Art and Design

Our Art & Design Curriculum at Ardleigh Green Infants School is carefully designed to:

  • foster a love of creativity.
  • to develop and grow children’s artistic skills and knowledge of a vast range of artists.
  • enhance our subject mantra that “Every Child is an Artist”.

Children are given the opportunities to develop a wide range of art and design techniques using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. We encourage children to draw on their current and previous learning experiences to develop their ideas and imagination when designing and creating products.

We strive for our children to feel inspired by the artwork they explore and proud of the artwork they create.

Our FIRST Ethos in Art & Design

Fit for Life – Our Art & Design curriculum provides our children with a range of creative outlets to explore and express their emotions. We build resilient and reflective attitudes through our design, creating and evaluating process.

Inspired to Learn – Children display a true love of learning in Art lessons. The artists and artwork they explore develop a sense of wonder and inspire them to create their own masterpieces.

Ready to Participate – All children partake in engaging and inspiring Art & Design lessons. Children approach new art techniques with a keen and positive mindset.

Safe and Secure – Children are taught throughout their Art & Design learning journey that each piece of artwork is individual and special to the creator. They are encouraged to develop their artwork in their own image. Further highlighting and promoting our subject mantra “Every Child is an Artist”.

Trained for Work and Play – children leave KS1 with a vast range of art and design techniques and a knowledge of different artists, illustrators, craftmakers and designers. These skills and knowledge are used to develop and evaluate their own artwork as they progress into KS2. This is embedded from the beginning of our children’s learning journey in EYFS, where they implement their art skills and knowledge through play and continuous provision.

Our Artists


Our pupils develop an understanding of artistic techniques used by famous artists, illustrators, craft makers and designers with the intention to create their own interpretations. Children are taught and refer to visual elements of art throughout their learning journeys.


Children are given opportunities to develop key skills associated with Art & Design such as: mark making, painting, drawing, collage and sculpting, printing & textiles work.


Children use their skills and material to express themselves creatively. Where possible workshops, visitors, trips, competitions and galleries help engage and celebrate Art & Design at Ardleigh Green Infant School.


To engage with our wider community; experiences and achievements are celebrated on our school Blog and Class Dojos. A gallery of artwork is shared in person for both the children and their families during the summer term to further highlight the wonderful artists we have at our school.

Curriculum Planning

Our Art &Design curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure progression from EYFS and throughout KS1. This enables a range of skills, techniques and artists to be explored; allowing a better level of understanding to be obtained and overall engagement.