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Year 1

06/01/20 - Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Spring Term! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with your children and feel refreshed! Once again, we would like to thank you for your kind wishes, cards and gifts before Christmas. The whole team were overwhelmed by the generosity!


This half term our topic is 'Toy Story' and we will be learning all about toys today, alongside toys from the past. Feel free to show your children any toys you have from your childhood, or even better, grandparents and great grandparents. We will be discussing the differences as well as the similarities. This week will be our introduction week and then next week each class will be visiting the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood to experience toys from all generations. They will also have an hour talk by a member of staff at the museum where they will be able to ask questions, play with toys and make their own! We are all very excited. If you have not returned your consent form or paid via sQuid please do so asap. Without the consent form your child will not be able to attend the trip! 



Please ensure all children have their full P.E. kit returned by their P.E. days displayed on the windows at the Y1 door. 

Dinner tickets are no longer needed in school but please ensure children know what they are having before they come in to save upset and confusion.

Please hear your child read every night - Y1 really want to win the Regular Reader award!


Important dates

15th Jan - Puffins Trip to the Museum of Childhood

16th Jan - Woodpeckers Trip to the Museum of Childhood

17th Jan - Kingfishers Trip to the Museum of Childhood

22nd/23rd/24th Jan - Chinese New Year Celebrations

11th/13th Feb - Parents Consultations

14th Feb - Inset Day - school closed to children


Thank you for your continued support

Y1 Team

06/12/19 - Christmas is Coming 

We hope you are all prepared and ready for Christmas! This week has seen the first week of December and the first week of our Christmas activities. The children have all been very excited! We hope you enjoyed our concerts this week and liked our singing plus our very creative hats. Thank you to everyone who came to one, if not more, of our concerts. Tonight is our Christmas Fayre arranged by our fantastic PA. Please pop along straight from school and show your support. Over the next couple of weeks we have some very exciting events and activities to continue to get us in the Christmas spirit.


We will be lucky enough to watch the YR concert as well as the Junior concert, we have Mr Custard coming in to entertain us, Christmas dinner, can wear our Christmas jumpers, Christmas parties and will be making lots of Christmas bits in classes. We also get to visit our local church to end our topic 'The Only Way is Hornchurch' and find out about the true meaning of Christmas. 

If you haven’t already sent back your consent form for our trip please do so ASAP! We would ideally like these all collected by the end of the term so we are ready to go in January. We now take payments via sQuid so please do not send money in an envelope as we can no longer accept these.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend and thank you again for your continued support! The Puffins and Kingfishers were joint winners of our Regular Readers, let’s see if the Woodpeckers can catch up with us next week! 

Y1 Teachers 

07/11/19 - Maths Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended one of our Y1 Maths meetings yesterday! We hope you found this useful and you feel more confident when supporting your child at home. We have attached the power point for your own reference and you also have access to our calculations policy on our website if you are unsure of some of the methods we use.


Thank you again for your continued support


Y1 Teachers

28/10/19 - Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the second half of our Autumn term! We hope you all had a great week off and the children are raring to go for the next 8 weeks. This week we will be introducing our new topic 'The Only Way is Hornchurch'. This will involve the children getting to know their local community, thinking about the History of Ardleigh Green and the people who live or have lived here. We will also be looking at the author Nick Butterworth who wrote the Percy the Park Keeper stories inspired by his time spent in Raphael's Park. Feel free to read some of these with your children at home over the next half term.



Please do not forget there will be NO SWIMMING now until after Easter. P.E. will now replace Swimming time so children do need to bring in their P.E. kits (named please) asap.

Kingfishers  - Tuesday and Wednesday

Puffins - Tuesday and Thursday

Woodpeckers - Tuesday and Wednesday


Autumn has officially arrived and the temperature has dropped. Please make sure children bring a coat to school as they will be asked to wear this during play times and lunch times now - again, please make sure these are named especially if the children wear a school coat, they are often found on the floor rather than their peg.



Please do not forget to read every night with your child and ensure their yellow reading diary is signed so the children are able to change their book. We do have rewards for children who read every day and celebrate the class with the most readers weekly.


Important Dates

1st November - Individual/Sibling photos

6th November - Y1 Maths Meetings for parents - 9.15am, 14.30, 18.30

15th November - Children in Need - non uniform day

26th November - Kingfishers class assembly to parents (14.45)

27th November - Puffins class assembly to parents (14.45)

28th November - Woodpeckers class assembly to parents (14.45)

29th November - Flu vaccination

3rd December - Y1/2 Christmas Concert

4th December - Y1/2 Christmas Concert

5th December - Y1/2 Christmas Concert

6th December - Christmas Fayre (after school)

13th December - Christmas dinner for the children

17th December - Y1 visit to the local church

19th December - Christmas party for children

19th December - Last day of term!


