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14/02/19  Happy half term


Just a quick note to say 'Thank you' for all your support this half term, it really has been a very positive term in the Wrens. Your continued support is really appreciated. Have a very safe and happy holiday.  We look forward to next half term and our topic of 'Under the Sea' where we will be learning about everything from pirates to sea creatures.


Thank you

Team Wrens

11/02/19  and  12/02/19  Our trip to Tesco


This week the Wrens have had the opportunity to visit Tesco to learn about healthy food. We all had a fantastic time and got to try some different fruits and vegetables. We learnt lots of new things (including the teachers) including where food comes from, types of food, all about sugar, how to recognise a fruit and how to make our own healthy breakfast. The children were impeccably behaved and Clover (the Tesco lady as she was known) commented on how brilliant the children were. Well done Wrens.


Here are some of the things we all learnt:


One portion of your 5 a day is roughly a child's handful.

A fruit is any food that has seeds including peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado.

Rhubarb is a vegetable.

Cinnamon comes from tree bark (think cinnamon sticks).

Prunes are dried plums.

Currants are dried black grapes.

There are 69 cubes of sugar in a whole box of Frosties and 13 in one 500ml bottle of coke.

A child's recommended daily allowance is 5.



The change4life app is fantastic for your phone if you want to keep an eye on the amount of added sugar in foods. It's free and available on the app store and is really easy to use. The children thought it was magic when Clover showed them how to use it.


Here are some photos of our day. 


08/02/19  Chinese cooking


Yesterday we had a visit from Paul the chef and he did some cooking with the children. He discussed different types of vegetable and we had to try to name them all. Only 1 Wren could name the cabbage as we all thought it was a lettuce! We discussed what we could use the vegetables for and where they came from, with some very interesting answers. Remember the supermarket and at home are great places to discuss with your child where food comes from and how it gets to your plate. Also cooking is fantastic for maths to learn about halves and quarters and numbers of objects. We all made a spring roll and had to listen very carefully to the instructions. The pastry folding was particularly challenging as we had to first shape it like a diamond! Then we had to stop half way and fold the edges in (all great mathematical vocab) and continue to roll it until it was complete. We hope you enjoyed them for tea!


Here are some us helping out the chef.

06/02/19  Chinese dancing


We have been learning all about Chinese new year this week in the Wrens. We have learnt many new things so please ask your child what they have learnt at school. Today we had dancing Darren visit. He taught us a traditional Chinese dance, one that he had earlier in the day taught to year 2 and the Wrens were amazing. We even has year 2 staff come and watch how good we were!  Here we are in action.

05/02/19   Jump giants in PE


Yesterday we had the large apparatus out in PE and were practising different types of jumps. We mastered a stretch jump, tuck jump and a star jump. At first some of us were a little nervous but by the end of the session we had all managed to use each piece of the equipment. We will be continuing to use large apparatus over the next few weeks. Here we are in action.


We still have some children who need some help organising themselves when getting dressed so please encourage your child to get themselves fully dressed as much as possible at home.


Thank you.

1/02/19  Tesco trip


We have re-scheduled the cancelled Tesco trip for the 12/2/19 in the morning. The children were very disappointed this morning, as were the staff who had come prepared for a hike!


Thank you to everyone that has sent in recycling materials for us to junk model with.


Have a lovely weekend

30/01/19 Maths


We have been working hard this week to consolidate our understanding of number and how that applies to addition. We have looked at using 10's and 1's to make teen numbers. Lots of the children found this tricky at first, to understand that the digit 1 in 14 represents a 10. We used nuimcon and lots of practical and visual resources to help us. Here is some of our excellent work.

29/01/19  Parents evening.


Parents evening appointments will be coming home in your child's reading packets tomorrow please could you keep an eye out for them. If your slip was not returned then a time has been allocated.

Thank you

23/01/19  School Councillors.


