A message from the Chairman of the Ardleigh Green Transitional Board

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Ardleigh Green Schools, part of the Empower Learning Academy Trust.

At Ardleigh Green we have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff committed to ensuring our children reach their full potential within a caring and supportive learning environment. We have been judged by Ofsted to be outstanding on three occasions and are justifiably proud of our academic, sporting and artistic success and the excellent relationship we enjoy with parents and the local community. At Ardleigh Green EVERYONE GROWS. We hope this website helps you to grow in knowledge and understanding of our vision, values and the wide range of activities offered to our pupils.

William Jennings

I am proud to have been part of the Ardleigh Green community for over 25 years as a parent, governor and now as the Chairman of the Interim Transitional Board. Ardleigh Green is an Adventure Park for the mind where EVERYONE GROWS.

The Governing Body story so far

Following the retirement of the Infant Headteacher in 2019, the Governing Body took the decision to federate with the Infant school with one Governing Body and one vision. At Ardleigh Green, Everyone Grows.

The Learning Federation was led by our Executive Headteacher John Morris OBE, previously the Headteacher of the Junior School, together with Verity Hoffman, Deputy Headteacher of the Infant School and Janelle Johnson, Deputy Headteacher of the Infant School. In September 2022 the role of the existing Deputy Headteacher was re-evaluated with Mrs Hoffman and Mrs Johnson becoming Heads of School.

In 2022, under the leadership of John Morris, the Governing Body of the Ardleigh Green Learning Federation made the decision to join the Empower Learning Academy Trust (ELAT). Ardleigh Green Infant and Junior Schools formally joined the Empower family of schools on December 1st 2022. As part of the transition process from a Local Authority Maintained School to becoming part of a Multi Academy Trust, ELAT established an Interim Transitional Board (ITB) with existing governors automatically becoming members. During the Summer Term 2023, the ITB in accordance with ELAT governance regulations will be re-constituted to form a Local Governance Committee. This committee will have a specific focus on teaching and learning with Finance, Health and Safety and Human Resources becoming the responsibility of the Trust Board.

After 32 years at Ardleigh Green, John Morris will be retiring as our Executive Headteacher at the end of the 2023 academic year. Verity Hoffman (Infant School) and Janelle Johnson (Junior School) will become Headteachers of the Infant and Junior schools respectively reporting directly to Simon London CEO of Empower.

Interim Transitional Board

The Interim Transitional Board meets termly with the agenda being set by EMPOWER. From September, when the school transitions to a Local Governance Committee, the committee will meet half termly. Before becoming an academy, governors met termly as a full governing body discharging its responsibilities for Teaching, Learning, Finance, Human Resources and Health and Safety through termly committee meetings. As an Interim Governing Body and Local Governance Committee, governors will now be required to focus on teaching and learning with other responsibilities being monitored centrally. The Local Governance Committee will report directly to the Trust Board. For more information, please click here

NameTypeDate of AppointmentCategoryBusiness Interests
William JenningsL.A.September 2019ChairmanNo
Sue ConsterdineCo-optedSeptember 2019Vice ChairNo
Pete EasyCo-optedSeptember 2019GovernorNo
Kevin StephensonCo-optedSeptember 2019GovernorYes
Sarah BennettCo-optedSeptember 2019GovernorNo
Christine DrewCo-optedSeptember 2019GovernorNo
Stephanie GibsonParentSeptember 2019GovernorNo
Vicki AlderParentSeptember 2019GovernorNo
Sam WileyStaffSeptember 2019GovernorNo
Tracey CoppinStaffSeptember 2019GovernorNo
Verity HoffmanStaffSeptember 2019ObserverNo
Janelle JohnsonStaffSeptember 2019ObserverNo

Interim Transitional Board Skills Audit

Governors are required to complete an annual skills audit to ensure that collectively the Governing Body has the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to effectively monitor school performance. In addition, governors are required to undertake regular training in relation to governance and educational matters. This training is led either by the school or the local authority.

NameFinanceHRLeadershipProject Management
William JenningsYesYesYesYes
Sue ConsterdineYesYesYesNo
Pete EasyYesYesYesYes
Kevin StephensonYesYesYesYes
Sarah BennettYesNoNoNo
Christine DrewNoYesYesNo
Stephanie GibsonNoYesYesNo
Vicki AlderNoNoNoNo
Sam WileyNoNoNoNo
Tracey CoppinYesNoNoNo
John MorrisYesYesYesYes

Governor Information

William Jennings

William has been the Chairman of Governors since 1999. He was originally appointed as a parent governor. William, now retired, led a large department of a local council. Bill brings expertise in relation to strategic planning, finance and leadership and management.

Kevin Stephenson

Kevin runs a local architect and surveying company. Kevin brings expertise in relation to buildings, project management, finance and health and safety.

Peter Easy

Peter, now retired, was a senior manager at national level for a major telecommunications company. Peter brings expertise in relation to leadership and management, performance management, data analysis and strategic planning. 

Christine Drew

Christine is a retired Infant Headteacher. She was previously a governor for the Infant School. Christine brings educational expertise particularly in relation to Early Years and Infant Education.

Sue Consterdine

A retired primary school senior leader, Sue brings a wide range of educational experience particularly in relation to teaching and learning and Special Educational Needs.

Sam Wiley

Sam is currently the Year Group Leader for Year 1, Assessment Leader for the Infant School and a member of the School Leadership Team. Sam brings a wealth of experience in relation to data and teaching and learning.

Sarah Bennett

Sarah works as a teaching assistant at a local primary school. Her three children have all been pupils of the school.

Stephanie Gibson

Stephanie is the Infant Parent Governor. She is the Assistant Headteacher of a local secondary school. Stephanie has two children in school.

Victoria Alder

Victoria is the Junior Parent Governor.  She currently has one child in Year 3 and two in secondary school. Working in the finance sector, Victoria brings valuable financial expertise to the governing body.

Tracey Coppin

Tracey has been a Teaching Assistant at Ardleigh Green Junior School for over 20 years. Tracey has particular expertise in supporting children in Upper Key Stage 2, particularly in Mathematics. Tracey brings particular expertise in relation to the Junior Curriculum and the analysis and interpretation of data.

John Morris OBE

John was appointed as headteacher in January 1991 and became the Executive Headteacher of Ardleigh Green Learning Federation in September 2019. During this time he has worked with three outstanding Chairs of Governors, Ron Latchford, Clive Cumbers and William Jennings. John, a Local Leader of Education, was awarded the Pearson Headteacher of the Year Award for London Schools in 2012 and in 2015 was awarded an OBE for services to education. John is a Local Leader of Education and a member of The Havering Leadership Academy.

Pecuniary Interests

All governors are required to declare any business involvement which in any way could be associated with their work as governors at Ardleigh Green Junior School. The following declarations have been recorded:

Kevin Stephenson       Architect and Surveyor

Governor Attendance 2022 to 2023

Name13thOctober 20221stDecember 202221st February 2023
William JenningsYesYesYes
Sue ConsterdineYesYesYes
Pete EasyYesYesYes
Kevin StephensonYesYesYes
Sarah BennettYesYesYes
Christine DrewYesYesNo
Stephanie GibsonYesYesNo
Vicki AlderYesNoNo
Sam WileyYesYesYes
Tracey CoppinYesYesYes
John MorrisYesYesYes

Financial benchmarking information is available here