Thank you for your continued support

Y1 Teachers

17/10/19 - Happy Half Term!

One half term down, five to go! We cannot believe your children have been in Y1 for a whole 7 weeks now! This half term the children have enjoyed participating in our topic 'Marvellous Me' and we hope they are able to tell you lots of new facts they have learned! Please remember to follow us on twitter @AGInfschool to see any pictures of your children completing their work and taking part in new activities.



Your children are coming home with extra books for the half term but please feel free to read any books from home if you want to continue reading a variety of texts! Do not forget to sign the reading record, Year 1 have been the best year group for reading this half term but none of us were the overall class winners and didn't get the cupcake party. We are hopeful for next half term



As usual, spellings are coming home and your child will be tested the first Friday back at school



You will notice your child now has their first piece of maths homework. This will be a regular Friday occurrence now and will ALWAYS be related to our learning in the classroom that week. This week it is working around number bonds, if your child completes number bonds to 10 easily, feel free to challenge them with number bonds to 20 like we have been doing in school. They also have 2 dice coming home. These can be cut and made and kept at home if you wish to ask your children comprehension questions when reading with them. This is just a fun way to encourage your child to talk about the story!


P.E. Bags

Your child will have brought their P.E. bag home to be washed. Please can these be returned on the first week back! Children will no longer be swimming next half term so P.E. kits will be needed.


Autumn 2nd

Next half term our topic will be 'The Only Way is Hornchurch' and will be looking at the local community and people who help us! Whilst you're walking or driving around please look at different landmarks and places around the area to help prepare them.


Have a safe and happy half term and we will see you back at school on Monday 28th October!


Y1 Teachers

09/10/19 - Phonics and Reading Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who attended one of our three Reading and Phonics meetings today! Your support is key to your child's learning and makes a very big difference. The powerpoint has been attached for you to refer to at any point. We hope you found our meeting helpful. Please do not worry about the Phonics Screening Test at this stage and if your child is unable to locate some of the sounds on your Phonics mat, it may mean we have not taught these sounds yet, we are still working through Phase 5.


Thank you again for your continued support


Year One Teachers

02/10/19 - Reminders


P.E. Clothes and School Uniform

Please remember to ensure all of your child's belongings are named. There have been a few children misplacing cardigans, jumpers and even shoes over the last week and these are much easier to locate if they have names in them.


Parents Evening

The online parents evening system will be going live tonight so please do not forget to sign up for a slot to meet your teacher.


Phonics Meeting

You should have all received a Survey Monkey about our upcoming Phonics meeting on Wednesday 9th October. Please do not forget to sign up and attend this meeting as it will give you an insight into how we teach your child and was in which to support the children at home.


Regular Readers

The Kingfishers were the overall winners last week and Year One were the winning year group. Thank you to all parents who support their child daily at home. Reading is very important and once children are able to read it enables them to access so much more. Please ensure your child's reading record is signed every night otherwise they will not get to change their books. We really hope it will be at least one of our Year One classes receiving the cupcake party in the next couple of weeks.


Thank you for your continued support


Year One Teachers

25/09/19 - Reading Packet Reminders


For those who were unable to attend our 'Meet the Teacher' meeting and are unsure about the different books in the reading packet, here is a reminder for you to refer to throughout the year if need be.


All reading packets will have:

Green books - these are for sight words and children need to be able to read these only. We will test these in a different order to ensure children have not just memorised the words so please ensure you do not test from top to bottom each time.

Blue books - these are spelling books, each Friday the children will come home with 6 spellings, they will have a week to learn these and be tested the following Friday. They will also receive their new spellings the same day.



Yellow Reading Record - these are home school books that adults in school will write in when they hear your child read. Please write in these when you hear your child read at home as these are checked each day and the children are only allowed to change their colour band books if these have been signed.


ORT Book - If your child is still working through the ORT scheme books they will have one book each week that is changed by the teacher when your child reads to them. If your child is on to colour band books (usually yellow and above) they will not have an ORT scheme book but may choose one with a colour band stuck on them.


Colour Band Book - Your child chooses these books from the book boxes in the corridor each day if their reading record has been signed. We do encourage your child to choose books they have not previously had. If they have recently moved to a new band, we will encourage them to choose ORT books as the words are more familiar. As their confidence grows we may then write in the reading record that they are no longer allowed these books to ensure they experience harder texts also.


