At Ardleigh Green Infants we believe music is one of the highest forms of creativity and we aim to engage and inspire children to develop a love of music and singing and to develop their talent as musicians.

Our FIRST Ethos in Music

Fit for Life – Children learn how areas of the brain light up when listening to and playing music. They are explicitly taught that music can help people relax and that singing either on your own or in groups can make you feel happy.

Inspired to Learn – Children learn about key, inspiring composers and go home and listen to their music at home. They watch talented children in concerts throughout the year which inspires some of them to want to learn an instrument especially once they move to the Juniors. Year 2 children are encouraged to choose a piece of music they like and share with the rest of the school.

Ready to Participate – All children, regardless of ability,  participate in fun, creative and memorable music experiences such as Sign2Sing and Singing Assemblies.

Safe and Secure – Children are taught how to handle instruments correctly and carefully. Children are encouraged to be creative and reminded that Music is a non judgemental subject. 

Trained for Work and Play – Children leave KS1 able to use a range of instruments in Music, singing a range of traditional British and modern songs, confidently. Most children have learnt & understand key music terms eg pulse, pitch and tempo ready for KS2. 

Skills Progression

Curriculum Overview

Yearly Overview