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Sports Premium

Since the 2012 Olympics the government has provided funding for schools to secure a significant and lasting legacy for the children until 2020. The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle and an enjoyment in sports and physical activity. The funding, calculated on the number of children aged 5 to 7, is ring-fenced for the provision of PE and sport in school.


Physical Education is at the heart of the curriculum at Ardleigh Green Infant School. Provision and achievement has been recognised by the award of the Sainsbury’s Sports Kite Mark.


Children participate in indoor and outdoor physical activities on a weekly basis. Our Physical Education programme, which fully meets National Curriculum requirements, includes coaching in the following sports:


Gymnastics, Dance, Football, Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Multi Sports, Cheerleading and Swimming


Curriculum provision, which provides two hours physical activity a week, is enhanced and extended through a wide range of extra-curricular activities. All children swim during the summer term in our outdoor heated swimming pool. Our aim is to ensure that every child who leaves our school is a competent swimmer. As a school we seek to encourage all pupils, regardless of ability, to participate in some form of physical activity including the 5 A Day dance programme and I-moves.


Through the Havering Sports Collective our children participate in Sport Festivals throughout the year. These include dance, Quad kids, games and gymnastics.


We aim to provide:

  • High quality opportunities regardless of ability

  • Quality professional development for all staff

  • Visits from experts to encourage and motivate the pupils

  • Out of school hours sporting activities

  • Opportunities to work with the junior school and local secondary school.



The Primary school sports grant is allocated for each academic year with 5/12ths allocated for the financial year.


During the academic year commencing September 2014 our allocation was £8,905. This money enabled us to:


  • Participate in the Havering Sports Collective

  • Provide a school based swimming programme

  • Provide training for all staff

  • Provide specialist coaching for tennis and athletics

  • Purchase additional resources to support the PE curriculum




  • Increased participation in sporting activities

  • Increased fitness levels of children

  • Increased staff confidence and subject knowledge

  • All children received weekly swimming lessons

  • Additional resources have enhanced the curriculum


During the academic year commencing September 2015, the school received funding of £8,905 to further develop sporting provision in school.


This money enabled us to:


  • Maintain our school based swimming programme

  • Provide additional swimming out of school hours

  • Participate in the Havering Sports Collective

  • Provide In-Service training for staff

  • Purchase quality indoor and outdoor equipment

  • Purchase on-going 5 a day program

  • Improve outdoor learning opportunities



Sports Premium Funding 2015 to 2016






Purchase additional Curriculum resources


Autumn 2015

Improved planning and use of resources

Contribution to school based swimming programme




All children to receive weekly swimming instruction leading to increased confidence

Membership of Havering Sports Collective




Pupils to have the opportunity to participate in competitive sports activities at borough level

To allow PE Subject Leader to be released termly to attend Sports Collective Meetings for updates and to disseminate information




Subject Leader to receive on-going support and training. School to receive termly updates in relation to sporting developments both locally and nationally.

To allow subject leader access gymnastics and games training


Autumn 2015

Improved confidence of staff leading to improvements in teaching and learning and increased pupil progress in dance, games and gymnastics.

New outdoor equipment for EYFS


Autumn 2015

Greater opportunity for playtime activities

To provide individual Tennis CPD for all staff




Increased teacher confidence leading to improved provision and increased pupil progress.

To purchase outdoor netball and basketball posts


Spring 2015

Improved resources leading to increased pupil progress

Purchase floor markings


September 2015

Playtime fitness. Child initiated learning







  • Subscribing to the Havering Sports Collective has led to greater participation in inter-school competitive sports.

  • The school took part in Quad Kids at the local stadium, where girls and boys across the borough competed in throwing, jumping, sprint and long distance running. As a result, children have improved their own performance and identified new areas in which to excel.

  • The Y2 children attended an athletics festival, dance festival and a games competition, where they enjoyed success. Collaboration with the Junior school meant that the children had regular practices and better prepared each time they competed.

  • All children in the school now are active in the daily 5 a day programme, raising fitness levels and impacting co-ordination.

  • BUPA Start to Move focussed on basic skills in PE, developing staff understanding of the teaching of PE.

  • Total allocation for 2016-17 is £8,902. During the previous year the school spent an additional £2,283 to improve provision.



Sports Premium Funding 2016-17






Additional curriculum resources


Autumn 2016

Improved resources to be used at lunchtime to encourage participation in team games.

Contribution to school based swimming programme


Summer 2015/Autumn 2016

All children have weekly swimming, an essential life skill and be competent swimmers.

Membership of Havering Sports Collective


Summer 2016

Pupils to have the opportunity to participate in competitive sports activities at borough level

Specialist coaches to deliver CPD to staff


Autumn 2016

Increased staff knowledge leading to improved provision and increased pupil progress.

Goal posts for outdoor play


Autumn 2016

Enhanced provision at playtime

Additional funds for in service training


Spring 2017

Raise profile of PE within school with greater number of children wanting to attend after/before school clubs.








  • Pupils have had the opportunity to compete in interschool competitive sport.

  • 5 a day programme continues to be used to raise awareness and improve fitness levels through a fun and engaging programme.

  • Funds have enabled the school to renew equipment.

  • Dance and movement has been improved with an outside provider giving the pupils a new experience but more importantly training for staff.

  • CPD has been available for staff by giving time for peer observations.

  • Support from qualified coaches in tennis has developed skills.

  • BUPA Start to Move CPD for staff members focussed on basic skills leading to developed understanding of teaching PE.




Total allocation for academic year 2017-18






Havering Sports Collective


1 Year

Enabling participation in borough-wide competition. IMoves to impact fitness levels.

Specialist sports coach


Autumn term

3 x ½ days per week to take classes and disseminate good practice to staff.

Specialist swimming instructor


Autumn/Summer term

All children have access to quality teaching to learn this necessary life skill.

PE resources


Spring term

Quality provision for curricular and extra-curricular.







  • Children have had the opportunity to work at team events representing the school.

  • Children have competed in inter-school games.

  • New resources have given pupils access to new games and equipment.

  • Staff are better equipped in teaching gymnastics.

  • All pupils swim before they leave the school.

  • Golden Mile takes place across the school contributing to raised levels of fitness.


Total Allocation for academic year 2018-19




Swimming instructor






Sports Collective






Transport for offsite events


Playtime equipment


Cover for staff to attend training






  • Children all had the opportunity to swim weekly.

  • Qualified coach employed.

  • Additional swimming aids purchased to enhance lessons.

  • Children had the opportunity to represent school at LA events.

  • Children learnt new skills at borough events.

  • New coach for afternoons to teach planned programme of activities.  Staff skills improved.

  • Newly appointed PE coordinator upskilled at training.


Total Allocation for academic year 2019-20





Havering Sports Collective


Children have the opportunity to take part in team events.
Football coach £4000 3 x half day.  Increased level of knowledge /skill for staff and pupils.
Swimming instructor £7000 All children able to swim by end of Key Stage 1.
New resources for athletics £2000 Improved quality of provision and outcomes.
Healthy cookery classes £1000 Increased awareness of health
Contingency £800