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18/07/18  End of Year Goodbyes!


Sadly we are coming to the end of a fantastic year in the Woodpeckers!


We have all enjoyed our year with your little ones and wish to say a little goodbye tomorrow (19.07.18) at 3pm in the classroom.  We would like to celebrate your child's individual achievements and send them on their way with certificates and a little gift.  You are welcome to drop in if possible to watch just before pick up.  Apologies for the short notice but as a job share/double act we all want to be there for this last farewell. 


Thank you so much for all the lovely report comment slips returned and your continued support to make this year a success for your child.  We have also loved working with you all too!


Kind Regards


Mrs Hoffman, Mrs Foulser and Mrs Martin

06/07/18 - Fun in the Sun!


What a day the Woodpeckers have had...


A visit from a farm, fun in the sand and water, fun and games on the field and all topped off with a visit from the ice-cream lady!


Again, the children were all well-behaved and polite - we are very proud of them.


We wish you all a lovely weekend and lots of fun in the sun!


Come on England!

28/06/18 Maths Muddle Puzzles!


We all remember the Rubix Cube...well today the children have had a go at their own Muddle Puzzle challenge!  In pairs, pupils have tried to join a continuous line without it escaping the page.  Their cries of "Easy Mrs Foulser!" soon changed as they muddled their way through.  We used words like rotate, anti-clockwise, clockwise, left turn and right turn to communicate with our partners.  Fantastic first, second and third places go to - Hima, Anna, Cicely, Teddy, Toby and Evaniya!

22/05/18 - HELP!!!


Today Sophia's pocket toy has gone missing from the Woodpecker's classroom. It is a purple squishy Koala which she got for her birthday.


Can you please check your child's book bag in case they picked it up by mistake.


Many thanks

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22/05/18 - Fantastic Builders!


The Woodpeckers have some fantastic builders in the class. During Decision time today a group of children worked very well together as a team to build this wonderful masterpiece.


Great teamwork!

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22/05/18 - Congratulations!


Well done to Alfie and Max who took part in a Football Tournament on Saturday. They were both eager to tell their news today and celebrate their win!

Well done boys!

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18/05/18 - Woodpeckers meet the Juice Bike!


Today children have taken part in a workshop to learn about healthy eating.  We now know to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and that a portion size should be the same size as one of our own handfuls.  We were surprised when some of us said we choose to drink Coca-Cola, to find there are 14 cubes of sugar in a small bottle - we may rethink drinking this now our lovely new grown up teeth are coming through!  Then the children cheered Mrs Foulser on, as she cycled on the Juice Bike, to blend some fruit together.  Tasting the fruit smoothie was great fun!

14/05/18 - Building Time


We have some amazing builders here in the Woodpeckers. This afternoon they have created their very own LEGOLAND. Great team work boys!

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02/05/18 - Phonics support at home


As the Year One phonics screening quickly approaches (early June) we are asking all parents to help your child with sounding out real and nonsense words.  They are all doing well but remember the pass mark is 32 out of 40 so quite high.  If your child needs a little extra help, we will have written to you and invited you in for a information session but extra practise would help everyone!


Please pay particular attention to words containing ir (like bird, stir etc), ue (like in glue or cuesplit diagraphs/silent e (like cake, swede, kite, hose, tube etc) and the alternative or graphemes au (like in sauce, haunt and the name Paul) and aw (like in paw, saw and crawl) as these are the ones we all still find tricky!  If you remind them to 'sound button' words you find they should know exactly what to do and this is a great tool to help them read the words accurately.


Here are some useful sites we use to practise these skills in school:



Past papers and guidance resources can also be found free if you scroll down on the following link:


The results of these tests are explained to you in your child's individual report at the end of the academic year.  Of course we wish for them all to pass, however, if they are reported with a 'fail' verdict, please do not be too alarmed, they will be supported to close the gaps in their phonic knowledge in Year Two.


Good luck to all our Woodpeckers


From Mrs Foulser, Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Martin


26/04/18 - Houses and Homes in our Local Area

Following on from our History and Geography topic of Houses and Homes, the Woodpeckers took a stroll around the block today to record the types of homes in the local area.  We managed to find a good 20 minutes of dry weather thankfully!