The Wrens held a democratic vote this week to elect our new school councillors. We talked about what a vote is and why they are important. We learnt that it is fair to vote when lots of different people want to do or say different things. We discussed when we might need to vote and how we could do it. We then voted for a girl and a boy who would be good role models for our class. We discussed how the elected children should be able to talk confidently in front of other people and be able to then relay the messages back to all our friends. It was a very close ran thing and everyone in the class received at least one vote from their peers. In the end it was CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel and Ruby who won with 4 votes each. Very well done. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

22/01/19  Marvellous measure


In maths we have been learning all about measure. We have explored length and weight and the children have used lots of different mathematical vocabulary to explain their thinking. We have used lots of practical resources to support our learning. I have even told the children that they have to be weighing and measuring when they go shopping, so sorry for that. It will make the Tesco's trip far more exciting I'm sure! We have also been discussing capacity and carrying out lots of practical maths which you can further explore at home.

Here we are in action.

18/01/19  Phonics homework.


Phonics books have now evolved into folders which have come home in your child's book bag tonight! They work exactly the same way as the previous books did, homework is expected to be returned on Tuesday and will be sent back out on Friday.


We are now working on CVC (Consonant- Vowel- Consonant) words which your child should be able to identify whilst sounding out then recording for each picture on their sheet. Please allow your child to write the sounds they can hear even if you are sound talking the word for them.  For example p-e-g..... peg.


If you child can complete their task with ease then you could extend the activity by asking them to spell the word without looking at it, use the word in a sentence which they could then write on the back using the correct punctuation.


Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you


Have a lovely weekend.



Here is a link to the PowerPoint that we discussed at the maths meetings. It has all the current and end of year expectations included. Happy reading!

15/01/19 Maths meeting


Thank you to everyone that attended the maths meetings this week I hope you found it useful. If there are any questions that you wish you had asked or thought of once you got home then please don't hesitate to catch me on the door in the morning or phone school to make an appointment to speak to me. Thank you for your continued support, it really does have a huge impact on your child's learning and I appreciate how difficult it can be.


For those that couldn't make it your child will be coming home with a pack in their book bag this week, I hope you find it helpful.

09/01/19  We are collecting!


As you know our topic this term is superheroes. We have endeavoured to make our classroom as appealing and inviting as possible for the children. Unfortunately we don't seem to have many actual superhero figures for the children to use. If anyone has any figures or vehicles that could be used for our topic, that the children no longer use at home we would really appreciate them. Here we are dressing up and building our own superhero cities. Thank you for your continued support.



Welcome back!


Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the coming year. The Wrens were back in full swing yesterday and we started as we mean to go on, even managing over 30 minutes of PE! Thank you all for your support with reading over the holidays, I appreciate how busy it is and how difficult it can be.


Our topic this term is 'SUPERHEROES' and we've started reading some texts and discussing special powers. I have told the children if they have any books they would like to share with their classmates that they can bring them into school in their book bags.


Here are some photos of us in action yesterday.

17/12/18  Christmas jumper day


The Wrens had a great day on Friday for Christmas jumper day and Christmas lunch. We are all really looking forward to our party tomorrow.

Picture 1

14/12/18  'Thank You'


The Wrens would like to say a huge thank you to all that attended our Christmas performance of 'Whoops a daisy Angel'. Thank you for your support and being a great audience. We look forward to performing for you again in the near future.


A massive well done to all the children for singing and performing brilliantly.

12/12/18  Keeping up the hard work


This week, although it's been concert week, the Wrens have continued to impress me with their attitude to learning. We have used numicon to help us with addition and have even started adding larger numbers. We have learnt the sounds th and ng and used them to help us write different words. We really are a clever bunch. Here is some examples of the work we have been doing. 

11/12/18  Eric the Elf


Our Elf has been up to mischief again in the Wrens. Introducing 'Eric' the cleanest Elf in town!

Picture 1
Picture 2

05/12/18  Learning Journals

Just a little reminder that if your child has any real 'WOW' moments at home or completes a piece of work that they are really proud of, then please send it into school and we can stick it into their learning journals. We are constantly updating them with independent work that your child completes during the day and would really appreciate any work from home. This can also be a post it note, hand written, with something that your child has said or done that is a sign of progress for them personally. Here are some examples of some we have.

