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Woodpeckers 18-19

15/02/19  Happy Holidays!


Thank you to all Parents who attended progress meetings with us this week.  It is always so rewarding discussing how your child has improved since September and having the time to really talk. 


We hope you have a wonderful week off and look forward to seeing the Woodpeckers back on Monday 25th February to welcome their new topic of Wonderful Weather.


Please find below useful websites mentioned in some of the Parent Meeting discussions and of course continue to encourage your child's use of the Mathletics and Reading Eggs Apps.







14/02/19  Terrific Toy Story Topic!


The Woodpeckers have had a fantastic time exploring toys as a topic this half term.  We concluded our learning today in Geography talking about toys from around the world and those we had seen in the display cabinets at the Museum of Childhood.  We looked at an atlas and discussed where certain toys originated from and we were lucky enough to see Mrs Orr's beautiful hand-painted Russian Doll collection.


Test your child's knowledge when they come home and using this picture as a stimulus see if they can tell you:

  • Which country do the dolls originate from?
  • Which continent does this belong to?
  • What is the weather/climate like in Russia?
  • What material are the dolls made from?
  • How are they decorated?
  • What is special about the dolls?
Picture 1

13/02/19 Maths Measuring


The Woodpeckers have started the morning continuing their exploration of weighing in topic Maths. 


Pupils have tried to use non-standard units to measure items from their tables and then estimate and record how many of these units it takes to equal a standard weight.  They have been praised for their use of new vocabulary - weight, heaviest, lightest, balance, equal, grams (g) and kilograms (kg).


Children have been challenged to find standard units of weight in recipe books or on packaging labels on their next shopping trip.  Can they remember how many grams in a kilogram?

08/02/19 English Activity Fridays!


Children have continued to enjoy time on a Friday to explore their reading and spelling skills through games and tasks.  While some of the Woodpeckers undertook a comprehension quiz on Snowflakes today; others used their Phonic knowledge to sound button unfamiliar words or organise words into meaningful sentences for writing.  Well done Woodpeckers!

06/02/19 - Woodpeckers Chinese Dancing

The Woodpeckers finished off their morning with a dance workshop taken by Darren. The children discussed the traditional tale of Chinese New Year and then taught a dance routine. They even used props such as the parasol and the dragon. They all thoroughly enjoyed the session and no doubt will be telling you all about it this evening.

06/02/19 - Chinese New Year - Cookery

The Woodpeckers have had a fantastic day today. They started their morning off with a Chinese cookery class to start our Chinese New Year celebrations. The children had to use kitchen utensils to prepare their chow mein. First, they all washed their hands, then they chopped their own vegetables using knives; they were extremely responsible and sensible! The children then got to put all their ingredients and noodles into the wok and added some seasoning including garlic and soy sauce. This is a healthy meal everyone can do. They are taking these home this evening - so enjoy! 

 05/02/19 - Woodpeckers are acting!

Today the Woodpeckers worked in groups to act out an alternative ending to Toy Story 3. They really enjoyed being able to act out scenes from their favourite films!

01/02/19 Chinese New Year


With Chinese New Year approaching on Tuesday 5th February, children have begun to explore puzzles from this Asian country this week in their topic Maths. The Woodpeckers were very competitive solving Tangrams.  These are traditional Chinese puzzles made of a square divided into seven pieces (one parallelogram, one square and five triangles) that can be arranged to match particular design. 


Each group had a challenge of their own. Orange group made candles, Green group made cats, Yellow group made a running man, Red group made ducks and Blue were asked to arrange swans.


Next week we will be having Chinese Cooking lessons and a Chinese dance workshop. Look out for those pictures!


Picture 1

24/01/19 Toys from Long Ago


Today in History we explored toys from the past and during practical play encouraged the use of new vocabulary gained in Science (forces, push, pull, texture, soft, hard, fluffy, rigid) and History (questions, evidence, past, invented).  Children were encouraged to discuss the materials each toy was made from and ways in which to take turns to make the games of the past competitive.  We learnt that plastic was not invented in the 1900s and many toys were made from wood or metal as they were cheaper. 


The children remembered the toys we saw at the Toy Museum well and how they were used.  They also enjoyed using Marbles and Pick Up Sticks to score points against each other.


Thank you to all those who sent back their toy questionnaires.  We have now shared all of those under the visualiser and will begin to display these in class tomorrow. The children very much enjoyed talking about the toys you played with, as did the Staff who enjoyed reminiscing about the past!

23/01/19 Parents Evening Appointments


Thanks for all of the prompt slips sent back to book your slot, for the upcoming Parent Meetings, on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th February. Please note that these appointments are allocated on a first come first serve basis and wherever possible we will endeavour to match times with your first choice time, however times are filling fast so send them back as quick as possible please, especially if you have siblings in other classes throughout the school.  As before we will both be available to speak to you during your appointment.


