in bone.

Blends - sounds which are often seen together but are not digraphs e.g. st in street, tr in train

Sound buttons - a way in which children distinguish between the different types of phonemes within in a word - single sounds are shown with a dot, digraphs and trigraphs with a dash and split digraphs with a smiley.


Last week, we enjoyed another lovely lesson outdoors with the Puffins! In geography, we have been focusing on direction. The children have been learning their left and rights by making L-shapes with their fingers. To link this with Computing, the Puffins have been writing instructions on whiteboards to read to their 'robot' friends to see if they can work out how to reach the treasure by only walking forwards or backwards or turning left or right.


This week, the children had a go at step-by-step programming using the Bee-bots. We learnt that pushing the buttons is called an input and the Bee-bot moving is the output.


Children sat on tables in the background were completing some top secret Christmas concert artwork which looks fabulous!


This week in Science the Puffins went on an Autumn walk, exploring features of Autumn within our school environment. We had lots of interesting discussions about changes in weather and what effects we thought the weather had on plants and trees. The Puffins found lots of brown, red and orange leaves on the ground, as well as pinecones and we even saw a robin! It was a fantastic lesson and the children really enjoyed going outside and exploring the playground.


This week the children have been learning all about Diwali in English, RE and we even had our special visitor Dancing Darren come in to teach us classical Indian and Bollywood dancing.


The children loved learning about Diwali festival celebrations, colouring in Rangoli patterns and learning so many fantastic dance moves.


Here is a picture of our Diwali display.

Picture 1


Last week in Science we learnt all about skeletons. We learnt about the skull, spine, pelvis and femur (thigh bone).


This week in Art the children experimented using white chalk on black card to draw skeletons.


The children loved seeing the skeleton model in the classroom and being able to use this as inspiration for their fantastic art work!

Picture 1


This week in Maths we have been learning about measuring in centimetres. We had to learn important rules like always placing the object we are measuring at the 0cm mark, not just at the end of the ruler! The children all did so well to remember this!


The children completed a carousel of activities including: Measuring games on ICT games, measuring on Mathletics, measuring their feet and hands, measuring their friend's body and measuring different objects around the room.


The children embraced the challenges of using addition to work out the length of an object longer than their 30cm ruler which made for interesting discussions at the end of the lesson.


Below are some pictures of all the fun we had this week in Maths.


This week the Puffins have been learning about Freedom. We wrote acrostic poems about what we would do if there were no rules for a whole day!


The children really enjoyed writing these poems and worked really hard to use their best handwriting for their final drafts for the display.


Here are some pictures of children's work.


Here is a picture of our fantastic Marvellous Me display.


This week, the children went into the Computing room and used a programme called My World 3 to create their own digital self portrait. The children really enjoyed the practical elements of this lesson and it also gave them the opportunity to practise key computing skills like using a mouse and keyboard. All of the children embraced the challenge of typing out their own name which was wonderful to see!


After computing, the children also drew and coloured in their own self portraits to go up onto the display. Again, they really enjoyed this practical activity and had the opportunity to practise their fine motor skills.


Can you spot your child's portrait on the display?

Picture 1


This week, the Puffiins have been very busy completing their first big science investigation. We discussed the five senses: touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.


They had lots of fun exploring their different senses in a very practical science lesson.


Below are some pictures of the activities we completed.


Welcome to the Puffins class page. We will aim to update this page regularly with posts, photographs and videos so you can see how the children have been settling in so far and what they have been learning about in Year 1.


The Puffins have had an excellent first week in school facing new challenges and routines. In maths we have been learning about ordering numbers and in English we have been learning about rhyming stories and punctuation.


Here are some pictures from our first week of school.