Ardleigh Green at Home

Ardleigh Green Learning Federation has developed a Home School Learning Platform to support teaching and Learning at home. The platform, which is updated half termly, consists of a number of online programs which promote independent learning both at home and in school.

In addition to the Learning Platform, if your  child is absent from school, specific activities are set by the classteacher either through Google Classroom (Junior School) or Class Dojo (Infant School).

To access the platform for your child’s class:

  • Go to Google Classroom
  • Select your child’s Year Group page
  • Select the Home Learning tab at the left hand side of the page

This will take you to the Home Learning Provision for your child.

If you have any queries regarding the platform or the additional work set for your child please contact your child’s teacher via Class Do Jo.

Our Home Learning Platform provides access to on-line programs purchased by the Learning Federation. Each child is issued with a password which enables access to specific age related programs both in school and at home. The platform is designed to encourage independent learning and support programmes of study delivered by class teachers. In addition to the commercial programs used on the platform such as My Maths and Oxford Owls, the federation has also produced Lyric Land and Dance Moves to support our weekly Music and Dance lessons. Subject specific platforms have been developed to enhance and extend teaching and learning both at home in school and Home Learning  is also supported by the National Oak Academy which gives children access to age related learning activities across the curriculum.
Our Home Learning Platform is the gateway to Remote Learning. Remote Learning takes place when a class is unable to access teaching and learning in school. Our programme of remote learning ensures the continuity of teaching and learning through the use of Google Classroom. 

Remote Learning was reviewed in January 2021 in line with government advice and guidance. Provision is firmly embedded throughout the Learning Federation and digital devices have been made available for families who do not have access to a laptop or ipad.