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Year 2

13.01.20 - Maths Homework 

Some children found the maths homework challenging.   Please refer to the Calculations Policy via this website - Parents - Useful Information - Calculations Policy to see the relevant method, copied below. It is really important that your child uses this method at home to support them with their learning in school. 

The children needed to underline key numbers and use the multiplication method to find the answers. 

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks in advance for your continued support. 

Miss Hitchcock 

3 x 5 =





   (3 circles drawn with 5 dots in each)    


      5        +       5       +       5          = 15


  • Underline the first number
  • Draw your circles (3 for this eg)
  • Look at the second number. Draw this number of dots in each of the large circles.
  • Count your dots and write the answer next to the equals sign.
Write your repeated addition sum underneath the circles.

Circles – Multiplication (for larger numbers)


4 x 25 =




                            (each written in a circle)











      20      +      20     +      20      +      20      = 80

        5      +        5     +        5      +        5      = 20


               80  + 20   =   100 

6.1.20 - Our new topic 'Fire,Fire' 

Our new topic is 'Fire,Fire'.  We will spend lots of time exploring the Great Fire of London. 

Some key vocabulary:

leather bucket
fire hook
Samuel Pepys
Pudding Lane 
Seething Lane
Thomas Farynor 
River Thames 

07.11.19 - Topic Vocabulary

Our new topic is Splash of Colour! In each classroom we have a topic wall and it contains lots of vocabulary that we will be discussing this half term.  It would be great to discuss these at home too! 











light source



















31.10.19 - English and Maths meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the meetings.  We hope that you find the information in the pack useful.  Here is the PowerPoint presentation. 



Curriculum Update 

Now that we are half way through our first topic, 'Woodland Warriors', we hope that your children have been talking about their learning at home. Remember to refer to the overviews on the curriculum page if you want to find out more.  We also hope that you have enjoyed discussing the Pupil Passport and Worldly Wise documents.


This week is National Poetry Week and we have been writing, reciting and performing poetry in class.  If your child has a favourite poem please send the book into school to share with the class.


Thank you to the adults of our Regular Readers who read every night at home.  We hope that you are enjoying using the bookmark and finding it to be a useful tool when to questioning and discussing the books that your child is choosing. 


Allergies for cooking 

Next week we will be peeling, chopping and using fruit to design a fruit tree as part of our cooking curriculum.  The children will be handling and eating the fruit in class so please ensure that any allergy information for your child is up to date. If you need to make us aware of any new allergies please let an adult on the Y2 door know and they can pass the message to class teachers.


Harvest Gifts 

Thank you for your gifts so far. Donations will be collected on Wednesday 9th October.


Parents Evening 

Please use the online system to book a slot to see your child's class teacher. 


Thank you in advance,

Miss Hitchcock                                        Mrs Lewis                                   Miss Charles

Year Group Leader 






Welcome to a new academic year! 05.09.19

We were delighted to welcome a new cohort of Y2 children this morning and they have all settled well into their new classrooms.

We hope that you have had an enjoyable and restful Summer break - thank you for the holiday diaries that we have received so far.  Please continue to send these in over the course of the next few weeks and we will keep them in the classrooms for the children to share and enjoy. 


PE and swimming days are posted on the windows by the Y2 morning door so please check these as they have changed from previous years.

Over the course of the two weeks we will be busy assessing your child.  You will then receive their reading packets, word books and spelling books. 


There will be a meet the teacher meeting on Thursday 19th September at 2.45 in the Infant hall.  There will be coffee in the canteen at 2.30. The purpose of the meeting is for us to give you key Y2 information, as well as a chance for you to ask us any general questions.  We hope to see you all then!



Please ensure that medication is sent back into school as soon as possible. 

If your child has an asthma card in school we are required to have a pump for them.  If they are no longer asthmatic please put this in writing so that we can remove them from the list.


Thanks in advance for your support, 


Y2 Staff 





End of Term - 12.04.19

Thank you for your support this term.  We hope that you found both the SATs meetings and the fly on the wall sessions useful.  It was great to have you in the classroom working alongside your child for the morning!


What an exciting topic 'Heroes and Heroines' has been, we have learnt so much!

We are now looking forward to a new topic, 'We are Britain!'

Please have a look at our topic overview in the Curriculum area of the website to see some of the things we will be learning about. 


After the holidays we will be carrying out SATs tests, please refer to the important information that was sent in your child's book bag.  Remember not to mention these to your child as we do not want to make them anxious. 

Due to these assessments there will be no weekly spellings, weekly mental maths tests, lunchtime clubs, Rapid Readers or Reading Raiders. After school clubs will run as normal.


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Hitchcock                                Mrs Lewis                                  Miss Charles 

Year Group Leader 


Welcome and Dates - 04.03.19

Welcome to our new year group page. Please now refer to our Twitter page to see class specific photos of learning in school. 


Year Group Dates:


Owls Pizza Express - Thursday 7th March


Class Assemblies - a chance for the children to share what they have been learning.

Robins Class Assembly - Monday 11th March 2.45-3.10

Owls Class Assembly - Tuesday 12th March 2.45-3.10

Penguins Class Assembly - Wednesday 13th March 2.45-3.10


Y2 SATS Workshops - to enable you to see past papers and provide tips for supporting your children at home. Nearer the time we will be asking you to sign up to attend one of the following sessions:
Wednesday 3rd April:

09:15 - 10:00

14.30 - 3.15



Y2 parental visits to classrooms - a chance to work alongside your child for the morning.

Please ask your child which colour group they are for English, however you will be receiving your personal invite very soon!

Monday 8th April - Orange English group

Tuesday 9th April - Green English group

Wednesday 10th April - Yellow English group

Thursday 11th April - Red English group

Friday 12th April - Blue English group



Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you all at the above events, very soon!

Y2 Staff




Heroes and Heroines

Our topic for this half term is 'Heroes and Heroines'  to see our full curriculum topic overview please see:

Key Information - Curriculum - Y2 Curriculum Overviews 2018-19