Bookings will be made this week and we will send home your time slots on Monday in their book bags, so look out for those.


Many Thanks


Mrs Foulser and Miss Dodkins

23/01/19 Maths Meeting


Thanks to all those of you who made the Maths Learning Meetings today.  The link between home and school is crucial to keep children engaged and progressing in each and every subject. It is therefore important that we are all approaching Maths tasks in the same way to support your child.


Key strategies used within the school were shared at this meeting and for those of you still wishing to hear about these methods, we will be offering one more session at 6:30pm tonight, so come along!


Packs containing resources and useful sites to develop your child's enthusiasm for Maths will be sent home tomorrow in their book bags.

17/09/19 Sign2sing Link


As part of this years annual sign2sing, children will be learning sign language to accompany the Take That song 'Greatest Day' along with many other school children across the country.  This is an annual fundraising event, organised by the Deaf health charity SignHealth. It is the only mass participation signing event organised across the country and is a great opportunity to discuss with the children disability and this wonderful language that overcomes communication barriers for so many.


Some of the Woodpeckers have asked today that we put the link on our class page so they can practise at home with you in preparation, so here it is: 


or search Full 2018/2019 sign2sing tutorial with music, signs and subtiles on youtube search.



16/01/19 Our Visit to the V&A Museum of Childhood

16/01/19 On route home!


After a fabulous time at the Toy Museum, we are on the last leg of the journey home with some exhausted Woodpeckers. Fantastic behaviour all day from all. Give them lots of praise from us all. On set for normal pick up time. All other photos will be uploaded later on today.

16/01/19 Brilliant Morning!


Woodpeckers have taken part in a history of toys workshop with Teacher Kirsty this morning. We have looked at the materials old toys were made of and the games children played in the playgrounds of the past. Children even had time to make their own peg dolls to bring back for display. Just pausing for the all important lunch!!

16/01/19 We have arrived safe and very excited!


The Woodpeckers were very excited this morning but demonstrated exemplary behaviour on our journey to The Museum of Childhood. We arrived safely and will update you throughout the day with pictures and updates.

10/01/19 Welcome back to the Woodpeckers!


Welcome back to you all! 


It has been a busy week back in the classroom with partitioning numbers in Maths, into tens and ones (and even some champions venturing into hundreds numbers).  We have been writing instructions on how to play board games in English and had lots of excited discussions over our new topic Toy Story.


Children will spend this half term learning lots about toys of the past and present and will look at the materials toys in both times were made from and why.  The children are very excited about their upcoming visit to the Toy Museum and are keen to search for many of the toys we have seen in our research when looking around the exhibits next Wednesday. 


With this topic in mind, we have sent all you grown ups a challenge tonight in your child's book bag.  On the worksheet that children began today in History there is a section for you to think back and record your favourite toy from your own childhood.  This can be completed by Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, family friends but preferably someone who played as a child in another era for comparison.


When you are finished, send the worksheets back and we will use these as a discussion within our History lesson next Thursday.


Many thanks and happy reminiscing!



19/12/18 Last Day of Term and 2018!


What a wonderful first term!

The Woodpeckers have reached the end of their Year One journey in 2018 but we look forward to seeing them blossom in 2019 with more fun and challenges scheduled for the new year.


Thank you for your kind and generous gifts to mark the end of term.  We appreciate the thought and will certainly enjoy all the little treats over the Christmas period with our families.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting your child with reading, homework and school calendar events throughout the year and wish you and your families a wonderful winter break filled with fun, food and festive cheer.


The Year One Team


14/12/18 Christmas Food Fuelled Fun!


Woodpeckers have enjoyed a fun-filled day today by watching the Junior Wizard of Oz Pantomime and eating their Christmas lunch.  We were proud of their manners and the empty plates in the canteen today. 


The special Christmas dinner must have giving them the extra energy for all these cheers, for Mr Custard, this afternoon too!

Picture 1
Picture 2

13/12/18 Christmas Magic!


Following a look at Barnaby Bear's trip to Lapland and the different environment in Finland, the Woodpeckers embarked on their own little (imaginary) adventure to 'Santa's Workshop' this afternoon. 


The Woodpecker elves have been very busy as they:

  • Completed mystery festive mathematical challenges
  • Helped Mrs Claus decorate Gingerbread Men
  • Wrapped presents neatly to pack into Santa's sack
  • Decorated baubles with careful and bright colouring
  • Designed present wrapping ideas on the computer
  • Made and packaged magical reindeer food for Christmas Eve


As you can imagine they were all very excited and we

wonder how many of them share their Christmas treats

with you tonight?

06/12/18 Concert Week Superstars!


Apologies for the limited posts this week, we have been busy learning songs for the Christmas Nativity and we think you will agree the Woodpeckers, alongside the rest of Year One and Year Two, did an amazing job to retell the very first Christmas in our production of 'A Midwife Crisis'. 