Children reportedly saw flats, semi-detached houses, detached houses, terraced homes and bungalows along the way.  Take a look back at these photos taken to test their knowledge.  Can they give the correct term for the type of home they see?

24/04/18 -The Woodpeckers go back in time!


Today, the Woodpeckers used their imaginations to go back in time to the Victorian times. They visited "Sudbury Manor" where they met Mrs Brown, the housekeeper. Mrs Brown told the children all about her job as a housekeeper and what she was expected to do.


The Woodpeckers were very kind and they all helped Mrs Brown to complete her chores of washing, ironing, scrubbing, lighting the fire and cleaning. What a busy morning they had!

17/04/18 - Welcome Back


Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed spending time with your children. The Easter holidays was full of fun for us and we both enjoyed days out, spending time with our own families and a house move for Mrs Foulser!


The children have returned to school full of enthusiasm for the term ahead. We have spoken to them about the importance of this term in Year One - phonics screening and the preparation for Year Two. We can't believe that it will soon be the end of the school year and we will be saying goodbye to them!  cool 


For us, this term is one where we progress is often more visible in the children, both academically and emotionally. They came to us in September as small 4 year olds who were still at the early stages of learning and now we are watching them develop into 6 year olds with their own enquiring minds.  This term we will continue to assess the children's progress regularly and you will be informed of their end progress in their formal end of Year Reports in July. These reports will also contain your child's phonics screening scores. However, If you have any questions regarding your child's progress or the term ahead please do not hesitate to talk to us.


Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Foulser

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27/03/18 - Parent Visits


Thank you to those parents who have visited us in the Woodpeckers during the past two weeks. We hope you have found the visits useful and a good insight into your child's morning in school. You now know hard they work!  

23/03/2018 - Sports Relief


This week the Woodpeckers have taken part in Sports Relief by ensuring they participated in daily exercise. Each day they ran 14 laps around our playground - what good sports!

16/03/18  World Book Day in the Woodpeckers!


We have had a great day (in our pyjamas) celebrating a belated World Book Day.  We have had games to play in Assembly, we have read Peace At Last as a class and studied the Author Jill Murphy.  Have a great time spending your book voucher and we hope you enjoy your next Bedtime read!


Happy Reading from


Mrs Foulser, Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Martin



Morning Woodpeckers! 


It seems such a long time ago that we were all together; first of all snow then a flood! What a surprise I had when I came into school last Monday and saw the Reception classrooms.


It has been a very busy week here and I have learnt lots about construction and health and safety - I'm looking forward to teaching again on Monday!


Today, I have been with the Year One teachers and have been planning our lessons for the next couple of weeks - there is lots of exciting learning coming your way! 


I hope that you have been good for your parents and have remembered to log on to Reading Eggs and Mathletics.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday


Mrs Hoffman

01/03/2018 - Snow Day


Morning Woodpeckers! 


We hope you are all enjoying the snow.

We are both missing you all and are looking forward to hearing your snow news when we finally return to school. 


Stay safe and warm 


Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Foulser

View from Mrs Hoffman's window today!

View from Mrs Hoffman's window today! 1

27/02/18 - Colour Mixing


This week the children have been looking at colour mixing. They have revised their knowledge of primary colours and are now able to mix them to make secondary colours.

22/02/18 Chinese Cooking with a Chef


Today children got to talk, chop, mix and cook their own Chow Mein with two chefs.  They did so well and have brought it home to share with you and test your skills with a pair of chopsticks.  Enjoy!

21/02/18 - Welcome Back!


Welcome back to the second half of the Spring term - we hope you all had an enjoyable half term with your families. We apologise for the lack of website updates recently - there appears to have been a technical issue with our class page. We hope that this has now been solved and we will endeavour to keep you updated with the learning and fun that takes place in the Woodpeckers.


The Woodpeckers all returned to school happy and ready for the term ahead. We started the week with an assembly about Chinese New Year.  This was followed by an afternoon of fun where we were fortunate to take part in an exciting Chinese dance workshop!



