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Wagtails 2017-18

Today we had a special visitor in school , Minibeast Julie from the Fresh Water Theatre Company came in. It was really exciting building up a drama all about minibeasts and their adventures. We were expert story tellers and became story hunters using our senses to find sparkly bags with clues inside.  We used our imagination, creativity and amazing ideas to help Julie retell the story. The areas of the curriculum we were focusing on  were Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Expressive Arts and Design. We were all so excited and are looking forward to writing our own stories over the next couple of weeks.


This week we have returned to the Wagtails classroom. It looks amazing and we have settled back in really well.

18/05/18 - Juice Bike!

Today we had a visit from Sharon Adkins and she brought the juice bike! Sharon helped use to think about the importance of a healthy diet. We all couldn't believe that a small bottle of coke had 14 cubes of sugar in it. We also learnt that the size of your hand counts as one portion. Next we set to work making a smoothie. All together we decided on the ingredients, we added a banana, strawberries, grapes and apple juice. We put these inside the blender on the back of the bike. Miss Jones had to pedal really fast to make the blender whizz round and make the smoothie. We all enjoyed tasting it afterwards!


Here are photos of Red and Blue groups parent visits. Its was really great to see so many parents coming along to work with your children. We had a lovely afternoon working on our phonic skills  and doubling numbers using a dice. Thank you all for your positive feedback, the children really enjoyed the event.

Blue Group

Red Group


This week saw the start of our parent visits with Orange, Green and Yellow group grown-ups spending time in class with us. The children were very excited and it was great to see so many adults. We began the afternoon with phonics and the children recapped their single phonemes and then we moved on to our digraphs. These are very tricky but we all tried our very best to segment and blend challenging words. We then progressed onto our maths activities. Last week we were focusing on our money skills. We counted different quantities of pennies and designed different purses to hold different amounts of coins. We also identified different coins from 1ps to £2 coins. Thank you for all your positive comments and completing the evaluation forms so we can continue to make your visits productive and enjoyable. This week is the turn of Red and Blue group grown-ups to spend time in class, we look forward to seeing you.

Orange Group

Green Group

Yellow Group


This week we have been learning about Easter . We have been making cards for our families. We also had the opportunity to design our own envelopes. Miss Jones, Mrs Golden and Mrs Whybrow were very impressed with our writing today.


We really enjoyed our PE session this week and worked hard balancing beanbags on our shoulders, heads, backs and arms. We were really good at throwing and aiming the beanbags onto our shape mats and sitting on the mats and only throwing the beanbags as high as our heads. 


This week we our work has been all about the Rainbow Fish. We enjoyed collaging fish with tissue paper and thinking of all the things that make a good friend. We had some really good ideas, sharing toys, helping children who were hurt, using our kind words and helping to tidy the toys in the classroom up carefully and quickly. We used our maths skills to work out subtraction problems taking away the Rainbow Fishes scales.


Today it was our turn to visit the Family Centre.  It was great fun walking down the road wearing our PJs, we did get a few strange looks as you can imagine! We were all super sensible and we were a real credit to Ardleigh Green Infant School.


Also this week we had a visit from Mrs Barrett who came to work on our PE skills. We had lots of fun trying out the different games and inventing some of our own.


The Wonderful Wagtails are now at home in the Owl's classroom. We have all adjusted to the change really well. Miss Jones, Mrs Golden and Mrs Whybrow are so proud of us all. Everyone was super sensible coming into school this morning. Mr Morris popped in and said "Hello". We were all working so hard he thought we were Y2. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1


We finished the week off dressed in  red. We made origami dogs to stick on the front of our New Year cards. We carefully folded a square piece of paper into triangles to achieve the result. Miss Jones, Mrs Golden and Mrs Whybrow were amazed at our skills.  

Picture 1


Today was another exciting day in our Chinese New Year celebrations, we had a chef come to visit. He taught us how to cook and make vegetable pancake rolls. The rolling part was very tricky but we were all very keen to have a go. Everyone made two each and we are looking forward to taking them home and cooking them tonight for tea. We also got to design our own special chef's hat to wear which helped everyone to make perfect pancake rolls.


We practised writing our numbers in English and then in Chinese. We used our whiteboards and our smart board  to help. We did a really good job. What do you think?


We have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We worked hard with Darren and had fun performing a Chinese Traditional Dance.


The Wagtails have been working on our practical addition skills. We had to read the sum, then make it with cubes and calculate the answer.


We made Evil Pea soup which received a mixed reaction. We rescued peas from jelly. It was tricky because we had to use a straw and not our fingers. We completed Evil Pea sewing cards too.

 We have been thinking about villains, especially the Evil Pea from the Supertato stories. Here are some of the activities we have completed.


With the help of our superhero Supertato we have been working hard on our weighing and addition skills. 


This half termly topic is Superheroes.   The 'Wonderful Wagtails' have been working on their Superpowers.  Take a look at our photographs.

We designed a healthy lunch for the Superheroes to help them stay strong.

This weeks focus book was , Supertato by Sue Hendra. We wrote speech bubbles to suggest what the veggies might say.

Superhero paintings

We designed belts, crowns, cuffs and lego towers for Superheroes

We saved the Superhero number cards from the villains and put them in the correct order from 0 to 15. This helped us to check that we had rescued them all.

We ordered our Superheroes from the tallest to the shortest.

13/10/17 - Diwali Dance

Today we really enjoyed learning about Diwali and our Indian dance experience with Darren, we learnt the meaning of various hand gestures such as the lotus flower and fish. Miss Ansell and Miss Jones were very impressed with our enthusiasm to try a new experience and we quickly picked up the dance moves. We enjoyed performing our dance at the end to our classmates and teachers. 


This week The Wagtails have been working on capacity in maths, linked to the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.

We have been using different size containers to investigate which holds more and which holds less.

We also really enjoyed splashing about in the water and getting very wet. 


Please have a read through the document below which gives some helpful reminders for the children's first days at school.

Our first week in the Wagtails