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Admission Arrangements

Havering Council (the local authority) is the admission authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools in the London Borough of Havering.


This means that the Council sets the oversubscription criteria and makes the decisions as to which pupils are admitted to these schools.  The determined admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled infant, junior, primary and secondary schools in the borough can be viewed on the Havering website.


Children with an Education Health and Care Plan are processed outside of the normal admissions arrangements.


When the demand exceeds the number of places available at the school, places are allocated by applying the following criteria in descending order of priority to applicants who have expressed any preference for the school:


  1. Looked after children and children who were previously looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order).
  2. Exceptional social or exceptional medical grounds
  3. The attendance at the school of a sibling;
  4. The distance of the home address from the school, as measured by a straight line from the school, those pupils living nearer the school being given higher priority.


If, because of oversubscription in any of the categories 1) to 3) above, it is necessary to distinguish between applicants, the distance of the applicant’s home address from the school, as measured by a straight line from the school, will be used with those pupils living nearer the school being given higher priority.


Ardleigh Green Infant School is a three form entry Infant school.  The standard admission number is 90.  In September 2018, 474 children applied for 90 Reception places.  One child was admitted to fill a place that arose of the family moving out of the area. 


Pupil mobility is very low, but when places do become available as a result of families moving from the area they are quickly filled. 


The school does not hold a waiting list; this is administered by Havering Council. 


If you require any further information please contact Pupil Services at Romford Town Hall on 01708 434343


Infant-Junior Transfer

Parents with children attending Ardleigh Green Infant School must submit an application to transfer to Ardleigh Green Junior School (in the same way as you apply for your Reception place).


All Havering Community junior schools give highest priority to Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children. Second priority is given to pupils who are currently on roll in year 2 at their linked infant school. If vacancies are available after those transferring from the linked infant school have been admitted, the places will be offered to other applicants using the distance criteria.


You must apply for your Junior School place for September 2019 via by 15th January 2019.


Further information on the Infant-Junior transfer process is available at


Prospective Parents

If you are interested in your child starting at our school, please contact the school office for any general information.

We no longer register children in advance of them starting school, we advise you to follow the application process below at the appropriate time.


For more information about the application process simply access Havering's website: and either download the brochure 'Starting School in Havering' or collect one from School Support & Pupil Services section at Mercury House, Mercury Gardens, Romford, RM1 3SL.


Only Havering residents should complete a Havering application form.  If you do not live in Havering you can still apply for a place at a Havering school but you must complete a form available from your Local Authority or apply online via their website.


Prospective Parents September 2019


Unfortunately all of our prospective parent tours have now taken place.  We are unable to offer private tours.


Please have a look at our welcome video here for a snapshot of our daily life at AGI.