Thank you

Team Wrens

Picture 1

03/12/18  Advent in the Wrens

Christmas has well and truly arrived in the Wrens and the Christmas fairies had put up and decorated a tree on Friday while Mr Cunningham was away. A big 'Thank You' To Mrs Bennett, Miss Cheeseman and Mrs Whybrow who have made the classroom all Christmassy!!


Here is our class Advent calendar that was made by the children and beautifully put together by a very creative Mrs Bennett. So far 3 children have opened their bauble and received a golden chocolate coin. We have been learning about what advent is and signs of advent around school and at home. Please have a discussion with your children about why we celebrate Christmas and what Advent is all about. We had some very interesting conversations and some real misconceptions to correct today!!

Picture 1

29/11/18  Christmas performance

Some parents have asked about costumes for the performance, please don't worry we have all the outfits we need in school. The only children who need an outfit are those that have been given letters, our narrators. Please look in your child's book bag to see if they have been given any lines to learn for the Christmas play. Any support and practise you could give them at home would be gratefully appreciated! We have had 1 full run through and all the children did really well.


Wednesday 12th is the day!



27/11/18  Barnaby Bear

Our resident travelling Bear 'Barnaby' has been visiting some of the Wrens in the past few weeks. He really enjoys coming home with the children at the weekend. Big thank you to the two Wrens who have looked after him so far and he is looking forward to spending time with some of our other friends in the coming weeks.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

23/11/18  Reading at home


Please continue to read with your child at home EVERY night. We had the lowest score of the 3 reception classes this week despite having the most the previous 2 weeks. Also please remember to initial your child's reading record as this is how we check if they have read or not, if its not signed then we cant give them a sticker at school. It really is so important, Thank you to the 17 children and parents who did read at home this week.


Here we are during our phonics session this week practising our reading and writing.

22/11/18  Maths


We have worked really hard in maths this week and have used lots of different resources to help us learn more about the concept of numbers. Here we are working hard.

16/11/18 Children in Need day!

Today we have came to school with big smiles on our faces. We are raising money for Children in Need. We are all having such a good day. Have a great weekend everyone

12/11/18  PE success!

Today we had an excellent PE session as we were all really speedy at getting dressed. Well done to Katie, Billy and Krish who were much improved getting ready this week. Well done!


We actually had time in the hall to get through all our activities. Please continue to let your child get themselves dressed at home. Thank you.  

09/11/18 - Phonics

As the children have been reading we have noticed that rhyme and rhyming words have proven particularly difficult for most of our children. Please could you practise rhyming strings with your children at any opportunity. Play games such as can they spot the odd one out e.g. hot, pot, hat, got or give me the next word in sat, pat, splat, cat.

This will support your child's work in phonics and also help when blending and segmenting words to write. We have worked really hard this week in phonics and have been practising writing cvc words using all the graphemes we have covered. For example, got, him, mug, pin, kick, men, dad, bin. All the children have been practising daily writing their name, and we have had lots of success. All the children have improved their letter formation and we are trying hard to remember the tricky letters like k, d and e. Please continue to support your child with this at any opportunity.


Also we have discussed and thought about Remembrance Day this this week.


Thank you, have a lovely weekend.

7/11/18  The week so far

This week the Wrens have been learning all about shape in maths. We have looked closely at 2d shapes and some of their properties. We can identify some common everyday shapes and we are beginning to describe them. To support your child further at home please look for shapes in the environment such as signs, at the supermarket, buildings etc. See if the children can spot them everywhere! Here we are having fun and learning about shape.


Wow! What a busy week we have had so far in the Wrens. Today we had a visit from 'Dancing Darren' to help us learn a traditional Indian dance. The children were fantastic and loved every minute. We have learnt all about Diwali this week and the story behind the festival. The children have loved it. Here are some photos of us in action.

