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School Vision and Aims

Vision Statement

 ‘Working Together, Learning Together and Growing Together as lifelong learners’.


As a school we recognise that our aims and values can only be achieved through parents, children, staff and governors, “Working together, Learning together and Growing together.”


Working Together

This involves maintaining a Learning Climate based on high expectations, trust, respect and mutual understanding, ensuring our vision and values permeate the life of our school.


Learning Together

This involves maintaining a Learning Culture that builds on the past, learns from the present and embraces the future, ensuring that teaching and learning continues to be characterised by high expectations and excellence and enjoyment.


Growing Together

This involves maintaining a Learning Ethos where high expectations, positive relationships, together with appropriate support and encouragement, ensures that pupils and staff achieve their full potential.


Our vision and aims are based on four core values which permeate the life of our school, empowering lifelong learning:


  • Excellence

  • Enjoyment

  • Respect

  • Equality


Our Aims


At Ardleigh Green Infant School we value every individual and the contribution they have to make.  Children and adults are encouraged to learn and to develop all their abilities within a caring and happy environment. 

Our aim is:


We continue to promote the Every Child Matters agenda which underpins our school, creating a learning opportunity that ensures all pupils are well supported and reach their potential.


Be Healthy                

Helping learners to adopt a healthy lifestyle, build their self-esteem, eat and drink well and lead active lives.


Stay Safe

Keeping learners safe from bullying, harassment and other dangers


Enjoy & Adhere

Enable learners to make good progress in their work and personal development and to enjoy their education.


Make a positive contribution

Ensure that learners understand their rights and responsibilities, are listened to and participate in the life of the community


Achieve economic & social well-being

Helping learners to gain knowledge, understanding and skills to become well functioning members of our multicultural and technologically advanced society.


  • to maintain a secure and caring environment where everyone’s contribution is valued;

  • to create a stimulating and challenging atmosphere where children and adults can learn and develop to achieve their full potential; academically, physically, socially and emotionally.

  • to encourage independence and self sufficiency in order that each individual may gain confidence in their own abilities and pleasure from his/her achievements;

  • to develop each child’s ability to express themselves through spoken and written language, to become confident as a reader and so gain pleasure from the written word in its many forms;

  • to develop the concepts necessary to make calculations, carry out investigations and solve problems through first-hand experiences, using a wide variety of mathematical and scientific equipment;

  • to provide children with the opportunity to express their feelings creatively through Art, Music, Dance and Drama;

  • to improve and develop the physical skills of each child as they learns about the body and how it works;

  • to help children to acquire respect for themselves and others and to understand the importance of moral values such as sincerity, honesty, loyalty, etc;

  • to encourage a sense of responsibility and regard for the needs and feelings of others including those of different cultures and beliefs;

  • to maintain and strengthen links with parents, governors, and the wider community including pre-schools and other schools.