23/01/18 - Giving Change


This week the Woodpeckers have been continuing their work with money. Today we have been looking at giving change which the children found challenging.


Here is a website which your children can use at home to practise, please encourage them to use it.

22/01/18 - Shape Fun!


In preparation for our lesson on Tangrams later on in the week, the Woodpeckers have been having fun using shapes to make different pictures. We saw some very creative designs!

19/01/18 - Home Time

It has been the best day ever but it’s time to go home. 

19/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Woodpeckers are enjoying one last explore of the museum before we heard back to school.

19/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The woodpeckers had a great time playing with the old toys and making their own peg doll. 

19/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Woodpeckers are enjoying their talk and have sorted the old and new toys into two groups. 

19/01/18 - Lunchtime 

Tucking in!

19/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

The Woodpeckers are having a great time exploring the museum before lunch!

19/01/18 - Museum of Childhood

We have arrived at the Museum of Childhood and are excited to start our day learning about toys from the past.


17/01/18 Toy Shop Role Play

Following on from our last post, the children have worked hard to add coin values in Maths to pay for a selection of items in a toy shop role play today.  We also played the game Pay For It at'payforit  which you can play at home for some extra practise if you are keen.

16/01/18 - Money, Money, Money!


This week the Woodpeckers are practising using money in their Maths lessons.  We expect children to be able to identify the different coins and notes, order them according to their value and to be able to make different amounts.


Please support your child at them by allowing them to handle money and make different amounts.  

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15/01/18 - Fun in Technology!


Today the Woodpeckers have been having fun creating their own cup and ball toy. We begun the day by looking at the cup and ball toys from the Victorian times. We then worked together to write a set of instructions for how to make our own toy out of a plastic bottle and finally followed the instructions to make it this afternoon.

11/01/18 - Toys Old and New


Today we have combined our History and Science lessons to explore toys from past and present.  Thank you to all those families that returned their toy questionnaires.  The children enjoyed listening to toys of the past!  We looked at the materials toys through history were made from and children were surprised to hear that plastic was not around 100 years ago as it is used for many of our favourite classroom toys today!

05/01/18 - Messages & Reminders can tell the term has started; you have been inundated with Parentmails and messages!


To clarify here is a list of what has been sent home this week and what is required.


Toys - Now and Then Sheet

This sheet was sent home yesterday and is homework for the children and you to complete. Our new topic this term is based on Toys and in History we are finding out about toys from the past. Please complete this with your child and send in asap. Please do not worry about your drawings - we won't be assessing your ability to draw!


Teddy Bear

A Parentmail will be sent home today asking for the children to bring in a traditional Teddy Bear (not a soft toy character). The children will be doing observational drawings of these on Monday.


Drinks Bottles

Please can you send in any old 2 litre plastic drink bottles as the children will need these during the next couple of weeks as part of our Design and Technology project.


Trip Letter

Finally, can you please return the permission slip for our class trip by Monday. If you have any questions regarding the trip please don't hesitate to ask.


Thank you again for your support, have a great weekend.


Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Foulser

04/01/18 - Happy New Year!


Welcome back!


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending precious time with friends and family.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your generous Christmas gifts. You were all very kind and we were truly spoilt. It was a pleasure teaching the Woodpeckers last term and we are looking forward to the term ahead!


Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2018



Mrs Hoffman, Mrs Foulser and Mrs Martin



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14/12/17 Mr Custard Visits Year One!


Children are having a wonderful time being entertained by Mr Custard this afternoon.



13/12/17 Woodpecker elves hard at work today!


Children really got in the Christmas sprit this afternoon at our Santa's Workshop.  They were wrapping presents, decorating Gingerbread men, drawing Christmas items on 2Paint, colouring their own Christmas cards for loved ones and jazzing up their stockings.  Take at look at some of your little elves hard at work! 



So here we are the 1st December...the fun and festivities in school have begun!


A couple of reminders for the Woodpeckers...