Thank you for your continued support

Y1 Teachers

05/09/19 - Welcome Back to 2019/20


Welcome back to a new academic year, we were really excited to greet our new children today and the majority came in with happy faces ready to see some of their friends they have missed over the last six weeks. All children have settled in well and all teachers and TAs were amazed at their abilities. We can tell there has been lots of practise at home over the Summer with many children!


Summer Diaries

Thank you for the summer diaries we have received so far, these will be looked at over a few weeks so please do not worry if yours is not yet finished, we will take these in at any time. Remember to reassure your child if their summer diary has not been looked at over the next week or so that we have so many and we are gradually working through them all.



Please ensure all medication is in date and sent into school for your child as soon as possible. If your child previously had medication and no longer needs this can you inform the office. If we have an asthma card for your children we will require a pump unless we are notified.


Meet the Teacher

Y1 will hold a meeting at 2.45pm on Wednesday 18th September just to go through daily routines and expectations in Y1. This will be an informal meeting and last approximately 20 minutes. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any general questions (please no questions about particular children, you will need to arrange a meeting with your child's teacher in this instance)


Reading Packets

Your child will not yet have received their reading packet. This week and next week we will be assessing your children on sounds and words learned in YR. Once the assessments come to an end, your child will come home with their reading packet. They will have a new green word book. Please do not worry if some words we send home are the same as last year, children can regress over the 6 week period and may need a little extra practise with these words. Your reading packets should be sent home w/c 16th September


Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to spending the next year working in partnership with each other.


Y1 Teachers

04/06/19 - Welcome Back

Welcome back, we hope everyone had a lovely half term.


We are on the final countdown now! In 7 and a half weeks time your children will be ready to move up to Y2. For the first two weeks we are continuing with our previous topic of Grand Designs. This is due to the first half term being so short.


Our new topic will commence in week 3 and will be called 'Growing Up' where children will focus on plants, parts of plants, how they grow and have the opportunity to complete a number of investigations. We will also be going on a school trip to Hyde Hall to look at plants and learn new facts.


The Phonics Screening test will be completed the week commencing 10th June. Please do not worry about this, the children are very used to the different types of words and sound buttoning. We hope the children enjoyed completing their homework based around this.


Thank you for your continued support


Y1 Teachers

23/05/19 - Phonics Meeting

The slides from the Phonics meeting to remind parents of the terminology and sounds used for the half term homework

29/04/19 - Welcome Back

Welcome back to a very short half term! This half term the topic will be 'Grand Designs' and the children will be learning all about different houses and homes and comparing modern day homes with those in the Victorian times.


We have a visit from Mrs Brown to show the children around a 'Victorian mansion' and explain her role as a servant in the second week.


Do not forget week 1 is a 4 day week - Friday 3rd May is an Inset Day

Week 2 is another 4 day week - Monday 6th May is bank holiday

Week 3 is a normal week (finally!)

Week 4 is a 4 day week for children as Thursday 23rd May is now a polling day. Staff will be in school training and preparing resources!


Hopefully the sun will be out by then! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter break!


Year One Team!

04/03/19 - Welcome to our new Y1 page


Welcome back to the second half of our Spring term. As a school, we have decided to use our twitter page to communicate class photos and news to parents. Please make sure you follow us -  @AGInfschool to keep updated!


This half term our topic is 'Wonderful Weather' and the children will be learning all about different weather types, seasons, how these differ around the world and touching on extreme weather. Feel free to speak to your children about any of these throughout the half term and we hope they enjoy telling you all the things they have been learning when they come home.


Important dates for this half term

4th March - Kingfishers Class Assembly

5th March - Puffins Class Assembly

6th March - Woodpeckers Class Assembly

8th March - Dress up Day - All Things Magical Theme

12th March - World Maths Day (remember to return hats on this day)

29th March - Mothers Day Sale

12th March - Last day of term


This half term we also have our 'Fly on the Wall' sessions where parents are invited in to work alongside their child for the morning. You should all have received your invitation last week, please return these asap so your teacher is able to account for how many extra adults they will have in that day. These dates are not able to be changed so we apologise in advance if you cannot make yours but we welcome grandparents or other family members/adults that can attend in your absence.


25th March - Orange English Group

26th March - Green English Group

27th March - Yellow English Group

1st April -Red English Group

2nd April - Blue English Group


Thank you for your continued support

Y1 Teachers