Design and Technology

At Ardleigh Green Infant School, our D&T curriculum is ambitious for all. Our children have numerous opportunities to design, make and evaluate products which are purposeful and meaningful to them.

High quality teaching enables pupils to develop their understanding of key vocabulary, as they explore the work of modern designers and expand their knowledge of their role and impact on society today.

Our FIRST Ethos in DT

Fit for Life – Pupils will recognise where the food that they eat is sourced and how what they eat affects their body. They will apply their knowledge of a balanced diet when preparing food for themselves using a range of tools. Children will have the opportunity to research key designers and develop their understanding of the role design and technology plays in the world around them.

Inspired to Learn – Children study the work of designers and inventors who have greatly influenced the world. They can use this stimulus to develop their own ideas.

Ready to Participate – All pupils will be given experience of the product they are to design and make.  Additionally, they will be taught the skills needed to produce a product of this type.  They will given time to collaborate, explore and prepare their design ideas so that everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful. 

Safe and Secure – Pupils will be taught how to use equipment safely, respecting how to look after themselves, pupils and staff around them and the equipment they are using.  During designing, pupils should feel confident enough to have their work analysed by others, as we develop critical and reflective learners who respect the opinions of others. 

Trained for Work and Play – Design and Technology provides pupils with life skills that are transferable into the home and work environment. Collaborative work in DT develops mutual respect for the differing opinions, beliefs and abilities of others. In addition, children develop a respect for the environment, for their own health and safety and that of others.


Our curriculum planning and high-quality teaching enables our children to grow in their knowledge, skills and understanding as they progress on their learning journey.