As the weather has turned and we are experiencing some very cold spells, please encourage your child to be able to fasten their coats independently. We remind the children daily to fasten their coats and ensure that they are wrapped up; but we are still finding that some are still escaping with coats undone.


The Christmas concert is fast approaching and we are looking forward to sharing it with you. For your information the Woodpeckers will be sitting at the piano-end of the hall, so please enter through the first hall door for the best view of your child.


We are looking forward to seeing you all!


Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Foulser

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Today the Woodpeckers combined their topic on Traditional Stories, with our Science topic on Materials, to investigate the properties of different materials.  We explored which material would be best for making a home for the Three Little Pigs.  We thought that the third little pig was the smartest and definitely the better scientist making his house out of sturdy bricks!  We worked well in groups and made some accurate predictions about the materials we were given.


You could encourage your child's Science skills by asking them to state materials around the home - plastic, metal, paper, wood and fabric.  If they are confident with this ask them to name the properties of each material using words such as, rigid, flexible, dull, shiny, transparent, soft, hard, rough etc.

The best material for the job!


Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Y1 Phonics meetings last week. As promised, here are a list of websites you can use with your child at home and also a glossary of terminology. Thank you for your continued support.



Vowel digraph - two vowels which together make one vowel sound (the first vowel 'talks' whilst the second vowel 'walks') e.g. ai in rain makes the long a sound, oa in coat makes the long o sound

Digraph - two letters that go together to make one sound (mixture of consonants and vowels) e.g. sh in sheep, ow in cow.

Trigraph - three letters that go together to make one sound e.g. igh in light, air in chair.

Split Digraph - a phoneme with a silent e on the end making the vowel say its letter name rather than sound e.g. a-e in cake (the e is silent and the a is a long sound) or o-e in bone.

Blends - sounds which are often seen together but are not digraphs e.g. st in street, tr in train

Sound buttons - a way in which children distinguish between the different types of phonemes within in a word - single sounds are shown with a dot, digraphs and trigraphs with a dash and split digraphs with a smiley.

07/11/17 - School Disco Fun


The Woodpeckers had a lovely time this evening at the school disco.

20/10/17     Where did those weeks go?


Wow! What a busy half term!

Thank you for your support this term; the children have all made a positive transition to Year One and we are looking forward to the rest of the school year and helping them progress academically and socially.


It was lovely meeting you all this week for parents evening. Please remember that we are always willing to talk to you and answer any questions - just phone the office or  leave a message with an adult at the door and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Have a lovely half term!


Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Foulser


06/10/17 - Off to the Post Box!


Woodpeckers have been learning the school address in their Geography lessons and have tested their skills by sending a letter to the Puffins today.  Children walked beautifully to the local post box and thought about the routes they take from home to school.  You can continue to help their Geography skills at home by helping your child to learn their home address and discuss their route to school.

28/09/17 - Testing our senses in Science!

Woodpeckers have been enjoying some practical work on the Senses in Science.  We tested our ability to smell, see, touch, hear and taste today at a range of stations.  We really enjoyed this session and are thankful that our senses work so well in the Woodpeckers!

12/09/17    Welcome to The Woodpeckers


Mrs Hoffman, Mrs Foulser and Mrs Martin would like to welcome you all to the Woodpecker's page. We will endeavour to update this page frequently so you can see what your children are learning and experiencing in school. We will also post reminders and messages so please visit regularly.


The children have made a great start to Year One and have been a pleasure to teach during the last week. They are already getting used to their new timetable and have enjoyed a variety of activities.


We are looking forward to the year ahead with them.

12/09/17   - Reminders!


Now we have been in school a week can we have  a few reminders for you:


PE Kits

Children need a full PE kit in school, including plimsolls. Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday.


Dinner Tickets

Please ensure your child is prepared each morning for lunch. You should discuss with them what colour choice they will be having and they should have the correct dinner ticket. If you need a menu please ask at the office.


Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has a school water bottle (these can be purchased at the office) and that they are named.


Naming Clothes and Belongings

Please name your child's uniform and belongings. We already have a selection of items in the class with no names on.



If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact any of us.


Many thanks