Thank you all for coming to support your children.  They are always so proud to see you and showcase their singing and dancing skills.  We have some little stars of our own who shone throughout the performance!


We hope to continue the Christmas magic tomorrow at our Christmas Fayre and look forward to seeing some of you there!

Picture 1

22/11/18 Polite Reminder about Library Books


Thank you to all those of you supporting your child with their reading and love for books!



Please remember that Friday is our allocated slot in the Library and your child's only weekly opportunity to change their Library book.  Unfortunately we have a growing number of Woodpeckers who forget to bring in their library books each week and can mean they have the same book for a number of weeks without variation.  If you are having trouble finding your child's book, please let us know as the system will not allow them to borrow another book until the other book has been returned.  


Please let us continue to work together to promote the reading culture and shock Mrs Martin tomorrow with a full house set of library books please!



22/11/18 Maths Measuring


Today we have been using measuring scales to explore the terms heaviest, lightest and balanced.  In groups children used a variety of different counting materials to investigate the non-standard weight of different school equipment.  Children were praised for their correct use of the new vocabulary and made predictions about which objects would be heaviest and lightest before checking.  The Woodpeckers also got a chance to try out their new knowledge on the online game Seesaw Logic which can be found at  Some of the later levels made for some good discussions!

16/11/18 - People Who Help Us Locally

Today we were lucky to have Paul the local Lollipop Man come in to talk to the children about Road Safety.  His visit also concluded our work in English on question making.  This week children worked to generate some fantastic questions to find out more about the role of the Lollipop man, once again using the words Who? What? When? Why? Where? to get them started.


Children listened well as Paul asked the children to give a red or green light to certain road side behaviours and were amazed to hear that he keeps his uniform safely here in school in a special locker.  He even taught us a song he had written about road safety to the tune of 'The Wheels on the Bus'.


We thanked Paul for his time and enthusiasm talking to the children and when he explained to the children he only gets £200 a month for his important role we begun to understand his love for his job "to keep people safe"!

15/11/18 Repeating Patterns

The Woodpeckers have been discussing and revising their work on repeating patterns in Maths today.  We discussed shape patterns, colour patterns and naturally occurring patterns in nature.  Children have been set the challenge to talk about this with you tonight and see if they can spot any repeating patterns on wallpaper, tiles, carpets or in other places around the home.


Happy pattern hunting!

15/11/18 - Phonics Meeting

Thank you to the 17/30 parents who attended one of our three Phonics meetings yesterday. This was an informal meeting to demonstrate to you the way we teach your child Phonics with some resources to help you support at home. As promised, we have attached the PowerPoint so you are able to remind yourself of the terminology etc.


Any parents that were unable to attend are welcome to the resources, if you ask a member of Y1 on the door, we will ensure the pack goes into your child's book bag.


Thank you again for your continued support, it is so important to your child's education


Y1 Staff

13/11/18 - Phonics Meeting for Parents

Please do not forget to attend our Phonics meetings tomorrow. We have offered 3 different sessions, 9.15am, 2.30pm and 6.30pm. Unfortunately, as this will be held in a classroom and we will be limited on space we are unable to allow toddlers and younger children to attend. This meeting is to give you an overview and insight into how we teach your child Phonics in school and the government expectations for the end of Y1 to help you support at home.


We strongly recommend you attend this meeting if you are able to and thank you once again for your continued support


Y1 Staff

09/11/18  How do people in school help us?


This week in English the Woodpeckers have learnt to write a list of people in school who help them daily in different ways.  We focused on the structure of a list being written to the left hand side, with one idea below the next.  We also used the opportunity to talk about capital letters for proper nouns.


Then in groups the children wrote questions for a selection of the school staff from the list.  We used the 5 Ws to structure our questions (Who? What? When? Why? Where?) and discussed how sensible, well thoughtout questions could help us to find out more about the role of the Caretaker (Mr Prause), a Midday Assistant (Mrs Matthews), the Headteacher (Mrs Morris), a Teaching Assistant (Mrs Golden) and a member of the Office Staff (Mrs Millar).


Today the children got to interview these members of staff in the hall and collect answers to the questions they have worked so hard to create.  See if they can recall any of the information tonight at home?

07/11/18 Celebrating Diwali through Dance!


Today the Woodpeckers have celebrated the Hindu "Festival of Lights" known as Diwali by learning some traditional Indian dancing with Teacher Darren.  Children loved to learn about the symbols different dance moves represent and did particularly well to create this dance in only 45 minutes.  Well done Woodpeckers!


See if you can spot the butterfly, flame, lotus flower in the pictures below?

