Physical Education

Physical Education at Ardleigh Green Infants School aims to develop PE knowledge in all children. We want our pupils to demonstrate and articulate elements of their learning and recognise that PE has a positive impact on their health and well-being. Our curriculum intends to deepen the children’s knowledge through developing their motor competencies, understanding of rules, strategies and tactics and promote a healthy participation in physical activity. Sport and physical activity can be a transformative tool to allow children to build resilience and set them up for a happy and healthy future.

Knowledge, Skills and Experiences

Our broad PE Curriculum provides the children with opportunities to apply different forms of movement in a variety of contexts. Children have opportunities to rehearse component tasks, which develop motor competence. Rules, tactics and strategy are demonstrated, rehearsed and discussed and are encouraged to consider appropriate situations and scenarios when these strategies can be used. The PE units for each year group are designed to offer a range of experiences which allow for knowledge to be transferred to new activities and for all individuals to explore and deepen their knowledge. We provide new and varied opportunities for all children to engage with.


In line with the other subject areas

My Personal Best

My PB’s allow children to track their progress over the course of the year. Specific physical skills are recorded at different points in the year allowing children and teachers to monitor progress.

Curriculum planning

Each curriculum unit we teach is broken down into a series of lessons, where skills and knowledge are taught and rehearsed before combining in a small sided game situation or demonstration activity. Each lesson builds upon prior knowledge and over the course of the unit, the skills and knowledge are pieced together to result in mastery of the objective. Key vocabulary, motor movement and strategy are shared and modelled with the class to encourage and develop the children’s ability to articulate their knowledge. Modified games, tournaments or sequences and ‘My Personal Best’ are used as a measure of the children’s progress.