1/11/18  Space


Our space topic is now full throttle and the children have really enjoyed learning about space through a range of different activities. We have learnt about planets, the sun, gravity and have even been thinking about what we would like to take on a space visit. The children are really enjoying the theme, thank you to those that have brought books and objects from home to support our learning in class.

31/10/18 - Reading


Thank you for your continued support with your child's reading, it really is having an impact on their learning at school.

Well done to all the children who learnt to read their 5 new sight words this week, however a special mention to Aaryan, who read not only his 5 new words but also used his independent learning time to practise writing them! He successfully segmented s-ee and c-a-n and formed his letters correctly! Well done Aaryan!


Please continue to read with your child every night including the words in their green book. Remember you can read anything to your children, Roald Dahl, Julia Donadlson, the newspaper and get them to spot the words from their green book in them.


Image result for reading quote children


 "We have an obligation to read aloud to our children. To read them things they enjoy. To read to them stories we are already tired of. To do the voices, to make it interesting, and not to stop reading to them just because they learn to read themselves".

30/10/18  Maths


This week in maths we have been learning about the concept of numbers to 10 (and beyond for some children) and how we can represent those numbers in different ways. We have looked at the dice and children have recognised the numbers quickly. They know that the mathematical vocabulary for this is to subotise, to instantly recognise the numbers in a set. Subitising is an essential part of developing a sense of number, helping children to relate numbers to actual items or groups of items. This is also known as number conservation.

Here is a link to a video we used to help us. Of course we danced along to it too!


We have also been thinking carefully about how to form numbers correctly. Our problematic numbers are 2,5,7 and 9. We have used rhyme and catchphrases to help us remember how to form numbers correctly, for example, with 2 we say "hands round to knees and straight across please" for 5 we say "straight hat, straight back and a big fat belly".


We also use a program in school called ten town which the children absolutely love. Here is a link to the web page.





18/10/18 - Our first half term

The Wrens have had a fantastic first half term and we have all learnt so many new things already. We have had fun making new relationships and learning new routines. We have tried lots of new and exciting things already and look forward to our next learning journey.


Thank you for all your support at home, it is greatly appreciated and really does make a difference to your childs progress in recpetion. So many of our children in the Wrens have developed a love for reading and story telling, including learning lots of new words.


Our topic for next half term is SPACE. If you have anything at home that could be used for this topic please feel free to send it in with your child to share with their friends.


Lastly, here are some photos of the children in action.

Have a great half term.

29/09/18 - Our first full week

Our first full week with all 30 children has come to an end!  I think the realisation that school is a place the children come to learn and not just play has hit home! I recognise it can be difficult as parents to see your child upset, however I can assure you the children are absolutely fine once that initial separation has happened. Its been a very busy week in the Wrens classroom with lots of new routines to learn and lots of things to remember which can be a little overwhelming for some, however we are very positive with the attitude and skills the children have demonstrated so far this week. Please don't worry.



This week the Wrens have been thinking hard about counting accurately. We have learnt to touch count and improve our 1:1 correspondence. We used multi-link and a 1-10 number chart. Some children then took their learning further by using magnetic numbers to order to 20 and then had a go at counting 20 objects. Here we are learning about number.

17/09/18  - Our first week

The children have all had their first week at school and I have to say they have been excellent. We are really pleased with how they have came into school, got used to the routines of reception and how they have adapted to their new surroundings.

This week we have had our first child of the the week assembly and again the children were excellent, Mrs Morris was very impressed with the Wrens. We also have our older children staying for lunch which they are very excited about.


Thank you all for your support.

10/09/18 - Welcome

Welcome to the Wrens' class page. We will be updating this page regularly with photographs and notes about all the things we get up to at school. Thank you for all attending the parents interviews I hope you found them useful and informative. 



Our first day!

All the children came in to school for their first day remarkably well, so a massive well done to you all. I know it's sometimes harder as a parent to see them come in, and leave them however they all settled really quickly and have begun to learn the routines of the day. Here are some photos of the children on their first day.