Religious Education

Our Religious Education curriculum engages pupils in exploring and responding to challenging and thought provoking questions raised by religion and world views. Pupils are invited to explore, question and develop their own beliefs, values and attitudes. They are given opportunities to reflect on these beliefs whilst making connections with those who may hold different beliefs from their own. Our RE curriculum provides pupils with the skills to be inquisitive, knowledgeable, and mindful learners who understand that everyone should be included in the quest to find answers to life’s ultimate questions.

Religious Education Syllabus

Our FIRST Ethos in RE

Fit for Life – pupils learn how to respect other cultures, religions and their environment so that they can participate and be encouraged to enjoy being in a diverse community.

Inspired to Learn – pupils learn about the great spiritual leaders who are role models for their followers and who have done much to inspire children today.

Ready to Participate – pupils engage in fun and intriguing activities, discussions, music, art and trips and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Safe and Secure – children feel safe to explore their views and ask questions in an environment that respects diversity and encourages discussion.

Trained for Work and Play – children develop the skills to be both an individual and part of a wider school community through assemblies and R.E lessons which teach key values such as responsibility, honesty and kindness.