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Sparrows 2017-18



The Sparrows are having an AMAZING time during their weekly swimming lessons! Mrs Long and I are so proud of how brave they are! We may have to change our class name to  'Nemo' soon!


Thank you again to our parent helpers who come in every week allowing it to be possible for us to swim!



Apologies for the radio silence on the webpage recently, as you can understand we have been a bit all over the place of late! We would like to thank you all especially the children for their patience and understanding through it all!

We have been on so many adventures though throughout the week, going to the family centre, spending time in the computer suite and art master classes in the playground to name but a few!


On our last day of term we had one of our super Sparrows transform into an Easter Unicorn! An absolutely fantastic Easter Bonnet and a brilliant way to start the Easter holidays! Topped off by our visit from the Easter Bunny too!


Mrs Long and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and a restful holiday!




This week at Ardleigh Green we took part in the Sports Relief challenge! We started off the beginning of the week running 10 laps of the playground, and finished running 25 laps!!


Well done Sparrows! Budding Athletes in the making! :)


As we come to the end of our first week back at school in our new classroom, I would just like to say a very big 'Well Done' to our super Sparrows, who have adapted so well to our new environment and a week of many changes!
On Wednesday we went on our first 'adventure' and walked so sensibly down to the Family Centre, where we got to explore the garden and different zones set up for us such as construction, role play, imagination stations to name a few. The children had a wonderful afternoon and were so well behaved, we may be making frequent visits!

Some of the boys became 'bug hunters' fashioning a 'bug viewer' out of something they found in the garden. We found, conkers, worms, "moon rocks" and even "snails that have moved home" :)


We are so proud of you Sparrows!


This week in Ardleigh Green we have been celebrating Chinese New Year! We have had so many fantastic experiences such as Dancing with Darren, where we learnt a brilliant routine! We also got the chance to make our own pancake rolls when Chefs Mark and Darren came in. Today we finished off the week dressing up in our own Chinese themed outfits. An amazing week was had by all!


This week in the Sparrows we have been continuing with our book 'Supertato'. We looked at Villains and thinking of words we could use to describe them. The Villain in Supertato is The Evil Pea, as a class we made wanted posters, caught him, then made him into pea soup!


Each day a group made their own batch of soup which was met with mixed reactions!  



We have been practising our throwing and catching in our PE Lesson, looking at different ways to throw the ball. This week we were looking at a chest pass, which the Sparrows were fantastic at!! We even got to apply our new skill in a super game of dodge ball at the end!


We love to investigate and try new things in the Sparrows, here are some examples of work we did making various things with materials and throwing ourselves into role play!


I was particularly proud of a Sparrow friend, who asked me a question about a Dinosaur that I did not know the answer to, I asked him to investigate what we could do to find it out and he took me off to the Library! We found out the Dinosaur's name using a book! Who would have thought it!


This week in maths we have been investigating and ordering objects of different sizes! We have particularly enjoyed ordering our Superheroes in different ways! Roll on next week when we begin to look at addition!


In celebration of the upcoming festival of Diwali, The Sparrows  took part in a fantastic dance workshop with Darren, where we learnt lots of different moves to create our own Diwali dance! Great fun was had by all!


The Sparrows have been taking part in lots of different 'Incy Wincy Spider' activities this week! We have been putting our fingers through their paces with spider web finger gyms and Incy Wincy has been helping us with our counting in maths. We were able to cut and stick the rhyme of Incy and sequence it in the correct order as well as making our own spiders using our hand prints! The Sparrows also celebrated a special birthday at the beginning of the week too!


Here are a few pictures from our first week in the Sparrows. There may have been some tears at the door but when we were inside we had lots of fun!


Please have a read through the document below which gives some helpful reminders for the children's first days at school.