01/11/18 Welcome Back to Our New Topic in Woodpeckers




Welcome back to all our families.  The children have been introduced to their new topic for this half term, which we have named in Year One as "The Only Way Is Hornchurch". This is not linked to the reality show (other than in name) but will develop your child's knowledge of their local environment and the people in this community which are there to help them in different ways, e.g. Firefighter, Nurses, Police Officers, School Staff, Lollipop Man etc.


Today we began to talk to the children in Geography about their route to school and the directions, street furniture and landmarks they see along the way.  They will be coming home with an envelope tonight to write their full address on with you and return to school asap.  We will then choose envelopes throughout next week and using Google Maps and/or AA routeplanner plot your child's journey to school. 


Children in the past have always enjoyed this task and get quite competitive about the length of their journey to school!





18/10/18 What a Wonderful First Half Term!


Wow! We cannot believe the children have completed their first half term in Year One already!


We have had lots of fun and the children have all settled very well into their new environment.  Today we completed our week's learning on Number Bonds to 10 and took part in lots of fun showing how fast we can recall the pairs of numbers that make 10. This will be continued over the half term holiday in their homework sheet coming out tonight. 


If you notice your child is struggling to name two numbers that make 10 (e.g. 5+5, 6+4, 7+3 etc.) please give them a helping hand as it helps with many future Maths concepts.  If, on the other hand, your child can recall them at rapid speed, challenge them to learn the pairs of numbers that add to 20!


It has been lovely to meet you and your children this half term and we look forward to meeting many more of you at Parent Consultations tonight.


Have a nice break


The Year One Team

12/10/18 History Focus on Generations


The children absolutely loved bringing in their baby photos and playing games to guess who featured in each one.  Please note your child will be bringing these home tonight in their book bags.  Thank you all for sending them in!




Following on from this we have continued to discuss the process of time and linked this into generations and in particular our own family trees.  Today we discussed how Parents and Grandparents feature in different generations but are linked to our own History.  Next week children will be encouraged to record a simple family tree with themselves, siblings, Parents and Grandparents included.  Please talk to your child about what this might look like in your family. 


If you have any concerns over this topic, please let us know at the door


Many thanks

Miss Dodkins, Mrs Foulser and Mrs Martin

05/10/18 - Mathletics and Reading Eggs Meeting

Thank you to those of you who attended the refresher meetings.  If you were unable to attend and would like a copy of the information sheets, please put a note in your child's yellow diary. 

Just a reminder, on our school website under Parents Information, Useful Information, there is our school Calculation Policy.  Please refer to this when supporting your child at home.

Thank you for your continued support

Y1 staff

28/09/18 Testing our Senses


Continuing on with our 'This is Me' topic, we have tested our five senses this week in Science.  We have talked about how messages are sent to our brain and how the five senses help us to experience the world around us!


Can your child remember their five senses? 


We are sure they will all remember the sense of taste, as crisp flavour testing seemed to be the favourite activity!

21/09/18 Measuring Fun in Maths!


Children have spent the last two days in Maths exploring non-standard and standard measuring.  We have begun to use rulers and measure more accurately in centimetres.  Children have been prompted to use vocabulary such as longest, shortest, tallest, widest and narrowest as they measure.


If you have a ruler or tape measure at home your child could try measuring some of their favourite toys or even their brothers or sisters perhaps as a challenge!

14/09/18 - New Routines and Home Support Updates



Firstly, a big thank you to all the Parents who attended the Meet the Parent Meeting this Wednesday.  It was so nice to meet many of you.  For those of you that were unable to attend we have sent home the information packs for you to read over.  Please ask if you have any questions.


The Information packs and slides give further information but you will notice your child has come home tonight with their new Spelling and Sight Word Green books.  We kindly ask that you and/or your child do not write in these books.  They also now have their personal Mathletics and Reading Egg logins attached to their Reading Packets, again all explained in the meeting notes but please ask if you are having trouble.


Enjoy your Weekend


The Year One Team



07/09/18 - Welcome to the Woodpeckers!


We have completed our first week back in Year One and the children have settled into their new routines and environment very well.  Although we have had a few early mentions of 'tiredness' the children have attempted all the challenges set with enthusiasm and smiles and made us feel very proud to welcome them into our class.  We hope it continues!


Please help your child each day by making sure they have their:

  • Book bag and reading packet - signed if you read each night
  • Lunch box or dinner ticket
  • Named 'school style' water bottle - water only please
  • Named PE kit in school


PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday with the Wednesday currently scheduled as swimming for this half term.


Library day will be on a Friday when we get the children's login details set up and running.


We look forward to meeting you and passing over curriculum and other key information at the 'Meet the Teacher' Meeting next Wednesday at 2:45pm in the school hall.


Any other concerns please catch one of us at the door in the mornings or ask to speak to us at the office...we are all very approachable!


Many thanks


Mrs Foulser, Miss Dodkins and Mrs Martin