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Reading Eggs


Use only Reading Eggs not Eggspress (This is for 7+ children)


We have decided to purchase a Reading Egg subscription. This is a slightly different style of e-reading.

In our reception classes and Y1 the emphasis is on phonic skills. After using their login your child must undertake a 'placement test' to ascertain the appropriate level of targeted work that they will require. It is quite lengthy but will ensure a match with their reading or phonic knowledge. We would be very grateful if you could sit alongside your child while he or she completes the test. Please do not help them to answer the test as it will interfere with the result.


After every five or so lessons each child earns enough golden eggs to go to the Reading Eggs Arcade. Here they can choose a game to play. As children work through their reading lessons, they are concentrating, working hard and achieving as they learn many new reading skills. We want children to know that we realise that they are working hard in their learning. They deserve a reward for their efforts and sometimes they simply want to play. That’s what these games are for – a fun way to say well done!


When enough eggs have been collected they may ultimately exchange them for items for a virtual home. The trial group of children were very enthusiastic about the games and could not wait to reach the next stage so hopefully your child will feel the same.  


After completing various games a child will be able to read a selection of online books and answer comprehension questions that will develop their understanding of a range of different books.


Requirements for accessing Reading Eggs on Android devices:

Reading Eggs can now be accessed on your Android device! Simply log in to your account at using Google Chrome version 29.0 or later.

  • If you haven’t already, you can download the latest version of Google Chrome from the Google Play Store today:

Supported on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab 3, Nexus 7 and 10 with Operating System 4.1, Jelly Bean or later

  • Must have Google Play to download Google Chrome
  • Wireless internet connection whilst accessing the programme
  • An active trial or subscription of Reading Eggs
  • Not supported on Dell Venue 7, Kindle Fire and Tesco Hudl Tablets

For iPad users you can download the ‘Reading Eggs Student’ app in iTunes


Your child will be given an individual login by the class teacher.